AIDS trivialization: To careless people who don't use condoms….

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Hello everyone, especially careless people who don't use condoms, welcome to read this article.

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My Maroca and I think a lot about you, who seek us, some just to answer a question. Others, to accompany the work, for this, that or that other reason, for example, the girl who connected with me, because, she said, that she admires (I believe, but I dare not say, that she said “ I love your work ”) my work and in this way he connected with me and even made a monetary contribution, that so many times I need and I can't find!

I have some friends, whom I made a last request for help, because they already helped too much!

She connected to my profile on Fantasy Island

Yeah, loyal visitors, every month, make up a contingent of about 15.000 people, and, I know, there are other blogs and websites with more loyal visitors! And I like that because when I started in the 2000 years, and I'll still tell you something about the year two thousand and one countdown that was on the entrance portal of a certain company.

But let me set the course and get to the point.

I see a lot here and realize a pattern of behavior that is not on the verge is virtually suicidal. And I think, in part, this behavior based on the confidence of having treatment for infection with HIV, which brings a very mistaken sense of security. I have a screenshot of another blog screen where a literally clueless person who says so

😡😤Just a little pill said someone, is unfortunately another person bringing the trivialization of AIDS. Making a public health issue a shallow thing. 😡😤

This link above opens in another tab! I do not need to go far. Bacteria are increasingly resistant to antibiotics and they didn't need a hundred years to adapt. And my illustrious guest? Where and where does he go? That's why I don't like the idea of ​​PrEP, although it's almost a duty to publish I always put PrEP, but that's not all. But this is the subject of another article. In my opinion, PrEP is very good for medicine makers. And that's why, and other things, they love me so much. Cure for 2020? 90-90-90? This is a motto for another article, which, now that God has led me with the movements of my left hand, I finally decided to write again.
What's up Joe? How do you react?
God illuminates everything and everyone. God does not empower the chosen, nor does He choose the able! God watches us, hopes for our success, weeping for our pains, because God loves us

One Saturday I was in a meeting with Fernanda Nigro and told her that when I found myself without the movements of my left hand it was as if God opened the balcony window, looked down at me and said:

Hey Joe? I took your left hand! How do you turn around?

And I answered:

Like this!!!

And I kept working…

The pill thing, the paspanata trivializing the AIDS caused me a certain uterine rage. And, notice, many MRIs and CT scans were done, the uterus was never seen. BUT IT'S THERE!

Yeah, it can be. But for how long.

The pill in question has a considerable set of “adverse effects” that, seriously, based on our benchmarks, the group that has completed and exceeds fifty years living and living with HIV makes me think you are taking fruit juice and not quite!

And yet he has one, really bad, really bad. It has the disastrous property of engaging in suicidal behavior. And me, who lost count of how many suicide attempts I made, and most of them because I was less than seventy-two hours from losing the blog once and for all. This idea terrifies me because besides having Mara to take care of me and Mara has me to take care of her, I have you to take care of.

Seriously, I care about you.

And that is why I am writing. See, we don't have a guarantee that there will always be treatment. There are countries where there is no treatment, and in Africa, where AIDS (not HIV infection) is leading, there is no treatment and we will never know what the "political will", which, for example, has allowed for an 10% increase in cost. Health insurance, which makes me pay more than $ 2,50 in a liter of milk, may be the same that establish, even today, that treatment ends now!

You see, it's been proven to be “much cheaper” to treat the person with HIV while they are healthy… than to help them survive without further suffering until they finally die! For, in those days, things were like that.

Beto Volpe And The Depression Group

Last time I met Beto, in the free space of MASP, in Paulista, in one of these "first of December" he told me that he was part of a group he dubbed the depression group. And this was because the meetings were monthly and with each new meeting, fewer people attended, and they were not temporary absences, they were lives that were lost! Or the decision may be different: “Who is in treatment, remains in treatment.

Not a Sinister scenario?

I see him that way! Ominous!

Especially for those not in treatment and, see, the contingent, let's call it, people living with HIV is overwhelming. Whoever is not, will not be treated, unless their CD4 be under, mortgaging, we imagine 350! Only when AIDS develops does treatment begin, and from her mouth could come out: Oh yes! Damn the START study, we're in “austerity times” and you could have avoided it by using condoms. And I believe we would have to restart a fight that has already been won! Pow! So, I suggest you stop using empty excuses and bring it in (this is the "Super Goofy" rallying cry, and beware.

