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Diagnosed With HIV? People living with HIV can be happy

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Diagnosed with HIV? People living with HIV can be happy. And, these days even more. I have done different things from what you are seeing, but I do not fully agree with the idea that young people have become apathetic to the HIV epidemic. I will talk about this again later. What I say for now is that no management has personally undertaken one thing: Enlightenment campaigns, and on the other hand, I repeat what I said in my interview on ESPM. The media in general did not do, do not do, and everything indicates that they will never do anything that they have a moral and human duty to do. And maybe it is exactly because of all that you have been ...

… Diagnosed with HIV! But see, people living with HIV can be happy! I am!

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But There Was Years Of Lead And Right There Life Also continued!

In some countries, not everyone who needs treatment for HIV can get it.

Similarly, in Brazil, 25 or 30 years ago, there was no effective treatment against HIV.

Under these circumstances, many people with HIV died prematurely.

Guys, translating this I was visited by so many ghosts that, yes, it was dawn and to avoid the generation of more nightmares, I decided to sleep.

Marcia,  Waldir, Eliane, Rosana, Edna, that little baby will never, never, never get out of my head, and so many more. And I well recognize that when I think of that girl who, as a sequel to Toxoplasmosis, was immobilized in a fetal position (well - 😳 - 😩 😢), and that she depended on people even to eat, and needed help for their physiological needs. 
And that, finally, for all that God and the Devil together determined for that girl, so that when I learned of her passing, I went to a church, sat down, prayed, thanked, and finally cried….
Information is everything. an @ person told me on the Blog fan page, as if I didn't know it and as if it wasn't clear to me that she didn't read the whole text !. Eyewitness generates a great deal of knowledge, even knowledge of such weight that perhaps I should not have seen it!

1996/1996 The Big Change Treatment Became Effective for People Who Have Been Diagnosed With HIV!

Justice is done, the “FHC” Management leaves this legacy, that of Universal access to HIV carriers

In 1996/1997 this was no longer the case of people living with HIV in Brazil. Thanks to modern medicine, most people live a long and healthy life. At the beginning of this era called HAART an acronym in English for something that looks like this in Portuguese:

Highly active antiretroviral therapy.

Fulminant Pancreatitis

And see, it was medication, but it was also a beating.

The DDI, a chewable tablet that when I chewed the first thought. This should more or less taste the devil coconut! And on the label, which looked more like a list of threats made by terrorists, and in the end there was the risk of an adverse reaction treated as Fulminant pancreatitis! I will never forget that, for months, I was forced, for life, to take an “almost poison” to stay alive! And this “thing was better than AZT!

Not anymore. If You Have Been Diagnosed Reagent

You won't have to go through something like what you see it was one day the image of my monthly treatment nine years ago:

Monthly medication
The End of a Long Winter for many? I already had to live like this. It is not like that for anyone else, in general terms. For HIV control I take three drugs, three pills, in the morning, and four at night. For me this is “walking in the park!”

People living with HIV may have a normal life expectancy.

As pessoas que fazem tratamento contra o HIV, protegem seu sistema imunológico, pois mantém sua viral load ‘indetectável’ e podem esperar viver thow much people who don't have HIV.

For example, someone who begins treatment at age 35 is expected to live to age 80. My Infectologist, the one who took care of me because that was it, I felt myself being taken care of, not as a patient, but as a member of this family called 'humanity'.

There are Doctors / Doctors and Doctors and Doctors Dr. Florence! I don't miss you!

Dr. Sigrid and Dr. Angela would take me, doing nothing in particular, just by listening, listening, and guiding me, guiding, guiding, guiding and guiding me to feel cared for and protected!

Dr. Rosario, well, we are getting to know each other! At the previous appointment I took the brace from my left hand, just for her turn and she surprised me by putting her hand over mine and leaving her there as long as it was possible to keep her there

But Dr. Angela has given me the happiness of being able to know before, and having the honor of announcing first, that our life is now a life with expected duration equal to anyone else's, a "normal" expectation.

