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Stroke, HIV, AIDS and the Dangerous Relationship Between These Health Conditions

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HIV (the three letters) and its relationship with stroke (three other letters)

This is a statement of my irresponsibility. I have known this for years and years, actually for over a decade.

And I was an absurd mashed banana for not having published this article already in January of 2006! I had to see a friend go through a rut, because she had a very important person to herself, and some extra details she showed me, to see that this text is as important as the other, in which I will make some updates and republish it, for example. now it is in link

Me, Claudio A. Souza also have a family history of cardiovascular disease. my maternal grandfather was a truck driver suffered a stroke in the middle of Serra de Santos and if the stroke did not kill the curve he did not certainly killed!

Beyond AIDS (Click here)

In my research, I found a very important text in the UFRJ authored by

The group's results are clear: from 1999 to 2004 the percentage of deaths from “atypical” diseases rose from 16,3% to 24,1%, which represents almost 15 thousand deaths in the period. Among these, deaths from cardiovascular disease totaled 3.746 cases. Compared to non-carriers of the disease, Brazilian seropositive had an increase almost ten times higher in cases of death from cardiovascular disease. For Mauro, this may represent a problem in the process of treatment of seropositive people in the Brazilian health system. “Contrary to popular belief, these diseases are related to HIV in some way. In addition, the results may indicate that some drugs used to treat HIV may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, ”says the doctor. (


My mother suffered a lot, but really, with this vascular issue, because I remember seeing not with varicose veins, but with what I would define as "shackles on her legs"!

Last time I saw my mother almost 25 years ago, this may shock you, but she determines the rules of the game! And I don't do anything different from what she ordered me to do, but I won't do dirty laundry here on the internet!

This last time she had a hard time walking, and after talking to my “half sister” we decided not to talk about HIV serology! The blow would be very strong according to the lessons of my “sister”; I knew they lived

My grandmother Palmira had three strokes and on the third, of course, she did not survive!

It turns out that this text has not been updated since 2016 maybe 2014, and a new fact has come up that led me to think of this text whose translation is from a Portuguese NGO, to whom I ask permission to use the text, and in fact, I I am seeking a greater good by bringing this to “my audience”!

The First Pulmonary Embolism, No One Forget!

my first pulmonary embolism happened in the year of 2005, and it almost cost me my life because the agreement I was using at the time DIX AMICO refused, for more than 12 hours, my internment because the pleural effusion could, you see, be a resulting from a pre-existing disease: AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome!

it took advocacy pressure from my wife and a board with 12 doctors to make a list of possible causes for a non-AIDS-related pleural effusion!

The fact is that I only came to know all this after being hospitalized, Mara did not tell me that I was experiencing these needs, and difficulties to be hospitalized!

And The fact is that since then I take Clexane Injectable as I ask for 95 kg I am only effectively protected against a pulmonary embolism by taking 100 ml Injectable Clexane! To clarify the point, see:

Sodium Enoxaparin

I have never seen a Clexane 100ml syringe!

And just in case, I talked to a vascular doctor from the São Camilo Hospital vascular surgery team, Dr Raimundo, and explained to him what Dr. Angela had advised me: Warfarin does not work with people living with HIV changing, yes in a risk enhancer, and if the only medication I should take would be clexane!

I would have a little note to integrate into this text, but it's much better “Give no ideas” Speaking of injectable Clexane!

All I have to say to you about this, in fact just what I want to tell you, is that these needles are electronically tested by batch sampling! This one from this lot were taken x units, and y units do not show defective the whole lot is ok!

And I think that's why sometimes I feel like I'm stabbing myself when I give the injections! To finalize this addendum, Dr. Raimundo suggested to me to put a vena cava filter. Because most of these thrombi, thrombi are small with water, which for one reason or another, unfortunately, come off a vein, usually happens in lower members!

HIV, AIDS and stroke! What a bloody triumvirate!

And after this clot begins to circulate in the bloodstream, it's a random question whether it will circulate toward the brain or toward the lungs, we still have the variant of not knowing, and not being able to predict the size of this thrombus, the clot. circulating in the bloodstream, and it looks like this: “alea jacta est” luck is cast!

In the case that tanja me thank God I had two embolisms the second she was massive, damaging both lungs and the doctors disillusioned me to my wife, and I spent another little time of my life inside an ICU!

What I have to say from all this is that if you have a history of cardiovascular disease in your family, I look at you as a person who will have resulted in a pulmonary embolism, which may be massive or not, which may be lethal or not. , and that may not happen as a stroke, and tidy, swiftly towards your brain and as I am not a doctor all I know is that one of the hemispheres of the brain if affected by stroke makes you paralyzed on one side of the body ( or not everything is as God desires!) and on the other side the resultant is death, death, the cessation of corporeal life and would dare to say that this happened prematurely!

HIV and Stroke, A Complex and Scary Relationship

In the link above you will find the gateway to another text, which I mentioned above, about HIV, AIDS and stroke.

The article deals specifically with a study that concluded that the mere presence of HIV in the body is already a sufficiently strong factor to cause a stroke and I saw, remembering that I am not a doctor deduced and associated, linking "lé cré", that this too may be a causative factor of pulmonary embolism!

As I have a second related diagnosis that is repetitive thrombophlebitis, Doctor Raimundo told me that I should not stop taking Clexane because the thrombi formed in the arms are as dangerous as those in the legs!

another line and you might think, “and why the hell do you have surgery if it doesn't solve the problem at all?

and I tell you that 65% of cases of stroke and pulmonary embolism are born from gold and source the thrombi formed in the lower limbs!

And I who live on the epigram "in doubt do not exceed" I have, or another axiom that seeks to apply in my life: "insurance died of old!"


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