HIV Cured Person! And this would be the third person

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Healing AIDS? Maybe someday!!! In Search of Cure

Pessoa Curada Do HIV is a great lighthouse calling for navigators.

And yet, in this case, it seems to me to be more of sirens singing calling crazed sailors through their corners to the reefs than a beacon signaling safe passage to sailors.

But, who am I right? What scares you, doesn't it? I like reality and this thing, “blog with truth ” bother more than 50 mammoths! Before like this !!! My time of popularity and excitement only gave me a memory, and that's why, after all, I'm here!

HIV Cured Person Is Always A Good Click Magnet, I know!

And, well, fortunately I got to know this news, given the joy of a friend.

A patient friend. And, let it be clear here, not a militant friend!

So it was! Thanks to the joy of Uma Amiga that, inadvertently, gave passage to this “News”.

And I got behind the fountain, which was happily where it should be.

The news was about a third person this time cured of HIV, definitely.

And, repeating myself because of Machado's lessons, always according to them, this would already be the Third Person ”

And yes, the third person Cured Of HIV, as published in “Ciencianautas”

HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive

I checked the URL and it hits, with this typo (Terr)

According to “Ciencianautas” a third person cured of HIV

Good…. I declare: Only not !!!

And look, I don't understand.

Or, better said, I get it!

The Brazilian does not always understand English; and, in fact, a little more elaborate English can lead a person to deception.

But this does not happen very easily with those who translate texts, line after line, and even because the most primitive machine translation does not make such a mistake! Look:

To confuse "may be ” represents be com “Maybe” 'which would mean perhaps!

Well, as I see it

It would be a mistake

of translation. This was not a translation error !!!

This was a (in?) Conscious action

That's not what I saw and to make sure I did a “test” and translated it on google translator and found the obvious:
HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
Google translation

So such a gross mistake!

Yes, it is true, I suffer from dyslexia, my hands are no longer, as God designed them. And I, the defendant, I confess, I make a lot of typos, but those who know my texts know who wrote them well, and even I wouldn't be able to deceive anyone !!!

In a fortuitous or unfortunate situation in which I wanted to write without being myself, I would betray myself by the “scathing, way of my written speech.

Sad as a latrine poet's fate!HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive And I consider, when little, a publication of bad faith to give this text above the wording that was given, because the translation was made from this origin:
HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
May be is very different the was healed /

May have = May have

Structural Violence Already made it very difficult to keep people clear in the face of their sexualities

And you can see, and click on the image to see the headlineHIV Cured Person, HIV-positive Google translation You see, as soon as I received the news, friends, readers, and readers, I would like, and will like very much, to be the first to put the news on the Cure of AIDS on the Internet, I even wrote a parodic text! Or at least of a more effective control of HIV in our bodies, the so-called "functional cure". But I would rather lose this honor than inform you properly, as this news of healing opens up many takeoffs And as soon as I received the news, I went to the “ciencianautas” website, which I found on the fantasy island, and I searched because it is the source, because what interests me is the source, so that I can translate it I had the old disappointment ever:

The click at any price!

A person who is not used to translations may incur a certain error, which would be the following:

Most people may not understand, but there is something interesting about getting clicks.

The other day I failed in an attempt to get advertising income from a company that specializes in this because I don't have a million page views a month!

In fact, I wish I could spread information to so many people !!!!

And as I came here I decided to nip the evil in the bud, to avoid further inconvenience. I understood. Everyone would like a cure for AIDS to be found! I even wrote a text, mere dilettantism about how I would like to announce the cure for AIDS! Because, in truth, my vanity, expressed and confessed, brings me this desire to announce this, in Portuguese, before everyone else. But I know that this is unlikely to happen, as I check on sources and more sources and until these sources confirm this, I would not publish. There was even an interesting case where the cure, according to our very committed media, announced something like this, people probed me and I said I didn't know anything. And I really wasn't sure of anything at the time and, when in doubt, don't go over it. This axiom destroyed my hopes and dreams at one point in my life, almost thirty years ago, but it became my metric too. Well, it got serious and, the next day I found something, which you can read here The link opens in another tab.

I did the link Assim Para Ver “thing“ Curada Do HIV ”!!!

When the Berlin Patient was cured, and it seems, yes, he was cured, I spoke to an infectious disease specialist, persona a persona, one of the best I have ever met!

We talked about this “thing”, the treatment (…) done on the Berlin Patient (I prefer Supla with the Girl from Berlin) and the initial problem was to find the match, the donor 100% compatible and, miracle among miracles, he he succeeded, he went into a surgical process that only people on the verge of death would enter! I say this because, from reading to reading, I ended up understanding and then learning that out of every five procedures like this, only one leaves the operating table alive.

