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HIV Despite PrEP You Can Get HIV Anyway!

Getting HIV despite PrEP is far more feasible!

HIV infections despite PrEP is something that never goes off my personal radar.

HIV Despite PrEP Is Feasible

HIV despite PrEP I am a person who lives with HIV and has “blogo” since the years “ball-ball” (Aunt Irene taught me this phrase! How much I miss….) If anyone can disagree that I'm an opinion maker in terms of HIV / AIDS, I would love to hear that someone's arguments! Since the emergence of PrEP as a hypothesis I have always remained “reserved” about it. See well! This is not by (pre) concepts. In fact, this is because there is a risk! I remember a little while ago, it is true, where it was said that one could not, even less try to justify, in the name of the 'broader view', that a person entering a study of HIV vaccines Unsure of whether she got a vaccine or a placebo, reentered the world and acted as if she were invulnerable to HIV infection!

However, at this "moment", what I see most is this tacit advice!

It's gonna be your Taffarel

Take PrEP, trance as hell and go easy (…) you take PrEP.

But there may be HIV infection despite PrEP. Already happened. And it was not an isolated and lonely occasion. It is not the Botafogo Shield.

And I thought, well, translate this text, and put it here on 1 December, because it is much more important now, more than ever, to stimulate condom use. Use PrEP, yes, but as a second layer of protection! Read it! Anyway and please the text

HIV Infection Despite PrEP: Six Things You Need To Know!

A complete case study revealed the likely acquisition of HIV by a 43-year-old gay man in Toronto who adhered to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). THEpresented at CROI 2016 on February 25, this is the first documented case of “PrEP failure” and is encouraging many scientific and community discussions. “PrEP works when administered. Very rarely, PrEP with FTC / TDF [emtricitabine / tenofovir, Truvada] may not provide full protection against rare multiresistant viruses. ” said researcher Robert Grant on PrEP and HIV prevention in an interview with BETA. "If this happens, HIV treatment is highly effective and prolongs life to normal levels and makes people less infectious."

Yes, There is Life with HIV! But…

I, Claudio, feel it works like this: You take the medicine to prevent you from contracting the disease, but if you get it, just keep taking similar medicines that are fine! I have HIV very close to 1 / 4 of a century, and taking medicines I have suffered from a number of complications, and one of them is peripheral neuropathy that, with my hands, did this:
HIV despite PrEP
I take antiretrovirals with draconian adherence. I have already returned from Santos to Sampa because I had forgotten medicine and had not accepted the idea of ​​missing a dose. Who loves, cares. Who loves, takes care

Why did PrEP not prevent HIV infection in this person? A question that does not shut up !!!!!

It is not surprising that community members, educators and HIV care providers have many questions and concerns when they hear about this particular case. We will detail the information to address some of the main questions we are likely to hear from people who are on PrEP, considering using PrEP or living with HIV.

Why did PrEP not prevent HIV infection in this person?

PrEP did not prevent infection in this case because the person was exposed to an HIV strain that became resistant to various antiretroviral drugs. In these cases, I would say, PrEP will always fail! What to say to the person who believed in PrEP? An apology request? Would you, who do not have HIV, feel happy in this scenario? These drugs included (but were not limited to) tenofovir and emtricitabine, the two antiretrovirals in Truvada, which is currently the only US approved PrEP regimen. And I, Claudius, ask… let's say, a viral strain he's been exposed to, because he's unprotectedly related to someone who has this strain and obviously doesn't care about condoms, doesn't make you think that in a way or another, the strain is, "out there" bolando and carambolando? See, it is already proven that it is possible to contract HIV despite PrEP, even in this text, after its termination, to other links dealing with the same subject. Which?


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Simple Step
Lao Tzu

We'll have a vaccine and a cure for “the syndrome” in two years!
Ronald Reagan on 1984
It is estimated that well below 1% of people living with HIV are resistant to these two drugs; even fewer have a detectable viral load. Even if a person had this rare strain, if their viral load was undetectable, it would be extremely unlikely - borderline impossible, according to research - that he or she could transmit the virus to anyone. And despite that, there have been HIV infections despite PrEP

Well, several times we were comforted with this word: "Impossible." However, the impossible also materializes!

