Symptoms Of HIV! The HIV-Phobia! The Dread of the Eternal Immune Window!

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Immune Window is one of the most feared things! And it has been a few days since my concern has increased!

One of the people who talks to me through What's App, a person who came to me for a while, I believe this is the lapse of time, about two years, that believes to be a carrier of HIV.

And, for the sake of saying everything, she is one of the most resilient people I have seen in my life and now, through unspoken words, she has suicidal ideation and I cannot physically reach her. She would be, before one or a psychiatrist, one among many patients with personality disorders. I wouldn't know how to say it, but it's her face!

HIV symptoms and disbelief in the immune window! That's what I hear most about and that's why I get mad.

She told me she will “end up dying of AIDS because all the exams are wrong, ”based on this person:

Symptoms Of HIV And Immune Window.

For the picture I see is that of people completely unprepared to express their sexualities because what should be a source of union, joy and pleasure, has been transformed into Hell In Life of Thousands, millions of people…

Image is of a montage with a crowded soccer stadium grandstand and a head

I haven't seen anything like this yet. But that's almost it

Some of them come and go, fade for a while, often appear in the comment field. Another name, the same situation, the same phraseology, the same way of thinking, the same ignorant words and statements, and the same prejudice, could not be missed:

- “I can't tell my family that I became a * person like that *".

Or else:

- How will I tell my mother that "I will come"?

“That”, readers….

…It's me!

Pow !!!

Or, still this:

- “Not for me !!!!! It's for my wife and my daughter…. I'm an FDP and I deserve to f **** for cheating on both....

Well, I must tell you that I also deserve T **** N * ** because of countless mistakes, even mistakes! Very rude I have committed throughout my life, in a moment of deplorable emotional and sexual delinquency!

It will be?…. I don't know, but think:

This is how I feel at these times, wanting to….

But I Try to Keep Calm and explain that these symptoms are generic.

And all this can be avoided like this:

HIV Symptoms
One condom, what you should use, has the power to break the chain of transmission

Do you know that "vaccine coverage" thing?

If a certain percentage of people are vaccinated against a disease, whatever it is, the chain of transmission is broken. In the area of ​​HIV infection and AIDS as a direct consequence, there is no vaccine. So it's dramatically necessary for you to use it without asking me why, I didn't use it and….

See, I didn't use it and I danced!

Think of an explosion of a star of neutrinos and chronotons.

You know…. Editing and formatting the text, I remembered something sinister or even disastrous.

When I was sheltered at Brenda Lee Support House in the 90 decade! Another reality, but…. I remember being misunderstood by a person who lived there, and at one point placed in a deplorable context, this girl eyes me and, among all the insults, the most painful:

I don't want anything with AIDETIC TRASH

Usually I have a quick response to insults. Once, just to illustrate, I made a change to my layout, and as I passed Seu Chico's bar, there on Bento Freitas Street on the corner of General Jardim, a waiter who really didn't like me and me. called me a little fag while I was “en passant ”.

I didn't even take the next step. I looked at him and said, "The women of many waiters don't usually say something like that." And I left like a lightning bolt, because he was three times bigger than me who wouldn't realize, was going to take a choir!

This is how I feel at these times, wanting to….

But I Try to Keep Calm and explain that these symptoms are generic.

What doesn't always work. Oh well. The need is for a stronger jolt, a shake. And it's time to say that if you insist, lady, to say that this is not guilt, remorse or fear, I tell you that in psychology this is called "denial."

Denial yes! And it is the negation of the obvious ululant. My baby was raised in a humiliated way. He grew under one million terawatts of humiliation! Well Wants to know?

A Punch in the Stomach

This is fine for something I wrote on another page, which a reader considered a punch in the stomach:

Your remorse, your shame and your fear don't extend the immune window

Claudio Souza

And when I talk about somatization this person tells me that somatization doesn't make “white matter out of the nose” (God knows what this is because I don't know) and she always goes:

I'm not crazy: I excuse Wikipedia and paste a portion of the text, warning that the numbers have links and lead to another page in this same window to expose:


- "Somatization can not do that! ..."

