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Estimation of Black Women with HIV in the US

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Women and AIDS

HIV-positive black women represent a rate of 2000% more than HIV-positive white women!

North American HIV-positive black women surprised experts

This is because numbers of the relationship between women African Americans and HIV in the United States resemble sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch out women. This is your best friend!
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And so, we saw a rate of HIV infection 0,24% in a group of nearly 2.100 women, with Most are black-skinned women.

Thus, the rate is five times higher than previous estimates issued by the federal government.

The high rate of infection has been found in six geographic areas known to be indicative of the HIV epidemic, and poverty is more common.

Dark-skinned women with HIV account for 66% of cases !!!!!

Index is similar to Sub-Saharan Africa

The six areas studied were in Atlanta, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Newark, NJ, Harlem (New York), and Wake County, NC.

Data comes from the important ISIS study (The Women's HIV Seroincidence Study), which was conducted after previous studies.

Research has shown that black women represent a rate of 66% of new HIV infections in the country, but they represent only (…) 14% of the population.

Women of color with HIV represent 2000% higher than white women

As Black women have 20 times the rate of HIV infection among white women and four times the rate among Latinas.

HIV and AIDS are two of the Top Causes of Death Among Black Women in the US.

Some women do not know they are infected.

In the study, 1,5% of women found they had HIV only when they enrolled in the study..

"We knew that black Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV. ”

And yet, the magnitude of this disparity in the areas most affected by the HIV epidemic aggravated problem ”!

Thus emphasized the lead author of the study, Dr. Sally Hodder, University of Medicine and Dentistry, School of Medicine, New Jersey-New Jersey.

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