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Victimized by a damn stamp It's my dramatic way of writing. People need to use emotional filters when looking for someone for an app! And in a city like Sampa, with millions and millions of people stopping to dance Stevie Wonder in “Part Time Lovers ”(guys I'm sour)

Someone living with HIV, risky behavior, the damn Stamper and the Shame of the unprotected sex

My story began on 6 March 2016 (until I remember 22: 30). +

Damn stamp and the needy and therefore unwary person was similar
Sex itself is no cause for shame and not even that occasional relationship that you tell me is the shame of unprotected sex can give you this: Suffering

This way I had casual sex, in which I was passive. I met him by an app. In the heat of the moment, in the preliminaries, he insisted on penetrating me and me always fighting back (sorry for the details).

At last in this mood of excitement I realized that he had penetrated me without the condom. I was wrong to have yielded to this desire, for I failed with my health.

In The Heat Of The Moment, Unprotected Sex

“It is at this time, even in the heat of passion, that his cold blood contaminates you”
In the heat of the moment he penetrated me tightly and held me until the fait accompli happened to feel that he was going to ejaculate I took his penis but realized that there was sperm in me (the rectum).

Shame on unprotected sex

After the heat of the moment passed, I realized the mistake I made. As much as he did that, I was wrong to allow this “Shameful risk behavior”

To tell you the truth, I do not know what happened. I was overcome by a desire that only brought me loss.

The morning after I wrote about what happened to this guy, I simply read on his profile the change for just this info:

A bloody bitch, one of these HIV stammers.

I panicked. You can not even imagine how shocked I was.

Evil without knowing what to do. Worst of all, he never answered me again, he disappeared (I thought he was another stamper, the ones we see in the reports).

After this relationship I never had contact with him again.

Around the 14h of the event, I was at the door of the Emilio Ribas Institute of Infectious Diseases, for the screening and withdrawal of the PEP (Prophylaxis Exposure), very shaken, thinking that in that moment of pleasure, I could have thought about all the consequences of that If condom was used (condom) none of this would be happening.

The same day I was already taking the antiretrovirals (Lamivudine / Ritonavir - Atazanavir - Efavirenz) for 28 days (I confess that I took 31 days), during this period, I was very bad, every day I wanted to go to CRTA from Santa Cruz Metro Station to do testing.

Someone living with HIV
There is still no cure for infection with HIV or for AIDS. But there is effective treatment that allows long life with quality. But it is very important to be diagnosed before being surprised! Test for HIV as soon as possible

I already saw myself as Someone living with HIV and with unprotected sex

They say I'm a nostalgic ... they know what they say. Is was the first image that I used on the site, gift a friend, ika. I think I'll risk an email to her ...
They say I'm a nostalgia… they know what they say. This was the first image I used on the site, gift from a friend, ika. I think I'll risk an email to her…

In this journey with PEP, I had many side effects, all possible. Insomnia, poor appetite, muscle aches, body spots, headache, fatigue, tiredness easy, sweating, heat, irritability, underarm water. spots on the skin. For me it was already in the terminal phase of AIDS. My life was just accessing related websites about HIV and AIDS. At this point I could understand what it is like to be a carrier of the HIV virus, to have a chronic, treatable condition, to be undetectable, and other situations that can rarely develop the terminal phase of AIDS. These are totally different things.

But thanks to God and to Claudio for help in hearing me, spoke about DISK AIDS:

Spoke of Immune Window current. People listen carefully to the words of those who live with the HIV virus and are willing to help those who go through these phases. He does a beautiful job, an initiative of someone who has gone through many things in this life and still has hope, seeks to help in his best way. Something the Government should do, help prevent and care for the population. Since this virus does not choose sex, sexual orientation and much less age, it is a reality.

When Claudio refers to Somatization, believe me, it exists and is possible, I went through it all besides the side effects of PEP.