And reinforcement: The impossible has already happened, or I would not have this text to translate! That simple!

PrEP as second layer of protection

Meantime. although it can be happening everywhere, without realizing it, PrEP is still insisted on. And PrEP is not bad. It's a great second layer of protection! However, based on this new case, it is now known that consistent adherence to PrEP may not be sufficient to protect people from exposure to that specific strain of HIV. Does this mean that PrEP is not as effective as previously thought? No, PrEP is still as effective as we thought. It is very effective.

The Point $$$

And yet, I mean, there was contagion! And I don't see the good point in adopting condomless mass PrEP! Doctors and educators with HIV knowledge often use a “99% effective” estimate when explaining how PrEP works. The experts knew that as the PrEP implementation expands, it can be a vision, as liers see “outliers”. Therefore, the 99% figure still applies. Again, it is believed that less than 1% of individuals living with HIV carry this rare strain, and only a subset is likely to have a detectable viral load. If these drug-resistant mutations were easy to transmit, there would likely be many more people testing positive for HIV with them, but they didn't.

Never Before in History…

There are about 40.000 individuals using PrEP in the US, and this type of transmission has never been seen before. Anow it has been seen! Now that that person has HIV, will HIV treatment work for him? According to the study, yes. The person was prescribed quickly for HIV treatment and achieved an undetectable viral load less than a month after HIV diagnosis. Initially, the man's HIV drug resistance level was unknown; therefore, when he was first diagnosed, doctors maintained his prescription of tenofovir / emtricitabine and added two additional active antiretrovirals - raltegravir (Isentress) and ritonavir (Norvir) - enhanced with darunavir (Prezista) - This is to say that two more medications should be purchased to form a complete treatment regimen for people who do not have HIV !!! ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) After tests revealed that his HIV strain had developed at least some level of resistance to various HIV drugs in various classes (including integrase inhibitors), he was switched to a more unusual regimen: dolutegravir (Tivicay), darunavir / cobicistat (Prezcobix) and rilpivirine (Edurant). In the 12 weeks since the start of his new regimen, the HIV viral load in men has remained undetectable.
It could be NOT REAGENT
Are there ways for people with HIV to find out if PrEP would not work for their partners, due to the possibility that they have this type of resistant virus? When people are newly diagnosed with HIV, health professionals are expected to perform a genotypic resistance test (genotyping) ($$$$$ Not so in Brazil $$$$$) to ensure they do not prescribe antiretrovirals that the person is already resistant to. This test would reveal whether the person has resistance to tenofovir / emtricitabine. Here goes the basis of the in vivo test But remember, this resistance is rare. Commenting here is raining in the wet (…) If people with HIV have this strain, they are more likely to (likely, randomness again) your doctor has already informed you. Even if they have this strain, they can eliminate almost any risk of HIV transmission to any negative partner, with or without PrEP, by adhering to HIV drugs and maintaining an undetectable viral load. But we know that it is extremely unlikely that people who adhere to HIV drugs will become resistant to them.
Can other types of pre-exposure prophylaxis block this type of resistant virus?
There are currently many types of PrEP under study - for example, PrEP using different drugs (such as maraviroc [Selzentry, Celsentri]), as well as different modes of administration, such as gels and injectables. It is difficult to say at this point whether these new forms will offer adequate protection against this rare strain or against others that are resistant to the drugs or classes of drugs used for these specific forms of PrEP. Want to know more, click on the links below and see that I don't write without a basis!
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Where can I see the actual research related to this case? You can watch the case study presentation at CROI 2016 via archived webcast.
Translated By Claudio Suza on 29 November 2019 Site The Body
Damon L. Jacobs is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in New York and an HIV prevention specialist and founder of a group of 13.000 Facebook members “PrEP Facts: rethinking HIV prevention and sex”. Follow Damon on Twitter: @DamonLJacobs. _ Myles Helfand is the editorial director of and Follow Myles on Twitter: @MylesatTheBody. _ Tags: CROI (Conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections), Conference coverage, Men who have sex with men

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