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What is the life of a seropositive like?

What is the life of a seropositive like? The question comes close to being….

I have a friend who searches the network for frequently asked questions about the word “HIV positive”, for example.

And she found a question that I found quite interesting and I decided to try to answer it from my perspective, because, in fact, everything is a matter of perspective.

In nineteen ninety-four, when I was diagnosed, there was no treatment like today, and those that did gave us a six-month perspective, but with a poor quality of life and “my infection. ”Of that time, Dr. Patrícia Maia Cippolari had to endure and agree with my reasoning:

If It's To Die, let me die without throwing up

“Dr., if I'm only six months old, let me live them without throwing up 6 times a day.

I Just Wanted to Survive, it was what you could hope for

And I started living like Sai's lyrics in Chanderlier:
“I wanna live like tomorrow no exist” —I want to live as if tomorrow doesn't exist.

And I tried to live like this.

A series of “fate throws made me end up in a nursing home.

Support House Brenda Lee. Ready!

Well, worst of all was unable to go out to look for a job and so I started taking care of a patientextremely debilitated, suffering from Miliary Tuberculosis which is widespread tuberculosis, and I, foolish as it was, dared to imagine that my support might have the strength and the will to recover, but it did not recover.

To learn more about this you can go to the menu or click on the following link, which opens in another tab and speaks of me, in a different way, in a different perspective, in Claudio Afonso.

There is another statement from me, from a time before I lived as HIV positive and, at that stage, I was “nobody”, just a homeless person to whom no one honored even with a “second look”….

The Four Nights

I narrate in “The Four Nights ”, also in another window.

My life as an HIV positive is not much different from yours.
I eat three important meals every day, and when I have patience, I eat “other intermediate meals,” but for the sake of the truth, I'm coffee-driven.

From the moment I started this text so far, I'm close to the third cafe. I believe this is due to a kind of “affective memory,” because when I was homeless, and I went twice, the only thing I could drink while still hot was coffee.

I make love

But I make love like everyone else, with the difference that I'm 55 years old and the sex life of a 55 year old man is not the same, neither in intensity nor even in quantity, the same as I was, for example, 25 years.

Well, for example, yesterday, November 18, two thousand and seventeen, I was with my wife, daughter and son-in-law in a theater, watching an excellent play called "The Broken Buddha."

Priscila Schollz

Excellent piece with a good performance by actor Flavio Costa and an intergalactic brilliance of Priscila Schollz, to whom I have personally said this.

Sometimes I go to the movies.

I'm addicted to some series…
Virtually all of Marvel, I also like "The Flash" and the Archer, as well as Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Discovery, whose last episode, I believe the eighth almost killed me with anxiety.

I also like Downton Abbey, I already liked House of Cards, but they messed up when they drove the show into a war and I didn't even see the whole first episode.

Now, without Underwood, which I now see how easy it was for him to embody this character, he bent the connecting rod at once!

I have a bright and dark past, and I won't count on my "brilliance," though I miss being rattled as a relative celebrity; but I also refuse to be a "confessed defendant of my obscurities."

Planetoid Does Not Facilitate And Does Not Facilitate For Obvious Reasons
Photo by Felipe Observes, 22 Dec 2018
In this rather archaic planetoid, rare are those who carry no shadows with them.

My treatment is simple today because I take four pills once a day for HIV.

And for other things, just twenty more, for other things.

The bad thing about this is premature aging, and soon I will have translated a text that talks about the processes of premature aging in people living with HIV and over 50.

Guinea Pigs Over 50 Years? Who knows….

I, my wife, some friends and friends are also the first to start living with this (…) and, of course, we are and will be guinea pigs.

You know, I lived at a time when it was advocated that antiretroviral treatment should start only and only when the viral load reached 350 cells per milliliter of blood and I spent years, years and years taking nothing.

The START Study

Today, it is known, the sooner treatment begins, the better.
I feel robbed!

Stolen from CD4 and therapy, health and life expectancy.
Well, I was diagnosed at a time when it was hard to know if there would be tomorrow, as SIA says in Chanderlier:

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

The Study Arrived Late

And… so it's not that big for me, the future, but a lot of people found themselves seropositive on 2002, for example, or 2007… and… they were also stolen because the “Start Study” started, I believe, in 2012 and only, once again I want to believe in 2014 or 2015 and now, happy and finally, treatment begins as soon as possible and, in the parts where civilization has reached the best stages, in the great centers… São Paulo… I would dare say Rio de Janeiro, but the looting of public coffers in this state reminds me of something like the "Gotham" series, and right now, I'm afraid to say that Rio Branco, in Acre, has an HDI (Human Development Index) that goes I stop and walk with the capital of Rio de Janeiro where, in medical centers, I even lack toilet paper and that's the P that P me!

Project At Home

Anyway, if you want to know how I live, I go to a gym that is a Project called At Home, (we attend) Rosely Tardelli, which leads to “AIDS News Agency"

Which makes me feel good, and also to my wife, Mara, who most people know the name, but few have seen them and I do two treadmill sequences, one for 55 minutes, then a four bodybuilding session and more 45 minutes of treadmill (yes, I'm fine, thanks) and this is my way of living as a human being. And HIV positive, because that's what you want to know.

Life, for me, with the exception of more outpatient checkpoints, is as good, or as bad, as anyone else's.

Search and you will find, taught the Master.

And before you call me religious X or religious Y… I got tired of religions and, to try to explain, I am, in fact, someone who tries, badly and roughly, to be “a follower of the way”.

Which way?
Where does it lead?
Well, you have to choose which way to go, so you may be able to know where each of you who reads me, where you are going, because my destiny… Only matters to me. and to finish:

There is life with HIV. SCORE

This is a story that few can tell!

This is the Only Blog ”Still ON LINE” to have received this award and this consecration. The blog that achieved the same Status was Solidariedaids, by Paulo Giacommini. Unfortunately I can't find the link and the communication this me and he is very difficult
Only Blog On Line Addressing this theme to have received this award by the Academic Jury

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