Well, making it clear, 80% of the people who make this desperate decision - the situation is desperate - do not survive the process! You can tell, just for this fact, that the Berlin Patient is a person who died and was resurrected at least four times! I like him! He had insane courage, because he could choose not to take all these risks and not risk dying there, in a few days, over a surgical mess (how sad that is, my God), and, yes, live as much as possible, in the best way that he could carry on! I do not know!!!…. I always think of him as a guy who had a heroic act of love for Life, and not for his life!

He ran all the rich and survived, is apparently healed and inspires hope out there.

I like it. He REALLY MAY BE CURED. But, for that, he had to accept the invitation to that amusement park…. Of all the people who survived the surgical intervention, most have not lived long enough to confirm the elimination of HIV from their bodies. Yes Yes! Everything is as God wishes!

I say this because lying down in a month of surgery and not knowing exactly when or if I am going to wake up is something I have done three times, so if that is suggested to me it is well, but very likely that I will say:

- "I'll pass the turn".

Pessimistic? Boring? What do you like about “For fear”?

Not! Editorially cautious!

But I went to the archives of my blog and found among the messages already taken offline and found this one:

It is not a matter of pessimism.

But warn, without real basis, “twisting and distorting a text” to give unreal news about Curada Do HIV? Guys, there needs to be some common sense, as I track this it seems to have spread like wildfire! And the worst…. Fire under the tundra ... See this short by Robert Gallo and talk seriously about Curada Do HIV I am here, in front of this editing table for 19 years. This means that many of you still drank water in your head, and if Mom were to neglect you would eat dirt. Maybe I still had to burp and “golf” on the bib and, unfortunately, I was already here! Am I the “know everything”?
This Movie I Saw Even In The Afternoon Session
Not!!!!!! But I have seen this film so many times that I always seek caution in the face of national publications that, without knowing it, generate vain hopes in people already somewhat refractory to condom use. And so, due to inadequate tranquility, they adopt, because they are vulnerable to becoming even more vulnerable and accept with greater tranquility a risky situation.
Suddenly, Fear? Someone looks at the girl and says: You are not afraid of getting AIDS No?
All she wanted to do was give something good, special to that useless clumsy man! And I watched helplessly on a screw in which she, a beautiful, intelligent woman, who I regretted not being thirty years old when I met her, narrowed in an increasingly tight spiral. more and more distressing and today I don’t know what happened. And what is and is not!
The Speech of a Stupid and the List of “Symptoms”
And, after the risk something happens, a pimple in some cases, and then one of you appears in my What's APP! I ask, beg and suggest caution, because caution and chicken broth, do no harm to anyone! And notice, we are living in a moment in history that, as people living with HIV, is not like that for smiles and laughter. The moment is serious. Even sinister. And if there's a word that I hate, that word is the word symptom 😠😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡 This picture, which is below, was a sad reality that I, thank God, did not live, but saw! Immune Window is thirty days. Accept and stop suffering!
HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
At that time there was no possibility of a person being cured of HIV! This family "is real". David Kirby is real. Or it was, unfortunately, I don't see how he could have reached this stage (…) of the disease, before the 90s. And, still, to have survived until 1996/1997. I don't judge the characters. In those days I was a frequent visitor to one of these stores! After this photo, while I had the economic standard that I had one day, I NEVER EVER went into one of your stores!
People! I tell you, it's soda with chayote!
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HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
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HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive

And it was not within a "comfort zone"! This is a story that only I have to tell!

I was the first individual, a CPF, not a CNPJ to, in quotes, “Slap my face”!

For all that I lived, it all happened in a period still troubled by prejudice and, yes, there were prices to be paid.

The currency has always been that of social exclusion and I have even hesitated between continuing or not!

The great “IT” of all this is that without this work, I would have nothing left but leisure and I would certainly not endure it. I have a need to be productive.

We are Borg!

If not bored by the empty hours, at least by suicide due to the absolute lack of purpose that my life would have and the terrible impression of parasitosis that would come to affect me. So, I couldn't stop.

I had the opportunity to accomplish many things and, on the other hand, I missed several opportunities to do more, with a deeper and better reach.

Not everything is as desired. Let it rain (Guilherme Arantes)!

Anyway, if you have the possibility to support, to finance, even if only minimally this project, here are the facts:

HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
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HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive
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HIV Cured Person, HIV-positive

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