It is based on the current Immune Window, from that of the 4 Generation (ELISA) test, Immunological windows larger than 60 days up to 1 year referred to the old tests, from those at the beginning of the 90 decade.

Nowadays it even has PCR (which checks for the virus even before it has detectable antibodies - even 5 days after unprotected sex).

On 03/08/2018 An important note, A Health professional who works in the laboratory analysis of the presence of HIV told me, by form, with anonymous data that I did not fall into the sparse of taking tests for HIV. viral load as a basis for the presence or absence of HIV. She said that and never came. I say, window is 30 days.

Unprotected sex, only with someone of your highest confidence. For example: I wouldn't have unprotected sex these days.not even with my mother. ” (It's just force of expression)

So the test detects the antigen and antibodies by the ELISA / ECLIA and the other after the 3º Generation. They are extremely sensitive today. If you do a blood test to 3 or 4 ° ° generation of HIV, respecting the immune window and 30 or 60 days it is final !!!! Since then this relationship you not of more risky behavior. We believe today we are very advanced in relation to the diagnosis of the HIV virus. Too bad at the beginning of the discovery we had so many advances, perhaps this could curb this epidemic on the planet.

After 90 days back in the CRTA and Infectologist was adamant, my examination gave nonreactive (negative) on that day exposure 6 March. She guided me on how to prevent it, there is guidance and study of PREP (pre Proxilaxia exposure) and PEP. There is a distribution station of male and female condoms, lubricants, all for free.

Today about all this I take the lesson of Faith, because at this time I could rescue my spirituality, my love for others, I am a better person, more human, because I spent a very fragile moment of my life, but I had many learnings. As they say, "There are evils that come for good," was my case. Today I know that living with HIV is possible. Today there are around 25 types of drugs for treatment, I learned that there are 2 types of viruses. HIV1 (more frequent and with more treatment options) & HIV2 (less frequent, but more resistant to drugs), there are also several subtypes or variations of these types. Even if you are a carrier, it is important that you use a condom at all times to avoid getting infected with another CEPA (family of the HIV virus) than you already have. This implies resistance to the HIV virus and a change in treatment with HIV. Not always effective drugs to make you undetectable.

I also learned that being undetectable is the closest to not being HIV-positive, you lessen the chances of infecting other people, but they persist, even if minimal, and you should not somehow relate sexually to someone without a condom. You have almost zero HIV level running in your blood and this causes it not to multiply within the CD4 cells and thus avoiding their death thereby avoiding the low count of CD4 that is from 80 to 90 cells per year, (Editor's note: I am amazed at the amount of information that this person has collected for you in such a short time, but was forced to edit the text marked in orange) wanting to make “reservoirs” in their organs to make their home

Once Undetectable

Once undetectable, you increase your Immunity (increases your level of CD4 +) your defense cells. You have a normal life and not like the image of the people of the early 90 years, littered in the beds. I wish they had had the opportunity to have a treatment like the one we have on 2016, besides being free. Think about it. If you love, take care of the most precious good that we have, which was given us by our God, to return to him later.

Today I have plans to volunteer for STDs / HIV / Viral Hepatitis, this area has fascinated me and given me the courage to help people. Thanks again for the opportunity to give my statement. People reading, please help with the site, help with donations anyway so that Claudio can help even more people.

I'm the willingness for everyone here site. God forces him Claudio, Bob Volpe and all its employees. I have deep admiration for you!

Time: 14 2016 to November 02: 29

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Rafael Sampaio 17/11/2016 at 13:38:16

Claudio, thanks for everything and God bless you immensely and to all your friends! Big hug!

Strength and health for all of us!

Claudio Souza 19/11/2016 at 09:55:40

Thank you

Fabio 17/11/2016 at 10:43:46

Cladio really is the most available person possible, should receive assistance from the government for the work.

Claudio Souza 19/11/2016 at 09:56:48

This is never going to happen. I deéndo donations and as far as I can remember, the last must have acontyecido there three months ago


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