Having a baby living with HIV is a serious step to take. reissued and expanded

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A few hours after publishing this text, a friend alerted me to something he classified as “phonetic dissonance (cacophony in truth)”. Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org Because, when you read the title, it creates the impression that we would be prescribing the work of bringing to light a child living with HIV! Far be it from me! Even because just thinking about it, I remember that little girl. And that painful cry, like asking "why". Life, in those days, had already changed a lot for me. After the shock and immediate shock, I started to value life more! As if it were in Technicolor and Dolby Surround! But this is a case for another text, which I intend to write in the next few days.

It is possible to generate a baby and bring it to birth with a partner living with HIV and not generate contagions

To establish what I really meant, I wanted to show that if you, or someone you know is living with HIV, it is possible to live with HIV and generate a child without HIV! I think that, in itself, is a great blessing, a fantastic advance of science and, yes, despite the regrets, and in spite of my problems I go on believing that everything is as God wishes! Based on this thought, after watching “the hut” I understood a few more things and, yes, fortunately, I was able to go see my father before he left this world, and give him the peace he needed, at least with relation to me! And that's it. It means being able to be living with HIV and bringing a child without the blessed HIV!

You see, giving birth to a baby is always a big responsibility. But, when you are like me and Mara, who live with HIV, this is a life project, a very ambitious step that we choose not to give!

Observe, see, however, the city Santos spent four years without a single baby living with HIV would come to Luz and, what is even more, given the complete lack of resources, Cuba was the first country (an island) to have vertical transmission considered to be eradicated from vertical transmission.

That is, without the birth of babies with HIV.

Having a baby living with HIV needs love and care!

And so, it is necessary to keep in mind these three basic aspects of this “endeavor”, so to speak!
  1. People living with HIV can give birth without passing HIV to their babies.
  2. In this way, your conception options will depend on your health, as well as your partner's health and serological status..
  3. Your viral load may affect your conception and delivery options.
Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
Generating a life is a unique experience! No other woman will know what you feel or felt! And you will never really know what the others have experienced. I, as a man, envy them a lot

It is true that people living with HIV can give birth to HIV-negative babies forever and yet, in the past, at the beginning of the nineties, until the “two thousand and so” years, this was quite different, more the Hand of God, although science could already help.

These days, most advice for people living with HIV is the same as it would be given to anyone else thinking about having a baby.

However, some extra steps are needed to reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission.

This post seeks, based on information from the Aidsmap, a UK website shows you what to consider when having a baby in the UK, and yet the guidelines are similar to those living here in Brasil!

Because from conception to feeding the baby, it is important to keep your health team well informed, in order to ensure that you can receive the best and most specific advice that will bring your baby the best results!

Undetectable viral load is a condition “sine qua non ”(indispensable) to have a baby living with HIV

Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
External care is important, it is worth saying. But taking care of yourself and your health is taking care of the baby too!
When a person is being treated with HIV, with a undetectable viral load, the risk of HIV transmission to the baby is only 0,1% (or one in a thousand). Between 2012 and 2014 in the UK, only 0,3% (three in a thousand) of people with HIV (including people with a higher viral load) transmitted HIV to their baby. In Santos, we have been like this for over four years! The latest news and research on design (another website)

You Need Advice

When thinking about conceiving, the advice will depend on the circumstances of each individual. The advice will be based on your general health; if your viral load; what if your partner has HIV. If you are not already taking anti-HIV medication, you will be advised to do so I overwrote this part of the text because START study completely changed treatment guidelines! HIV can be transmitted during pregnancy and birth; having an undetectable viral load can help prevent that! If you plan to become pregnant and are already taking anti-HIV medicationtalking to his health team. They will give you a clearer understanding of the current medication. And if it is still the best option during pregnancy. In the United Kingdom, if your current anti-HIV medicine is effective, you are likely to be advised to continue taking it. In Brazil too!

Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. OrgHow can we conceive if one of us is HIV negative and lives with HIV?

When a person living with HIV has an undetectable viral load, there is no risk of HIV transmission during sex. As long as the partner living with HIV has an undetectable viral load and none of you have sexually transmitted infections (STDs), sex without a condom can be good eventually. Repeated exposures can lead to contagion! If you or your partner has a detectable viral load, it is important to discuss conception options that reduce or remove the risk of transmission during sex for you / your partner and baby. Before deciding not to use condoms, ask your HIV health team for advice so they can confirm what would work best for you.

PrEP, PEP, TasP I = ​​I?

Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
When Mara and I finally decided to live together, we were not sure of going “too far”. Things had improved, life expectancy was a little longer. But…. But, friends, we didn't want to risk putting a potential orphan on this ridiculous planetoid! We got it wrong! But….
The fear and reasoning was well founded for those days! This may include the HIV negative partner who is taking PrEP. To PrEP reduce transmission of HIV and is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Everyone planning a pregnancy - with or without HIV - is advised to take a daily supplement of folic acid while trying to get pregnant and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid (vitamin B9) helps the body's cells to develop. It is difficult to get enough just through diet.

HIV treatment for having a baby living with HIV

All pregnant women living with HIV are advised to start taking medication by week 24 of pregnancy, if they are not already. This is because an undetectable viral load prevents transmission during conception, pregnancy and birth.

