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Being Elderly With HIV You Can Grow Old With HIV OR AIDS

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Growing old with HIV

OElderly people with HIV in Brazil experience many difficulties. But I mean really, my old folks, is that I know you blush a twelve and pass a double!


...SBeing elderly with HIV is quite complicated anywhere in the world! And in spite of everything:

Can You Become An HIV-Positive Elder?

You Can Grow Old With HIV OR AIDS

Initially due to the complete ignorance that doctors, researchers and scientists may have about us, because, in fact, we are the first generation that was born and survived, one way or another, AIDS!

And I've been observing now, with half a year running to complete 56 that being “just” (C ****** only) is sad and lonely, and for many people the “advanced age” leads to a state of social exclusion. so devastating that it almost feels like living with AIDS, complete isolation.

I have seen a lot and written a little. My hands, and I show you some pictures, are ever

This is the worst symptom of HIV in me: Peripheral HIV Neuropathy

worse and it has been hard and painful to write!

But, as the author of the English text says:

The seropositive elderly are misunderstood, poorly researched and largely ignored.

And that has to change.

August 30, 2019 By Bob Leahy

Already here in Brazil, the 2017 Epidemiological Bulletin pointed to a reality of 1294 registered in 2016, bearing in mind that these are the diagnosed cases. Notification is compulsory, true, but when it comes to Bananagua!

Thus, we get an apparent 15% growth in the rate of people over 60 years with the virus.

And this is information that can be confusing!

I, Claudius, are 55 years old, and six months old, and I don't know if I can be considered elderly, since I feel fine, with the only drawback of the damn painful peripheral neuropathy.

But I don't know if, technically (…) I can be considered old! But if it is, I'm just on the other plate of the scale.

I am getting older, or have got older, with HIV!

And therefore I am part of the select club of those who, as Beatriz Pacheco e Sandra Paiva, who call themselves “HIVeias”, Bob Volpe, Sílvia Almeida, and so many other people, passed the 50 years of life with HIV and, as such, we are also part of that already not so select club of people that doctors do not know, because they have seen nothing like it before, what to do for us or us! 🙂

Although the ominous part, aging with HIV indicates that since 1996 antiretroviral therapy has worked and there is no sensible reason whatsoever to change it, because, I'm sure, it is far more affordable to treat HIV infection than it does. that bedridden with opportunistic diseases, which I have often seen, and perceived as sad human ruins! Ruins that, for the most part, recovered their health, weight and immunity, leaving even the daily attendance to the day hospital, where I lost my Waldir and Marcia!

In 2015, in turn, increased 51,16%, with 1.125 infected people, compared to 2014 numbers when 856 were diagnosed. The worst year was 2016, with 2.217 cases.

Going a little further in my analysis, based on what I see on my site, there are two serious shortcomings:

  • He, the blog, does not have a single visit from anyone underage. Blog must have an 18 + flag
  • Statistics show that many more people come from the United States, the blog is translated, by than seniors over 55 years!
  • And? Hence they are not interested, because they think it is not with them. And they remain in this ignorance for the usual
  • Media Inaction! I will not name names, but nothing happens on screens, radios and printouts, to put these people on guard and so they are still at risk and, I took time to get HIV, since I was fucking crazy! But some people get into the first relationship, in which they unfortunately get pregnant, at 23, 14, 15 years. These are children who made children and still contracted HIV in the process.

Then I Continue The Story Of Benett, An Elderly Man With HIV In A Support Home

Much has been written about aging with HIV in recent years. It's a well-meaning thing, but as a person who doesn't age as much as grow old- the distinction is important - there is little I can relate to. The lived experience, or at least the my lived experience seems to be missing in the narrative. Is my privilege showing up? Maybe I just don't typify people with HIV who are in years, really in years? Or maybe the popular narrative isn't working - maybe it's not motivated by people with this lived experience?