Believable And Grim

Check it out. One person observed something different but credible and grim. The world is in crisis, a planetary crisis in every way.
  1. The Syrian War, the only legacy of the “Arab Spring”
  2. Refugee victims of shipwrecks.
  3. The eternal ill will and terrible planetary coexistence between "Christians and Muslims". With what end?
  4. The ecosystem crisis with lack of clean water
  5. The melting of the ice caps
  6. The financial system that no one really knows how it works
I could go far with these things. I have a friend who, years ago, granted me the grace to assist me with $ 3.000,00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! That's right: He gave me the money willingly and with love in my heart, I know that. But neither he nor I have seen the money in kind. Your money is not in a vault, held by thirty thousand eyes. Your money is a string that represents an amount that you assume you have, because you were entitled to it, working 35 years of your life. life.

And in the fry of the eggs, you, who earned enough to have withholding tax, which is practically taking your money, as the trickster says, in the big hand, with the ambiguous and capricious promise to give you back, the other year, what they have scraped off the most. And I ask you:

Are you sure you will live long enough to receive this return?

Not! Nobody has! That simple! I do not know if I will be alive to finish this text! And even less if I'll be alive tomorrow, Sunday, 28 And so has been life. An aesthetic entity grounded in bits and bytes that anyone best knowledgeable in using remote access tools and determined to take it all at once and once and for all. And you trust that there is a treatment that is complicated and difficult to maintain, I fear it may end, or change mode. I talked to a source of mine and she told me that here in São Paulo, the richest and most inhabited city in the country is having “Fraud-na-ment” medication!

Nearly 1 / 4 of Century with HIV

I am very close to completing 25 years of living with HIV and most of this text is being typed with my right hand because, about fifteen days ago, I woke up with the overwhelming majority of my left hand movements gone. and so far she hasn't recovered them and, based on the electroneuromyography report I did the other day, a very nice examination to do, about 40 minutes taking electric shocks and needles on my nerves, that seems irreversible and not yet diagnosed, so I'll have to spend another forty minutes with lightning strikes! I stopped counting in over four hundred!

My stupidity of living with HIV

Each case is a case, but mine I know the "hows and whys" of getting HIV. I suffered from a great lack of affection, although I was the DJ, the bam, bam, bam, who made money on the roll, and spent it in the buckets. Women, women, women and women in an endless carnival until BUM!

And in 1994, there was no treatment. And I received a six month survival prognosis! And if our fears and terrors come true, maybe you can be put face to face with death, just like me and Mara in the past. Think of yourself living from this angle, placed within this expectation. And, see, we have no privileged source of information. We simultaneously capture this in Jung's collective unconscious, although I prefer Freud! My analyst is Freudian and I can only be met by her because she has a great love for huanity and sees, better than everyone, the sad pain that has settled in me

The Orloff Effect - "I am you tomorrow"

I like you very much and if I can draw from my personal experience I attest and give faith:

I love to live! Even with all these complications. I believe I said in the interview to which ESPM kindly invited me, that there, at 1994, when I arrived at the AIDS Reference & Training Center portals (damn that doctor's appointment card with that written) I saw, right in the doorway, in a wheelchair that I saw, perfectly, that the chair was intended to provide the greatest comfort and to try to avoid the formation of bedsores. I had bed sores and I know how much of each I saw the great dignity of Waldir, a silent friend, whom I owe the first opportunity to serve, something I never imagined I could do.

All My Powers

Yes. I had to undress them and understand that touching a man's penis made me no less a man and that, in short, the penis is simply another extension of our bodies and that all of us who would like it would like to. that if incapacitated, that someone should take care of him and, therefore, it is always good to open a Credit Line with the Creator, learning humility, respect and brotherly feeling for every human being that I, or you who read me, or anyone else , here, there and there should learn. But there are ways and means of learning these things, because what I am treading on is very difficult and, in my case, a bit painful. And you can avoid this path by going from being silly to being silly by refusing the condomless relationship at all costs. I know, and from our circle of personal and friendly relationships, a call girl who contracted HIV like this: He asked that I “get on all fours ”and penetrated me. In the meantime, he removed the condom and, months later, I go through a checkup that the nightclub, illegally, made us do it, including that of HIV. And when I was back-tested and found out, I was "fired and kicked out of the club." I don't know who you are reading me and what you do with the body God has lent you between you and Him. And yet, and yet, but and yet, if you're going to have sex, fuck you, fuck you do it. But if you love life the way I do, use a condom because it's true crime doesn't pay And having sex without a condom, risking getting HIV, pays even less.

There is Life with HIV! But it is much better to live without it.

Undetectable Viral Load Is Cure? NOT
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