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Starting HIV treatment I felt uncomfortable
And thanks to that, the treatment, I've come this far. It's time, Claudio, to start HIB treatment, Dr. Patricia MC told meI remember, and I remember well, that I did not like to "restart" the treatment against HIV. In addition to the unhappy experience with AZTI thought I was fine. And he was in the face of other people, and in accepting the treatment, well, "I made it official." You can read this and think: Dumb reasoning!

Seu CD4 it's down again, Cláudio and it's time, dear, it's time to start HIV treatment. You already had your share of suffering. and I don’t want to let you run one more day unprotected. Drª Patrícia told me ...

And, I made a pouting face.

And it is quite certain that some of you will wrinkle your nose for realizing this reticence of mine and do not want to treat me! And indeed you are right!

But the medicines scared.

And they scared a lot! The first time I took two tablets of IDD I ground them and mixed them with orange juice.

And I sipped it and thought:

"It has to be at once." And at once I did! Do you know those horns that are activated by some kind of rubber?

The ones we press and the horn "fom-fom" when pressed twice?

Well: My stomach received the revolting mixture and so quickly received, so quickly I threw up! Horrible, but today, if you find yourself HIV positive it is best to think about going…

… Getting HIV Treatment

  • It is better to start HIV treatment sooner than later.
  • Treatment will reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
  • Will also prevent opportunistic diseases and will prolong your life with good quality.
  • A variety of different antiretroviral medicines are available.

Everyone who has diagnosed HIV is advised to receive treatment.

It is better for your health to start HIV treatment sooner or later.

Anti-HIV drugs work by decreasing the amount of HIV in the blood (viral load).

The goal of HIV treatment is an undetectable viral load.

Antiretroviral treatment against AIDS virus in these months of 2019 is much simpler

Starting HIV treatmentThis means that the amount of HIV in a blood sample is so low that it cannot be detected using a standard test.

In Brazil, the test is unable to detect 40 copies or less and, in the last measurement it was in 45!

And, see, I could be living a sex life without fear! If I was single and on purpose.

Because it had the undetectable viral load on the last measurement.

And now?

Well, I'd be making phone calls right? And I even imagine:


I would say: It was, it was! However, the viral load was on 45 and I didn't know !!!!

Ah! You ... you ... you damn! Me I RISKED FOR YOU, BELIEVED IN YOU!

Bad move !!!

Is this how you want to talk to that person with whom you went to bed, or in the grass, and made love?

Because nobody goes to bed if not with the one who likes! I know the exceptions, but they are exceptions!

How would I feel, right now, with a detectable viral load after one or two relationships, like one or two women?

Is that you? Is it good? Or just good? Pow Do crush and crusha (my neologism…?) Deserve consideration

Treating yourself against HIV makes you undetectable and your CD4 goes up.

Reducing the amount of HIV in the blood allows the immune system (as measured by cells CD4) strengthen yourself.

The higher the CD4 cell count, the lower the risk of getting sick from HIV (and possibly other serious illnesses), and yet the problems unrelated to AIDS, such as lung, liver and other conditions such as cognitive loss, are related to the pure presence of HIV and, moreover, this presence can be considered an isolated factor for stroke! HIV treatment helps, a lot! However and unfortunately it does not solve everything.

In Brazil it is law to start HIV treatment as soon as you are diagnosed, because of the findings from the START study because it is known that:
CD4 and HIV Treatment
As you can see, it uses CD4 cells as a factory for new virions, and the poor thing can but obey and work to death. Treatment against HIV impedes this reproductive cycle, the HIV reproductive cycle, and this allows antibodies that fight HIV - and it is these antibodies that are not sought in tests for HIV serology and not to HIV itself. And if you believe yourself to be an immunosilent, well, you are a very similar person to the Black Phoenix, who has traveled to space, has been reached by cosmic energies, which killed everyone who touched it, and survived! It's great to see yourself like this!

  1. The benefits of starting treatment are now much greater and better than in any other way!
  2. The potential risks of delaying initiation of treatment are immense.

There may be other things relevant to your treatment and care and you may have other questions.

It's a good idea to take some time to think about this before going to a clinic appointment.

When to start treatment?

When I had to start HIV treatment, despite all the difficulty I had with side effects, the terrible fear of “Fulminant pancreatitis”, a kind of undesirable effect of IDD, I reached viral load in six months. And see:

“In those days little or nothing was known”! And so I went through weekly CD4 and viral load scans. On the one hand, and even one's Personal Hell brings in its bulge, just as in Pandora's Box, there is always hope or advantage.

Well, Brenda Lee Support House was, for me, a Psychic Hell! But it gave me the chance to have six meals a day, apart from the coffee snacks and sips. Thus, I could regain my weight at unbelievable reason for a pound (1KG) on DAY !!!!!!


The sooner you start HIV treatment, the sooner you can benefit from it. HIV treatment guidelines, both in Brazil and elsewhere in the world, recommend that all people with HIV receive treatment regardless of CD4 count.

“The sooner you start HIV treatment, the sooner you can benefit.” So determined the START study.

In 2015, a large study, the well-conducted START <<> demonstrated that there are advantages to starting treatment as soon as possible, even with high CD4 cell counts.

The START Study

The study clearly demonstrated that starting the HIV treatment Earlier it is beneficial and reduces the risk of more serious illnesses. While people sometimes worry about the side effects of anti-HIV drugs, the study also showed that people who started HIV treatment had a better quality of life than they expected.

Another important benefit of starting treatment is that it usually suppresses the amount of HIV in body fluids to an 'undetectable' level.

Having an undetectable viral load means that there is not enough HIV in body fluids to transmit HIV during sex. In other words, you are not infectious. I, Claudio, have summarized studies that I would have to pay dearly to read, that semen can contain significant viral load, sufficient for contagion. But I'm the Patty f ****….

Other research has shown that with HIV treatment, many people living with HIV can have a relatively normal life span.

If your cell count CD4 below 200, it is especially important that you start HIV treatment as soon as possible.

Viral Load versus CD4

The lower your CD4 cell count, the greater the risk of opportunistic diseases inherent to your Immune Deficiency caused by the constant action of HIV. But they are serious diseases. They are not flu or flu, flu is not an AIDS-defining disease, so I invite you to read about CD4 and opportunistic diseases

E. Similarly, if you have caught HIV very recently - within the last three months - your doctor is likely to encourage you to start treatment without delay.

This is because some people may become seriously ill soon after infection. Starting treatment soon after infection reduces the chances of illness.

It also offers the best chance of having a normal immune system while living with HI which has no expiration date for this condition these days!

Although the doctor has to start treatment as soon as possible, it is important that the doctor be clear in informing people that the decision to start treatment is up to the person living with HIV. You have no duty to treat yourself…. But….

Before starting treatment, it is important that you understand how it works and what it involves. You may need a little time before you feel ready to start.

Which anti-HIV medicines should be started with which medications?

The standard treatment for people who start HIV treatment for the first time is a combination of three medicines different.

Anti-HIV medicines belong to different classes, depending on how they work against HIV.

The major classes of anti-HIV drugs are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs), increased protease inhibitors, and integrase inhibitors.

In the United Kingdom, standards for HIV treatment and care are set by the British HIV Association (BHIVA), the professional association for doctors and other health professionals.

Your HIV treatment guidelines are regularly reviewed and your current recommendations for which anti-HIV drugs to use are summarized on another page, which is next to be published.

Translated by Original Claudio Souza in Starting HIV treatment written by Roger Pebody em

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