Planning the delivery

If you have a undetectable viral load in week 36 of pregnancy, the delivery options are the same as anyone who does not have HIV. If there are no other considerations, having a vaginal delivery is an option for you. You will be advised to give birth in a facility that can provide the right tests and treatment for your child. If your viral load is high (more than 1.000 copies), your doctor will likely recommend a planned cesarean section. A cesarean section (also known as a cesarean section) is an operation to deliver a baby that involves cutting off a person's stomach and uterus. This prevents contact with blood and other fluids that a baby may come into contact with during vaginal delivery. A caesarean section reduces the risk of HIV transmission. Regardless of their viral load, a person with HIV can have a cesarean for other medical reasons.

Medication for your baby

Your baby will need to take anti-HIV medications for some time after birth. This will be in liquid form. This does not mean that your baby has HIV. The time the baby will need to take the medication will depend on his viral load. If you are undetectable during pregnancy, your baby will be taking medication for two weeks. If you are detectable, this can be extended to four weeks. In the first years of your baby's life, HIV tests will be done several times: shortly after birth; in six weeks; at 12 weeks; and at 18 months (final anti-HIV antibody test). Check CD4 periodically does not harm a person with HIV If these tests are negative and you never breastfed, you will be sure that your baby does not have HIV.

Feeding your baby while living with HIV

Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
Renata Cholbi literally made it rain when it came to supporting HIV-positive mothers. It all started, for her, on a Christmas. She saw that her son had much more than he needed and started his work. A pity we were never able to find the opportunity to talk in person and, in addition to Mara's untranslatable strength in supporting me, Renata did a lot for me, giving me courage!
In the United Kingdom (as in other high-resource countries), it is advisable not to breastfeed your baby. The best way to ensure that HIV is not transmitted is with food formula, as there is no risk of HIV transmission. Although HIV is an important factor to consider, it is not the only one. You can consider breastfeeding for other reasons. If you consider breastfeeding, you must have an undetectable viral load and maintain regular contact with your healthcare team.
Breastfeeding while living with HIV is much more complicated!
Before breastfeeding, it is important to discuss this with them, your doctors. You must stop the breast-feeding se some occur in the following situations:
  • your HIV becomes detectable; (this risk is so serious that I advise against breastfeeding)
  • you or your baby have belly problems;
  • your breasts and / or nipples show signs of infection (cracked, painful or bleeding nipples).
This will help to reduce HIV transmission during breastfeeding, but the most effective way to remove all scratches is not to breastfeed.
Having a baby, generating and sustaining your body and that of another person, which is expanding within you is something unique! Only You will know what you experienced! And how I envy you !!!!!
From conception to pregnancy, childbirth and infant feeding, your journey will be unique for you. You must get the best support and medical care for you and your baby. Keeping in touch with your healthcare team will help you achieve this. Translated by Cláudio Souza on November 05, 2019 from the original in Having a baby when you are living with HIV Written by Bakita Kasadha review scheduled for November 2022 It is scheduled for review in November 2022. Regarding the City of Santos, she was without birth notifications without HIV seropositivity in 2013.
Read this please:
Four years ago the city of Santos, in the coast of São Paulo, does not register any case of contamination of the HIV virus from mother to child (called vertical transmission), among pregnant women who do specialized prenatal care in the city health network. The city has a clinical and psychosocial support program that starts with early diagnosis. Then, she undergoes follow-up during pregnancy, occurs at birth and continues after the babies are born. Pregnant women who seek the public network to monitor the pregnancy go through the basic or family health unit. And testing for HIV is mandatory. Is your right! Demand this from your doctor!
Getting pregnant and raising a child without HIV is possible!
Is important! And this must be done in the first consultation, the examination of sexually transmitted diseases is requested. When HIV is detected, she is referred for prenatal care at the Integrated Nucleus for Child Care (SENIC), where she is attended by a multidisciplinary team. Attention is also directed to the partner, who is encouraged to undergo the examination and treatment, if necessary, and to accompany prenatal care. And it's a good time to take an exam to see your viral load. Keep in mind that it is possible to grow old when you have HIV. There is life with HIV According to information from the city, some steps are decisive to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus to the baby. The pregnant woman must take antiretroviral (medicine to treat and try to eliminate the virus); specific medication should be administered at the time of delivery; the baby must take antiretrorival syrup during the first 42 days of life and the mother cannot breastfeed. Medication and powdered milk are provided free of charge by the city. Currently, ten women are being monitored. The last case of vertical transmission recorded among pregnant women accompanied by the unit was four years ago, when one of the patients did not follow the medical recommendations. By yes, by no, knowledge does not occupy space, read about oral sex and HIV 🙂
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Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
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Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org

And it was not within a "comfort zone"! This is a story that only I have to tell!

I was the first individual, a CPF, not a CNPJ to, in quotes, “Slap my face”!

For all that I lived, it all happened in a period still troubled by prejudice and, yes, there were prices to be paid.

The currency has always been that of social exclusion and I have even hesitated between continuing or not!

The great “IT” of all this is that without this work, I would have nothing left but leisure and I would certainly not endure it. I have a need to be productive.

We are Borg!

If not bored by the empty hours, at least by suicide due to the absolute lack of purpose that my life would have and the terrible impression of parasitosis that would come to affect me. So, I couldn't stop.

I had the opportunity to accomplish many things and, on the other hand, I missed several opportunities to do more, with a deeper and better reach.

Not everything is as desired. Let it rain (Guilherme Arantes)!

Anyway, if you have the possibility to support, to finance, even if only minimally this project, here are the facts:

Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
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Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org
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Having a baby living with HIV, Blog Seropositivo. Org

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