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Don't hide, don't be afraid, find out
It seems to you, who reads me, the speech of who wants to scare? No, I know not. The fear is yours, of losing that whose achievements were the result of our effort. When will you appear? In one of the last demonstrations I was in, I shouted war: - “I have AIDS, I'm in a hurry! Health is what matters ”I noticed a girl, maybe 19, 20, the pure smell of milk, looking at me like I was a newly awakened ancient King of Mesopotamia!… ..

Well, a friend of mine, from whom I've been away for some time, told me that in some places there are people who say that I "get scared" in people. Laughs. I started this work on 2005 and we used this image on the left.

I speak of what (do not make me search and scan the document of the negative) I saw, what I saw and, yes, what can come back if people do not take care of themselves, for example, and if they remain “hidden” when they are, if whatever, called to the fight.

Or, still slapping the fight for maintaining rights won by people like me and others who see HIV, HIV infection as a serious and fatal disease, if left untreated and, notice, I've heard say that over there and there the medicine has not been missing but has been fractionated and as far as I can remember, it didn't happen and it doesn't happen from 1998 / 1999 to 2015, by the beginning of the year and, well, I won't play Cassandra of the Apocalypse right here!

But if many, called to the fight, play the role of bunnies, pandas and thrush, this will be complicated! Because you there, in your slippers, will not give and I do mare with Sandra Paiva! You young people are accommodated there because you discovered HIV within a historic moment that has passed!… ..

Krishen Samuel

May of 2019

The leaders of this country today are others, and our lives and health will soon be seen as in this document! That was, yes, a document defending people like Me, Beto Volpe, Silvia Almeida, Paulo Giacomini and NGOs like GIV, O Pela Vidda, Saber Viver magazine, the AIDS News Agency.

Wake up people, and start thinking and acting as one.

Eu meto fear? Please…. I speak of what I saw and even worse than I have seen


I have no NGO, and I am not part of any and yet, using the poor values ​​I received at last. by way of sickness allowance, for one year after having been unaided, without receiving any *** since 2009, but let us follow the scope of the text.

See well! These symptoms are the same as any virus. Rotavirus, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C or influenza have, in couns that:

The symptoms! Thus, read the whole text, understand and then without freaking out, Take it easy if you need to go to a CTA.

Take it easy. ES, calmly, ask to take the test.

If you are asked why you want to take the test, just say that you have decided to do, PREFERREDLY record the conversation, TAKE THE EXAM, and if the result is reactive, accept this result, as long as the immunological window has elapsed! and this deadline is 30 days and I don't understand people who write that they need a "more detailed" exam.

Detailed examination for HIV serology is the Western & Blot that follows if the rapid reagent test. It is very rare for a nonreactive fake! Very rare I would say! And one of the rarest things is this:

Yes, you know, but you won't admit it: a nonreactive exam after the immunological window of 30 days is enough


Your remorse, your shame. I went through a very difficult situation and the fear of losing my job, associated with the ridiculousness of the situation I was experiencing and that "destroyed the psyche, already so crammed"….

And see, this text is here to help you

You can, by reading these signs, sum them all up and be sure to look for me and say:


So, spirit, get away from this machine and detach yourself is no longer part of this earthly sphere! ”

All symptoms of HIV infection cannot be supported by one human being!

You read a lot of nonsense! One person said he found a story I interviewed.

The year? 2009!!!!

What else did she read besides the interview.

Is it that when the news is over two years old it's not kind of outdated?


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