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Crack and Involuntary Internment and Disrespected "Human Rights"

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Drugs and AIDS

I have a session on my blog that addresses this subject:

Crack: You Can Win But You Need Strong Support!

The crack!

I was two decades away from my daughters for reasons that for a long time went beyond fairness.

For when I made the mention of going to justice for the custody of my children, I was threatened with death!

Not just my death, but the death of everyone and everyone I considered important! That would include girls too! As well as their mother, who asked for this “cover”! (…).

Time passed, they grew and one of them went the crack way! In the anguish that the "crack" of crack, which only loses to nicotine in terms of withdrawal pain (seems to me to be another neologism mine) she committed a minor crime (…).

Stole, after biting a lady's wallet, on the way out of a fair!

She served her sentence in freedom because she spent three months in detention, so there was nothing more to do in detention!

N Relapse, I searched for CRATOD. Initially with Mara! Then with My Own Daughter

And she, my daughter, got out of there! And it came out whole! After spending three months awaiting trial. Three months!

Finally, she was sentenced to one year in prison, with probation. I didn't even know where they were and, yes, I commit to telling the story with all the “drops”, “points,“ jotas ”and“ is ”.

And I already notice: It's nasty!

During these three months, awaiting trial None of the human rights defenders ever visited him. and not for the obvious reason:

They did not know! They wouldn't mind knowing it! After all, she was already hospitalized, involuntarily, and nothing, in that context, could be done, and, to scandalize the masses, and even I had no idea what happened inside that building before which I passed three or four Times a week"


And they did not seek to know! As they do not seek day after day, people who often drag themselves to the reception of the CRATOD, where I once was as my wife, because I had gone there exactly for this thing, abhorred by these "defenders":

The Compulsory Internment! When I heard everything I eventually found necessary for hospitalization and I said:

I feel, right now, like someone who came here looking for a sniper and I found a fisherman with reeds and samburá!

And not even that little person understood, for the six hundred thousand devils!

Live without Crack! She learned in jail and gave thanks to God, for it was, in one way or another, an involuntary internment.

I remember hearing her say:

- "Glad I was arrested, because there was no crack there and I learned to live without it." Doesn't it seem to you that she is thanking God for a God she doesn't even believe exists for being arrested and indirectly going through an involuntary internment ?! (??? !!!!!).

After that, she began to organize, to turn around (let's say) informally, selling cosmetics.

She turned around, and turned around well, in her entrepreneurial initiative, with the support of a man who, I recognize today, treated her energetically, for it was, and I know that much better now, was the only way to keep her. aligned with the beacons, even if sub-autonomous. Like this:

Far from drugs.

But as soon as she became economically independent, she turned away from the man who, by the way, put in a decent lawyer, interested in the case, getting money for it or not, I know many who just cheat, who visited her systematically, women are usually left to themselves when incarcerated. The text follows after the video.

Justifying that he intended to approach the child she bore during her crack deal, and God only knows how this child was not born dependent on crack.

There she cHe met a young man, who seemed to be a right person, whom I eventually learned to love as one would love a child.

Disastrous evaluation error

This son, which, disastrously, I never had.

And, pain among so many pains, I have never been mistaken, never and never, so wrong in evaluating a person as I did in reading this individual!

So I, who went through hell from end to end so many times that I no longer know how to tell how many times I had to deal with demons, some of them multifaceted, like one of the women I loved, GP, who had a compound name:

Maria Isabel

Maria Isabel explained to me that while at night she was Isabel and before me Maria! A beautiful way to explain her own duality, and yet at the time of her choice she was Isabel, because, who loved me was, as she told me, Mary!

This “person,” whom I came to consider as a child, used cocaine! Todos, todos e todos sabiam, mas ninguém me alertou a respeito disso! Eu não sei se saber tal coisa, e eu creio que, a bem da verdade, tal informação só serviria para me deixar louco da life, como me deixou naqueles primeiros dias, mudaria algo, mas eu gostaria de estar ciente disso, para intervir, sempre que necessário!

Details Can Change Things. Or not!

And I know that such details would have been useless (or not) if I had them! He himself confessed that to me when he saw that I would come to know, one way or another!

But I was told only when the whole shit was already on all the walls, and then it was far more than a little late!

Despite the regrets, she was not able to be well with voluntary hospitalizations, although I managed to leave her interned at Américo Bairral, who released her after three months (…). And I was informed that no one leaves there without being well! Well then! My daughter left and was not well!

Violation of human rights to forced internment?

Well, I heard that my daughter is prostituting herself, “for R $ 5,00 for an“ oral sex session ”, or an anal sex session“ orque your oral sex already made me sick) if you want to have as take more crack with me.

Do you read the nonsense of nonsense? Or do I need to draw ???

In which universe, within the Multi-Verse does it have, under these conditions, any guaranteed and safeguarded human rights? Living in a place known as “C ***** o Favela ***”, who will respect her rights.

Well ...

I myself do not like PreP within the context in which they are inserted

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