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HIV infection! How to avoid?

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Despite the HIV infection, and even rarely, I can smile!Infection HIV. It has been part of my daily routine for almost 25 years. I have already attended, through What's App, people who, in the midst of their doubts and fears, were under 20 years old. life! This should serve you, who are reading me right now, like a pair of beacons, where to guide! But, when it comes to HIV infection….

Just for the record, at the very beginning, I had a sad mission to warn a risk contact about my serology. And it was very, very difficult because it was a person whom I believed I loved. I blew it off with a great friend, who one day was my manager and she considered taking this mission for herself! And I was afraid. But I remember hearing her say:

This thing, a HIV infection, seems to freak people out!

And, in fact, it really fires them. I am posting a video before the story itself begins as a warning. It lasts just over a minute. And worth the gold!

How to prevent me from HIV infection?

More than 1 in every 5 young adult between 18 and 30 years is concerned about the risk of contracting HIV. You may be especially concerned if you have recently had unprotected sex with someone who has tested HIV positive.

Sometimes the danger is not as great as it seems. A woman who has unprotected vaginal sex with an HIV-positive man, for example, has only 8 at 10.000 chances for each encounter. But if she has unprotected sex, her chances will become much greater. Other things like sharing needles also increase the danger. But if you take a sip from the same cup as someone who has HIV there is no risk.

Here is what you need to know to protect yourself:

Don't worry about casual contacts

If you know or live with someone with HIV, you don't have to worry about getting the virus through daily contact.

You can hug them, shake hands, use the same bathroom, drink from the same glass or even kiss them on the mouth without worrying.

While HIV spreads through blood and body fluids like semen, it doesn't happen with saliva. You also cannot get HIV if you eat a meal made by someone who is HIV positive.

Stomach acids

Even if small amounts of HIV-infected blood get into food, the virus cannot survive long outside a body and its stomach acid would destroy it.

I remember a friend asking a doctor about why, after all, and then not making medicines based on these stomach acids…. He realized what he had thought himself. I give him one more forgiveness because, in fact, the only time I saw this figure cry this was, well, shortly after discovering my serology…

It's best not to share the same toothbrush or eat foods that have already been chewed by someone with HIV. Although very rare, infection has been reported in both cases. This is because if there is blood in the mouth of the infected person, it can enter yours if you have an open wound.

Have safe sex

Using condoms is undoubtedly the best way to prevent HIV, because the virus cannot pass through the barrier. But you should use them correctly every time you have sex.

Latex condoms offer, have offered and will always offer the best protection. If you are allergic to them, use polyurethane (plastic) or polyisoprene (synthetic rubber) od.

Stay away from condoms with a natural membrane like lambskin. This was a phallus, and of course, null resource that Casanova used and, well, her offspring… That's because they, lambskin condoms, have small holes, invisible to the naked eye, and can't block HIV.

Do not use Vaseline. This may facilitate HIV infection.

Use a water-based or silicone lubricant to decrease the chance of a condom popping during sex. Do not use oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly or mineral or massage oils. They will certainly weaken the condom and increase the likelihood of breakage.

You are not likely to suffer from uninfected HIV infection. oral sex (but risk exists) => opens in another tab <= with your partner unless you have an open mouth wound such as an ulcer or a bleeding gum.

But to be safe, ask your partner to use a condom or a dental dam - a thin, square piece of latex or silicone that is placed over your partner's vulva or anus when you have oral sex.

Stay away from Injecting Drugs

You are at high risk of HIV if you share needles or syringes with others. The safest thing to do is not to share needles. Use only new and sterile needles.

Some pharmacies sell them without a prescription. If you are unable to get new needles, discontinue use as there is an immeasurable chance of getting HIV infection through them.

While injecting illegal drugs is the most dangerous, any kind of recreational use can increase your risk.

This is because they decrease your inhibitions and increase the likelihood that you will have unprotected sex.

This increases your chances of getting HIV. If you use drugs, always use condoms.

Protect yourself with PrEP But don't abandon the condom

You may be in a situation that increases the likelihood of contracting HIV. You can share needles or have a relationship with someone who is HIV positive. If your partner is taking HIV medication and has an undetectable virus, he or she is unlikely to pass it on to you. Unfortunately, it can happen.

I, Claudio souza, had a lot of problems throughout my life. There was a time when I had not met Mara, and with each new “seduction” came the drama.

I have to count

But this is mine.

Intimate forum!

And see, you might be at risk if they don't take their medications consistently or don't know what their viral load is.

41! That's it? We don't know it yet

The viral load thing: The other day I took the exam and gave "41". The detection limit is 40! What's up? By the day of the result, I was imbued with the belief that I was undetectable. And I was not. If I had ventured (adventurous destination is to turn graffiti on bathroom door). maybe I had contaminated someone, and then this person, certainly a madwoman like me, wouldn't worry about the condom, and then two more and so would be two new infected people. This progresses geometrically!

PrEP Not a Miracle Solution to Avoid HIV Infection

You can protect yourself by taking a pill daily to help prevent infection. It is called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. The pill contains two medicines. These are antiretrovirals, which means they do not allow the virus to spread throughout your body.

If you have unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive, your chance of getting HIV decreases by about 99% if you take PrEP daily. It doesn't work as well if you inject drugs, but it still reduces your chances by at least 74%. For it to work so well, you need to take it every day.

Another drug has recently been approved for PrEP. But it is not recommended for women who have receptive vaginal sex.

If you want to use PrEP, use it. As a second layer against HIV infection

If you wish to take PrEP, talk to your doctor. You will need to have an HIV test first to make sure you don't have the virus yet. You will need to have tests every 3 months while taking this medicine. Many health plans cover this. If you do not have insurance, your doctor can help you find a drug assistance plan.

Translated by Claudio Souza's original How Can You Prevent an HIV Infection?

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