😝 Although this word "normal" seems to me a little eccentric ...😜

Having received the reagent This will not prevent you from continuing the rest of your life normally!

You will not have to face treatment like the one I showed you above !!!

And Many people living with HIV take better care of their health than they did before, but even that does not justify the weak mentality of the already finished site, say you are zero!

Some people go through a period of adaptation and reconsider their priorities. But most people living with HIV continue with their usual jobs and activities.

People living with HIV can be happy, build families, raise their children

Mara and I are not families because we have no sons or daughters of ours? I have my daughters, it's true! But Mara and I are family by ourselves!

And you who read me are our family! HIV cannot prevent you from having relationships, having children, or making plans for the future.

Having a Baby Diagnosed with HIV

Every year in Brazil, more than XNUMX women living with HIV give birth and all in the STATE OF SAO PAULO have healthy babieswho do not have HIV.

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be prevented by simply

  • taking anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy,
  • not breastfeeding and
  • giving the new anti-HIV drug to the baby for a few weeks.

Taking HIV treatment during pregnancy will protect your baby from HIV, and you may also need it for your own health.


Diagnosed With HIV? After Controlled Viral Charge your life goes back to normal!

By taking the drugs correctly, they will reduce the viral load of HIV in your blood to very low levels, so you can usually have a vaginal birth without major problems. But you see, you should pay attention to your health and talk openly with your doctor!

Thanks to these safety measures, 99,7% of babies born to women living with HIV in Brazil do not have HIV. As long as they are tested for HIV (required by law in these cases).

If you are thinking of having a baby but not yet pregnant, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about how you can prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Diagnosed With HIV and Becoming a Father!

HIV can be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy, but it cannot be transmitted directly from father to baby.

Your doctor can advise you and your partner on how they can have your child without their HIV contracting. If you are taking HIV treatment, always take your pills with rigor and discipline. * Draconian * has an undetectable viral load for at least six months, so you don't have to worry about transmitting HIV.

Claudio persists: I would not risk this personally!
Diagnosed With HIV? To tell or not to tell?
Telling the wrong person can be an unfortunate mistake. Wait for the time to pass. You are certainly vulnerable, the pain of it all needs to be shared, I GET THIS PERFECTLY! But letting off steam with the wrong person can be a tragedy. Although the presence of HIV in your life need not be so!

Yes, if you have just been told that you have HIV, you may be feeling upset or confused.

That day, the day I was told, I spiraled in, a bolt that, if there were ways to go deeper, I would have gone deeper. 

And speaking of background, these days I'll tell the story of a well, and a sad journey to its bottom! I'm writing this and the first page I finished today, December 19, 2019

It is Better to Die from AIDS than from Vont'AIDS
I, the great hawk, who thought it was a matter of sucking on paper, when I found myself facing death, thought that before I died I would become a dry little plant in an abandoned vase! And the rest, well, the rest of this you can read here, in my testimony as seropositive!

Although I had never articulated a thought like what a person who came to me in the middle of the night after being diagnosed with a reagent, I understood well what he was feeling at the time when he told me that among him and his friends there was a species of motto, which was certainly what led him to the problem:

“Better to die of AIDS than of will'AIDS”

You may want to talk about this with other people. But it's probably not a good idea to rush to tell many people that you have HIV before you get used to the news. Although you may still be able to decide to tell people later, you will never be able to “delete” or remove information about yourself that sadly someone has misused!

People Living With HIV May Be Happy, There Is Life With HIV

Just As There Is Life After HIV!

You can't make one reset in an @ person! Not yet…!

On the other hand, telling the right person can be a very positive experience. It can help you get support when you need it most, and can sometimes strengthen relationships.

For each person you are considering telling, think about why you want to tell them and what you expect to achieve from them.

And I, Cláudio, recommend that you think and count to three. And if you have to, count again (Roberto Carlos - or is it Isolda?) Because, once said, there is no way to generate “misery”.

No Hurry to Tell Your Reagent Diagnosis

Telling someone about your HIV-positive status should not be something that you feel pressured to do.

