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Surely the vision of my life has changed, this vision has surely changed…

I would like to share this testimony, also in thanks to a great friend, Claudio, who helped me in every way possible.

Well I've always had a fanciful idea of ​​life, I think a lot because of the way I was raised, quiet in my corner, working and studying, like most people, faithfully believed in my responsibility in everything in my life, was when at some point he , my common sense, failed in a condomless relationship.

Well, at first I was inert to what I had done, but over the days came the despair of possible contamination.

And with that, all my questions ended in death inside my mind, the terrible fear of HIV came to light, as if the other STDs were less important, it was at this moment that I got to know Claudio's blog and got in touch with him. , and the courage of the exam came after countless conversations with him.

The Fear of Taking the Exam

And the courage of a second examination, too, after countless conversations.

The fear is devastating, and so far the results have been unreactive, and deep in my consciousness, or unconsciousness, still throbs uncertainty in tomorrow.

But I wanted to tell what stood me apart from the help of my friend Claudio, it was my faith in God and in life; Today I see that I had such a mean view of life, such a small mindset about the suffering of others.

Today, after this experience, even that plant in the backyard has another value.

Above Any Possibility, Any Risk

And you might be thinking this disease (HIV infection) will never affect me:

- “This I will not die”…

I thought so too and it fell apart… we are subject to being hit or hit by anything at any time over and over again!

Have you ever thought that you could die in countless situations?… Well of course not, after all the world revolves around our belly button.

In any situation in your life, your fear must never be greater than your faith, live the present, the past that is gone, and the future, which we do not know what it will be like to leave it to the life and care we have for with her.

- “Look at the Lilies of the Field”!…

"Yes, He was and is right!"

But we are not lilies, and our responsibilities go far beyond “blooming and fading”!

Maybe I'm healthy or sick I don't know… but my way of seeing life and certainly the vision of my life has changed and changed for the better and I am deeply grateful to those who were part of this change…

Thank you Claudio

I had lost this text, inside the blog, for some reason that I attribute to aliens.

And I was also lost on an external hard drive that I had long forgotten in a chest here at home that I reconnected yesterday. There is more to be said and shown, but the blog itself has editorial priorities and I feel that I am indebted to everyone, even believing that I am unnecessary after all!….

There are so many people now!

The problem is that there is nothing more I can do to try to be useful and to justify before God and before me, my presence on this planetoid which I fear is entering a state of prolonged agony.

God help me, I'm wrong in my lessons, but I see things and more things.

For now there is still Life on Earth!

And this way I reiterate:

There is Life with hiv! (this decapitalization is intentional)

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