Here is what I mean. It is a challenge for a white-skinned person to write authentically about the experience of living as a person of color. Likewise, it is difficult for young people to think authentically about the problems that arise like flies in a person of advanced years. Researchers seem to go wrong all the time too, because they tend to see everything through the lens of HIV when, in fact, those of us with HIV usually don't.

I want to cite the author;


It is a challenge for a white-skinned person to write authentically about the experience of living as a person of color. Likewise, it is difficult for young people to think authentically about the problems that arise like flies in a person of advanced years.

I think of it as a certain lack of empathy. maybe, and I'll be being extremely generic and rude to young people, lack of empathy can come from lack of experience, I know.

Thus, aging with HIV is portrayed as an inevitable encounter with a threatening array of AIDS-related illnesses that somehow hit us years before our time. You may be fooled into thinking, for example, that if you are living with HIV, you are at greater risk for lung cancer. The reality is that for complex reasons, smoking is more prevalent in the HIV community. The incidence of lung cancer has nothing to do with HIV itself.

Note: Sandra Brea died of lung cancer! And I desperate for a treatment with Champix…

Being Elderly with HIV and Comorbidities

Sometimes this argument is presented but buried.

Identifying “a list of HIV-related aging-related health conditions” sounds like bad news to everyone. But there are the researchers involved: "We cannot say for sure which (conditions) are caused or exacerbated by HIV and its treatment and which are related to lifestyle. ”

I need Champix guys. Help me!!!

Simply put, if you don't smoke, don't do drugs and live relatively healthy1, Few of the conclusions of this type of article apply to you. I recognize again that good health and privileges are intertwined. I would like this argument to be mentioned more often. Either way, there are a variety of aging experiences and I care about how we recognize it.

The popular narrative about HIV and aging is questionable in areas beyond comorbidities. The fact that people with HIV age earlier than their negative compatriots is widely accepted, but is it true? Not everyone thinks that way. Either way, our lifestyle and social determinants of health largely determine how we age and when we die.

I would say that these factors are now more relevant than HIV itself or the medicines we take. Note that I chose not to detail the side effects of HIV drugs that can complicate the lives of the elderly, sometimes extensively.

Not all experience them, though. I omit them here, for better or for worse, for the purpose of creating a level playing field where you can perhaps relate more. Look for excellent narratives about long term survivors dealing with side effects elsewhere on this site. (POZ).

You Can Grow Old With HIV But Don't Let HIV Become Your High Priest

Mara and I, when we got together, agreed not to have children. Why?

Sick Senior Lady
Dr medicating elderly lady, pretty woman, who doesn't look very happy with her situation

Why the treatment in the 2002 Gone did not give us the security we needed to believe that at least one of us would survive long enough to raise a child, raise a person and form a citizen!

In addition, vertical transmission was a ghost that circulated in all clinical care centers for people with HIV in the midwifery ward. The risk revolved around 3,6%!

It seems little, but when it comes to a human life, within our own doubts, fears and lessons, we preserve the metric:

“When in doubt, do not exceed”!

We were in our mid-thirties and today I feel a bit of sadness, because after I lost Vivian and Marina to a mother I'd rather not write about, I never risked having a son or daughter if I wasn't sure of loving such. person and be loved by her too.

Yeah. So many beauties thrown into the corners of life…

And yet, however, we would have had time. But….

Well When I think about it, if we could have this child now, today, I would register her as Veritas, from Latin, true, because she would have been the crown of this relationship, of this wonderful marriage to Mara.

The Veritas would be the coronation, with other and diamonds, of this our relationship.

I rambled!

Returning to the elderly with seropositive

Or The HIV-Positive Elderly In Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy PainThe pain of peripheral neuropathy hits some of us. In my case (Claudio) is to make cry. I cried, and cried a lot, on a distant Sunday, because of the neuropathic pain lashing out at me and not knowing what it was. I still remember the first appointment with Dr. Alexandre Walter, a neurosurgeon, upon receiving me at the Pain Clinic of Hospital São Camilo, to which I no longer have access, hearing me say, here I find someone who understands me and he very modest

Let's see if I meet your expectations.