The speech of an uninformed person? Perhaps. Well, here we have another good hunt for information! Wikipedia is there, waiting. For, in the end, it is a matter of opening one's eyes and seeking other strands, other explanations, OTHER CAUSES, when the much feared is not proved.

There needs to be some greater interest in seeking to broaden horizons, thus unraveling even broader horizons, new possibilities.

And so, at this point, one could come to peace of mind, to the realization that the stupid speech of that "professional" was only clearly seen:

The displante of someone ill prepared, ineffective, able to cause much damage. Many indeed!

And, maybe…. To be able to give an initial course to the suffering of others; even a representation against the creature itself.

Insensitivity to pain

Not by values, although that counts and matters, because in some creatures this pocket is the only pain-sensitive organ. We know that.

And thus give her the possibility of a good and didactic suffering in the education of caution, so that she feels some suffering in her own skin.

And so, consolidate the habit of thinking before you speak, and only speak when you are covered or covered with complete and impregnable certainty.

Do you realize that?

Well, let the professor speak of Somatization!

Somatization, a brief summary

Physical reactions to extreme psychological distress such as the death of loved ones are common.

somatization is a tendency to suffer a psychological breakdown that manifests itself through somatic symptoms requiring medical intervention.[1][2] Roughly, somatization is expressed by the generation of physical symptoms of a psychiatric condition such as anxiety. The term “somatization” was coined by Wilhelm stekel in 1924.[3]

The presence of somatizations does not exclude the diagnosis of other psychiatric diseases, often occurring in comorbidity (simultaneous presence) with these. Patients with psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder or some personality disorder describe physical symptoms in addition to those used to diagnose the disorder in 72% of cases.[4]


Somatization, according to its contemporary definition, created by Zbigniew Lipowski (1924-1997), is “a tendency to experience and communicate somatic discomfort and symptoms that cannot be explained by pathological findings, attribute them to physical illness, and seek medical help for them. "[5]. It is a diagnosis that must be made by excluding other causes, which should be used with caution as it is very difficult to ensure that there are no other causes. It is a fairly common cause in primary care services, where at least one somatized symptom appears in 16% to 50% of initial interviews (anamnesis).[6]

When not identified, patients with Somatizing Disorders They often require a large amount of medical appointments and examinations, leading to high costs for the health system that only increase their suffering, anxiety and frustrations.[7]

Psychological (remorse and shame?) And Psychosocial factors (widespread prejudice, including in the Self?)

Psychological and psychosocial factors are believed to play an important role in the etiology of this condition. In patients with somatization disorders, emotional distress or difficult life situations are experienced as physical symptoms. When a psychological cause is diagnosed, it is called psychosomatization.

Neglecting the importance of these symptoms can provoke anger, discredit, feelings of rejection and further increase the patient's symptoms and distress.[6] The patient often considers the doctor to be incompetent, inexperienced, or disinterested and seek out another professional thereby increasing costs to the public health network or to the patient himself with unnecessary examinations.

And, my dear friend, please see how many little things… can be summed up:

Most Common Somatizations

Passing out in the face of shocking news is an example of somatization.

In the face of psychologically traumatic events (such as marriage, divorce, dismissal, kidnapping, betrayal, hospitalization or death of a loved one…) it is common for one or more of the following symptoms to be summed:

  1. Pain diffused throughout the body. What is diffuse? it is in this link;
  2. Headache;
  3. Chest, arm, leg, back, and / or joint pain
  4. Difficulty breathing;
  5. Hypersensitivity;
  6. Blackouts. IS…. Somatization is "weak". She knocks you down. Or me, out of fear!
  7. Nausea/ Malaise;
  8. Vomiting;
  9. Fatigue(Tiredness excessive) - Does it look familiar?
  10. Stains in the skin;
  11. Dizziness;
  12. Accelerated heartbeat (Tachycardia);
  13. Muscle weakness;
  14. Loss of appetite for long periods;
  15. Excessive menstrual bleeding. Finhainha right?
  16. Sexual disinterest;
  17. Amnesia;
  18. Hallucination;
  19. Loss of voice;
  20. Deafness;
  21. Double or blurred vision;
  22. Blindness (see?);
  23. Difficulty walking;
And please UNDERSTAND:

Anyway, symptoms, with the six hundred thousand devilscan be summed yes, and I've been saying this to many, many, many people and now I've documented it.