Try to think about how this new information will affect the person. Imagine the best way to react - and the worst. And remember: Thinking with someone else's head is almost like playing Russian roulette; It's not a good idea, maybe you should probe the person, comment on a case that you casually read on a website (in this case don't bring it here on this blog, look for a news site with Dush001 or Dush007)!

And look, don't choose to be between four walls to count! The person will surely be betrayed

Think about the best time and place to approach the issue and make sure you only tell people you can trust to keep it to you. A hotel and / or motel room is one of the worst choices and at such a time to tell It was a big problem for a friend!

Did you tell someone you were going for an HIV test? If you did, it's worth thinking about how you will answer their questions.

Tell family and friends that you have been diagnosed with HIV?

The ability to tell family and friends may depend on the type of relationship you have with them. If you don't usually discuss personal matters, do you want to talk to them about it?

I wonder:

  • You are gay?
  • Are you MSM?
  • Are you bissexual?

To me that any answer you might give me would be no problem. But I will rephrase the questions:

Are you gay, MSM or bisexual and do your parents know?

If they know, did they both react well? Or did they react badly?

Because if you have reacted badly to this first statement, my experience, which has already been stymied, teaches that people who do not respond well to their intimate nature will hardly react well to their nature, their gender! Except for rare emotional sublimations that I see very rarely! But…. Miracles happen.

My joint decision with my sister

For you to understand better, the day I intended to tell my mother, I told my sister. And talking to her, we decided not to tell her. I was on chemotherapy or radiotherapy, I don't quite remember, but it was the result of a tumor on her right breast, the size of an orange, my sister reported! In short, I could never see my mother again, and a while ago I got her phone, which received me as the anthill gets the armadillo!

On the other hand, there may be someone you are close to who has been loyal to you in the past, try to remember this person!

And yet, in the realm of hypotheses, is there someone calm, supportive, and trustworthy to whom you could turn now?

For me there was no, and I deserved just that, no support. I know what I was and you who read me, follow me, say that I “I am a being of light”, thank me, Our Lady, help me, for you are crazy.

Usually people's reactions will depend on what they know or think they know about the subject.

There are many fears and myths associated with HIV.

Some people you count on may be hostile or cruel.

And How: “Get out of here aids junk was one of the things I lived!

Sometimes people do not know much about HIV or have many questions. You may find it helpful to have information leaflets on hand to provide safety. And with SmartPhones, you can cram them with information. Remember here:

Soropositivo.Org - There is life with HIV

Other people may surprise you with your understanding and acceptance.

Telling your current partner

If you are in a relationship right now, telling your partner can open up a crucial source of support. On the other hand, it can be a difficult situation for you and your partner.

There may be questions about how you got HIV. It may take some time for you and your partner to resolve any issues that arise.

But it is important to remember that the fact that you were diagnosed before does not mean that you transmitted it! In this case the order of tractors may change the viaduct. There may be concerns about whether you could have transmitted HIV to your partner or if you could in the future.

Similarly, there is also the possibility that it was your partner who passed on HIV to you. Your partner should be tested for HIV - the medical staff or your doctor can help with this.
Condom use or non-use is a mutual choice! Except, of course, in cases of sexual violence.

Always take these details into account and, in the face of a harsh reaction, tell them that you both chose, albeit quietly, the condomless relationship!

But I am forced to say that women are ten times more vulnerable from the perspective of biology, but the pressure of the sexist gender is often worse than a whip.

Two or three paragraphs for lessons:

Structural Violence:

Think of a woman living somewhere between Acre, Rondonia and The Amazon:

The dark spot
See where I hypothesized, it's the dark, semi-spherical point

02:19 the “man” (a walking cane) comes home, the woman, already used to suffering, is scared to death. The Son of a girl, in the worst sense of the word, demands it. DEMAND FOR FOOD, and, like my late godfather, do not eat warm food!