And he corresponded. Just to give a little more color, salt and pepper to all this, at a time of treatment, because I'm already very medicated, he suggested two implants, one in each hemisphere of the brain, to control pain. in an operation that could last between six and twelve hours!

Neither Fucking I told him!

And months later I was seriously considering the hypothesis and Mara went with me. It was the first time she had gone and he advocated gloomily.

- ”I didn't know you're married”!

This is a treatment that does not have a predicted exit. The only thing is that the batteries last three months. He would need to come in every three months and be influenced by a magnetic device until recharging. But he can change his behavior (he was not talking to me anymore) and stop being who he is, being interested in what he is interested in, and even ceasing to love you.

He finished saying that and I asked him why he had not said anything before and he retorted claiming that I had not considered the hypothesis until then!

Sad Picture

I thought of myself next to DD Jackson saying:

- "I am Your Autommatic Lover" »

- "I am Your Autommatic Lover" »

- "I am Your Autommatic Lover" »

- ”Automattic Lover”…

- ”Automattic Lover”…

- ”Automattic Lover”…

Yes, You Can Grow Old Living With HIV


How long does a person infected with HIV
No matter how fast, or how slow time may seem to pass us. His measurement, though relativistic, can always be counted on the fall of one grain of sand after another ad infinitum; and this is how it has passed to me, one grain of sand slower and slower than the other…

I also think that we are more than aware of being perched on the brink of an abyss, with mortality problems increasingly on our minds. (When and where did you last read about dying well with HIV or did you go to a workshop about it, or read an article about it in the context of current realities?).

More research is clearly needed on how really grow old with HIV.

As it is, we don't even have control over how many of us there are.

It's not just me saying that.

When I last wrote here about HIV and aging in July of 2018I quoted Canada's National HIV Realize Organization, whose summary includes questions about aging.

I will do this again:The official indifference to better understand the needs of a group that makes up about half the people living with HIV and growing annually is impressive.. "

Nothing changed.

The group of older people with HIV has grown larger and, I would say, one of the most marginalized in my country.

We don't even know the number of people infected with HIV with, say 60, because we don't keep data, it's shocking, but it's true.

Indifference there, which shocks me here. Imagine in Brazil !!!

Older people are included in Canada in a comprehensive group called “over 50”. Never mind that young people are screened in five-year increments so we can know the number diagnosed in the 15 to 19 range, for example. ? If you are over 50, we are not interested in your progression into old age.

To me, Claudio, it sounds like that thing: “You already gave what you had to give. For better or worse, you have lived for at least 50 years and we have to worry about those who arrive!

Thank you for paving the way of the future!

Bye! Don't bother us anymore

And it's in Canada!

Older people with HIV, ignored, abandoned and misunderstood!
Elderly with HIV
So I want to be with Mara someday

The point is that older people with HIV find themselves ignored or misunderstood.

Out of sight, out of mind. The ancients are rarely service users, rarely included in focus groups, rarely consulted, rarely on advice.


They are at home, retired, do not go out much, take care of or may not be well. There are simply not enough attempts to make up for it.

It's much easier to see aging than older people, and that's what we usually do.

"Most HIV research arbitrarily excludes anyone older than 65 - a relic of the old days when one was not expected to live so long - so there's a lot to do.

They were lucky!

We do not know what happens when people get older with HIV. It's a huge unanswered question," said Jeff Taylor in a recent POZ cover story.

I can't help thinking that this will change.

A "silver tsunami" of people living with HIV nearing the end of their lives will surely end indifference.

Call it gray power boost if you want.

We have much to contribute to understanding the life cycle of living with HIV.

In the meantime, our stories are important, yours and mine. Let's keep telling them


Translated by Original Claudio Souza in Being Old With HIV.


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