Ask questions there. The content is excellent: Somatizations by Wikipedia.

We can all sum up anything. A few days ago I remembered the two pulmonary embolisms God gave me to make me understand who was giving the orders in this Father and Son relationship and it scared me.

Following I remembered a query I made with a neurologist who has as much empathy as a BORG and he told me quietly that I shouldn't worry about the cerebellar cavernoma I have until he bursts.

And I said to him:

- "And how shall I know"?

-You'll be going through a AVC and you won't notice much….

Damn doctor, heartless son of a plastic tortoise.

And I somatized! I was scared to death for hours!

And after remembering that, my face started to itch and show other things that, yes, I know are stroke symptoms.

I got up, sat here, and researched to reiterate the symptoms and they were there, just the way I met them before.

A friend, Francisca Cante, appeared out of nowhere at three in the morning and did it because it made me wake up Mara because, and Cante was rightly his and moving to a later stage when she finally saw me down, no. would know what could be happening.

Mara stayed up with me until six in the morning and we went back to sleep.

Anything can be summed and finally I leave the excerpt below.

Acute Retroviral Syndrome

Taking the medicine as prescribed is essential for the treatment to work. You should try to take your pills at about the same time each day. This page includes advice on how to deal with missed doses. It is also important to follow the food instructions and check for drug interactions. Acute retroviral syndrome by the HIV virus is a clinical condition very similar to influenza or any other virus because, in short, the infection with the virus known as HIV is indeed a virus whose signs appear within two to four weeks after infection. . Not all newly infected people experience this condition, also known as the acute phase, and many of those who experience it do not experience this condition specifically, with symptoms as mentioned above similar to those of any common respiratory viruses. Acute infection is the period immediately after contact between the human organism and HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus.
Fast and hot replication

During this period, a few days after infection, HIV replication is done extremely quickly with HIV generating many copies of itself, leading to an extremely high amount of HIV RNA in the blood, an index known as Viral Load (click here to learn more: What is Viral Charge? - opens in another tab). This is because the body's defenses have not yet been able to respond effectively to HIV.

During this period, a few days after infection, HIV replication is done extremely rapidly with HIV generating many copies of itself, leading to an extremely high amount of HIV RNA in the blood, an index known as Viral Load (click here to learn more: What is Viral Load? - opens in another tab). This is because the body's defenses have not yet been able to respond effectively to HIV.

This period is called immune window and the immunological window period is 30 days.

Try the test first to find out if you are already infected, IN THIS CASE, WARN YOUR OR YOUR RISK CONTACTORS (EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW).

Accept the Result, dot, dot and dot!

If it gives no reagent, do it again on the thirtieth day and, once nonreactive, NOT REAGENT AND POINT. POINT, POINT AND POINT.

If reagent, I add: Go get strength where you need it! COME LOOKING FOR ME BUT SPEAK, PLEASE, I beg, with the person who has related to you, because he is acting as a vector and needs to be clarified, to have the opportunity to discern about stopping , or not, and that's his / her problem with that.

That simple. Do your part within the rules of the game. Yes, life is a game and I show a link at the end!

And in your case, just look around and see that your partner, each one who reads and understands as you can, remains unresponsive! Sound strange? Or would it be normal in an obvious case of testing after testing and testing, testing, testing.

You know, I wonder if I had to have the venous blood test, if anyone would spend months taking needle sticks daily !!!!

All this because of “symptoms"


Translated by Claudio Souza from various texts of the Aidsmap and combined with my personal experience, as well as the observation of various facts that I had the misfortune to attend, aiming to appease the suicidal moods of a person whom I cannot protect from himself.

Do you wanna know? I would very much like to have suspensive powers over certain people. But it must be a huge responsibility! I couldn't handle it!

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