At 02:54 she delivers the fresh food, but the damn man has already lost his hunger, said everything he learned to say, based on what he heard from his own father and, disastrously and ironically, he also learned a lot from this behavior, this This "modus vivendi" of his own mother (sic), a traitor to his mates fighting for better rights (sic) and finds that, that strange thing, he does not even remember what it was, but it was a beautiful bitch, because ** drunk has owner yes! THE STREET!!! And he tells the woman to undress and, impatiently, rips that garment that, it is possible, she has patched 451 times, for she only has one, and I ask you who reads me, the following:

What would be the result of this filthy thing if poor people had the heroic courage to ask for a condom?

I believe you all know! 🙁

Difficult situations at such a time to count!

Some people face particularly difficult situations. You can trust your partner for money or worry about violence.

You may need help or support to reflect on these issues. This will be available from the doctor or your doctor, a local support group or the AIDS, Monday to Friday from 9am to 00pm on 17 00 0800 16.

Tell a new partner

To tell about your positive serology, to say that you have been diagnosed with HIV to people with whom there seems to be a greater interest, to go a step further and set the mood for sex, or have sex, as I say and Mara hates it. be scary.

I personally used a different tactic, but it's mine and, as I can't patent, I don't count. But do not risk trying to put the cart before the horse, as my old and deceased father used to say - he was a man of whom I only remembered what he had done to me the worst and, after his passing, I only remember the good things , rays! Double rays !!!!

Always remember: The worst idea is to go out at night to hunt and shoot; doing so and risking counting before the fuck between four walls can end up bad and the lightest thing I see is the person telling you:

- “That's how you got HIV right? Hanging out with strangers and not using condoms ”

Lost! Lost! Lost!

And what to say then? You already lost in this case! lost just as he decided to do so.

See, have some drinks; avoid alcohol, it impairs common sense and may disinhibit beyond the proper severity of the moment; Talk a lot, charm the person, stretch the night, and if you can make this person prose with you until light, you have won the night. Offer to take the person home and if they accept, forget it.

But pick up the phone, dial to call on Tuesday. Call on Wednesday, and henceforth, if the conversation gets into gear, don't miss punctuality, who expects, doesn't like being late.

Whoever orders to wait, should not delay (DIMEP - Dimas de Mello Pimenta - Time Clocks informing the right time on radio programs in the 70s!).

make this person smile, find out what pleases him, learn to listen, and listen especially what was not said, but was there, inarticulously… and I already gave a lot of leash to you who read me

You may be concerned about being rejected if you tell someone who has HIV.

Your partner may have concerns about the risk of HIV transmission, but may not be aware that effective HIV treatment avoids this.

I would never use that. Reduction, seduction is one thing, accepting the +/- 4% gap is too much for me!

Informing them about undetectable viral load can help them feel less anxious about sex.

This helped many couples to feel that one of them with HIV is not “a big deal”.

You need to think about the law, especially if there is a risk of HIV transmission.

Time can be important.

It can be hard to talk about HIV when you just met someone, but putting it off can cause problems later. Some people find it easier when the first contact is online rather than face to face. You can get advice from a doctor or your doctor, or even from a mental health professional! It can be helpful to talk to other people living with HIV about how they deal with this kind of situation.

Work and travel

As a general rule, your employer does not need to know about your HIV condition.

In Brazil there are companies that test for the presence of antibodies. Others do not test anything. And, I hear, some test for certain "metabolites" resulting from the processing of certain antiretrovirals, but I never knew, right, right, one hundred percent right!

And it would be good if they understood that it would only very rarely affect people's ability to do their jobs. If you are concerned about the spread of gossip, keep the news to yourself.

You do not need to have an Assange in your life!

On the other hand, if your employer knows, it may be easier to take time off from appointments or deal with periods of illness. This medical appointment thing got me into trouble at America Comp. A company that no longer exists. Furthermore, my condition “leaked”….

In Brazil, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against employees (or potential employees) because they have HIV.People living with HIV can travel to most countries in the world. But some countries have restrictions, usually for people applying for a work or resident visa. Like many countries in the Middle East, this also includes New Zealand and Russia.

I myself do not like PreP within the context in which they are inserted

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