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Nineteen Years of Existence! Yes, if you are 18 years old, you were born after the blog and, considering that I have almost 25 years of life with HIV, I may have more time living with HIV than you have to live.

Soropositivo.Org A Blog That Was Born Website, 19 years ago

Well, two days ago, parents precisely on 1 August 2019, the blog Soropositivo.Org completed “NINETEEN YEARS OF EXISTENCE ”!

And, well, I believe, That is a great victory, and for me a great event!

People living with HIV live with HIVWe, Mara and I, have many things to celebrate and thank! As well as many difficulties overcome thanks to you!

Soropositivo.Org, the Blog, “was not born blog”. The word, the blog concept did not exist in those days.

Our social network was an “email mailing list”, initially from growing E-Groups, and then Yahoo bought E-Groups! Yes! Yes!! Yes it is!!!

In those days, yeah, Yahoo was whistling something! And you can see the "face of my social network" just click here Yahoo Groups HIV Positive

Soropositivo.Org It was the Renaming of the Site by Taz, the Showcase!

As for what has done for this Blog, there is no word (or words) that could (or could) express our gratitude, Mara and Claudio!

Without this activity I would become a purposeless person in life!

Well, who changed, in fact renamed the site was Taz, still in the Vitrini Program, which he, very wisely and rightly presented, for the second time, as Soropositivo.Org (Taz, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks and infinite thanks !).

I remember tonight, as if it was happening now, and I had, at that time, a lookout, who warned me with a “plim” to each visitor who came in and the program, in my little time, ended up crashing “SO MUCH PLIM” !!!


And it is important to say that the Braslink, was of fundamental importance to the site! I would not have been able to pay the "website hosting" dues, and I don't know if everyone understands this!

They give me five years free hosting and after that I had to move on and it was a hard stretch where I got to pay. and only God could explain how, even more than $ 200,00 / month, not sure where the money came from!

It was a difficult time, during which, many times, when paying the monthly fee, I thought about giving up!

HIV positive.Org! Nineteen years! I owe a lot to Mobofix

Mobofix Almost Lost Customers for Supporting My Cause

And did not resist the pressure. But tried


Part of the values ​​to keep it coming naturally comes from Mara and a Friend.

Sérgio EQ | Brow, I'm sorry! I really sorry, but you are from guy who asks me something, changed your mind in the middle of the road and don't warn me about that! You pretty damn son….

My micro burned once. And I took him to fix it. Five motherboards were burned to discover the defect and he never asked me for a dime!

Here HIV Positive.Org, 19 Years Of Existence, Expresses His Gratitude

Yes, wow, yes! I never left, and never will leave you alone, when you need it.

I remember someone telling us that “Friend is the guy we call when he's coming home and he sees that the other guy isn't cool, he takes a bus and goes back to his friend and says:

- ”What is there”!….

And I came walking with Mara, who always supported me, for she knew and still knows that if I was forced to live without a job, without a purpose, it would be literally and viscerally impossible to prevent my suicide!

I live an incarnate challenge of fighting the suicidal ideation that accompanies me FROM MY EIGHT YEARS OF LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I came here.

Fifty-five years and six months

I had help from some of you! And to say some is overkill because, over 19 years, with this expressive visitation!

And this was a bad year, I have six people who help me as best they can when I dare to ask for help.

You do not think that line that says no visit every day right, no !!! ????

- “He who dares to do good and charity must have the courage to endure ingratitude”!

The Vera Cruz barber shop in the Santana neighborhood is the only company that supports me

No other company supports me!

Not even the ones I made your sites for!

And one of them, in fact their representative, wiped my name from the date creation and explained that I “got phaged” to do that. It would be good if he knew that with me he wasn't dealing with callboys where he pays and the other obeys.


-------- -------- -------- -------- —-

Never mind!

I follow, with the support of God, and I have wondered if it would not be important to spend here with us the expenses.

I will do this.

A friend told me, and she doesn't remember the site she saw, people saying I'm scared.


But note: At the top of my Blog what is written is:

There is life with HIV

And there really is!

But, I believe, it is much better to use condoms. Because the empty excuses we give for condomless sex go beyond the height of nonsense!

And, you see, in this row of people, the people making empty excuses, the first nose I point to is mine!

1-) Use a condom, me? Is it fun to suck candy with paper?

2-) If you get it, get it, damn it!

And here I am

What is important to say is that when we started the site we did not realize it, you, here, many of you almost every day!

The Fear

And when we got married, because we were afraid of not living long enough to raise and educate her, we decided not to have children! We didn't want to risk leaving an orphan child! And we embrace you, the people we rarely see the faces, and among them, even those who, within the Fan Page, tell me, because it holds top, the only top basically assembled with words, to "stay alive" tells me:

- ”You don't even work”!

What is this paspanata doing here, enjoying our work, after saying that?

Although we do not (very) regret that we did not have a son or daughter, or even a couple, we do not regret creating and maintaining the blog, and adopting you!

Some of you, of course, have a very important place in our hearts!

We cannot risk the future of a human creature in this way, for the sake of truth:

We never imagined at first that we would get here.

Over the years, I have been suffocating and frogging, and few, less than ten people, have supported us!

But that's what I told them when they told me that I wish I could help more.

The little, my friends, with God, is very

And since, without being sure, we have come this far, having adopted you

And come another 19 years !!!!!


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