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HIV Fatigue and Exhaustion

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HIV! You know, AIDS, as a doctor explained to me, and thus:

'The tip of the iceberg of everything that happens after it, HIV, causes us, after entering our bodies!

Fatigue or fatigue are two different names for wasting syndrome, which will have a link at the end of the text for further explanation. Therefore, it should be noted my personal experience with the issue of fatigue, hair loss and the summation of things.

But I often try to explain, even in other contexts:

- "Dude, you're adding up!" And I get:

- "You ***** I'm not crazy, things are happening"!

But I didn't tell them and them that it's not happening, that the psychosomatic is a scienceNot a bog of madness!

Fatigue Fatigue

# HIV Treatment is Long Term Treatment

New HIV? !!!If your symptoms are caused by your mechanization, and you cannot stop taking it, you may be treated with a blood transfusion. This causes a rapid rise in red blood cells, but it is not a long-term solution. Transfusions have a number of disadvantages, such as transmission of infections, including CMV. Injections of a synthetic hormone called erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production, may be another short-term option.

# 3 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

These symptoms may be caused by low levels of certain vitamins and minerals. A nutritious, balanced diet can reduce its occurrence. Consult an HIV dietitian about minimizing fatigue through dietary changes and supplementation.

Even if you are eating well, you may not be absorbing the good nutrients from food due to diarrhea, stomach microbes or opportunistic infections. Your doctor can investigate and treat the cause of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

# 5 Other Medical Causes for Fatigue or Fatigue

Fatigue Fatigue and HIV

Some opportunistic infections (MAI - Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, bacterial species that cause opportunistic infections and tuberculosis) and certain cancers can lead to fatigue and chronic pain. Treatment should be directed to the infection.

Low testosterone levels can cause fatigue, and steroids help give you energy and build muscle in conjunction with regular exercise. "Do not self-medicate and seek medical advice before doing meaningless and dangerous things, we only have one liver and it is very complicated to solve problems in it"! And when we take antiretrovirals, the liver already has a lot of problems to take care of.

Be friends with your liver and take another action

# Another attitude to reduce fatigue!

Take action to increase your energy levels. Moderate exercise improves energy levels and immune function. So, try to consider an appropriate exercise routine. Rearranging at home and work can save you energy.

Translated from an article in Aidsmap


Sleep, stress and depression.

It may also be a consequence of disturbed sleep. Try to establish a routine that balances work, relaxation, sleep and socialization.

Consider complementary therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, to relieve anxiety or fatigue. Reducing coffee, alcohol and drug intake also helps reduce fatigue.

Stress and depression can cause fatigue. Consult your doctor about medication or advice.

For example, place objects within easy reach and sit down while preparing meals.

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