The 1st Day ART HIV Treatment

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1st Day TARV HIV treatment was a turning point in my life. And, I say I really didn't want to take ...

… My HIV Antiretroviral Therapy pill

My First TARV Pill

My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrgMy first pill was accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions: Anger, depression, frustration, happiness, denial and sadness. I was diagnosed in April 2014, and everything is very recent. But the months that followed took me on a trip of such proportions that there would be no amount of support, information or prior knowledge that could have prepared me!

I was a victim of sexual abuse about three years ago, the test I did was contaminated and therefore gave a false negative reading.

I remember, in October 2013, I started having major health problems. She (health) started to decline… I had more than 500 gallstones while my weight was falling. Since then, my health has been in a downward spiral. In the short span of time from October 2013 to the present day, I have had seven surgeries, six procedures and many more medical appointments that I would like to have at the age of 25.

The Vacuum of the First Day of ART

My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrgWhen my doctor told me about my diagnosis, I remember an immediate feeling of emptiness. It was 10:03 and I went to work normally and really ended my week without noticing anything different. Everything changed on Saturday morning. I got up and looked at the results and the bottle of pills that were with him. The idea that, before that, I had never taken any pills except over-the-counter medications affected me a lot and it took a long time to realize the need for those pills in my mind!

They prevent the virus from replicating so that the immune system can work and, maybe in six months, my viral load is undetectable. Or not!

My First antiretroviral was optional! But it looked like the Lerna Hydra! Cut off one head, and two will be born!

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My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrg
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My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrg

And it was not within a "comfort zone"! This is a story that only I have to tell!

I was the first individual, a CPF, not a CNPJ to, in quotes, “Slap my face”!

For all that I lived, it all happened in a period still troubled by prejudice and, yes, there were prices to be paid.

The currency has always been that of social exclusion and I have even hesitated between continuing or not!

The great “IT” of all this is that without this work, I would have nothing left but leisure and I would certainly not endure it. I have a need to be productive.

We are Borg!

If not bored by the empty hours, at least by suicide due to the absolute lack of purpose that my life would have and the terrible impression of parasitosis that would come to affect me. So, I couldn't stop.

I had the opportunity to accomplish many things and, on the other hand, I missed several opportunities to do more, with a deeper and better reach.

Not everything is as desired. Let it rain (Guilherme Arantes)!

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My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrg
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My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrg
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My first antiretroviral, SeropositiveOrg

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