Eyes and Cytomegalovirus - 1st one eye is lost

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Opportunistic diseases ?! Cytomegalovirus
Olhos E O Citomegalovírus – 1º perde-se 1 olho por causa da retinitis by  HIV. And then, the 2nd is almost always lost!

What is Cytomegalovirus? What is the relationship between Eyes and Cytomegalovirus?


Eyes and Cytomegalovirus, which is a virus.

It is from the herpes virus family, a family of viruses that also includes the virus herpes zoster (responsible for chicken pox and shingles) e herpes simplex (responsável pelo herpes labial e genital – Duas Coisas Bem Diferentes) mas o Olhos E O Citomegalovírus podem ser combatentes antagonistas e raramente os olhos vencem.

Eyes and Cytomegalovirus

Approximately half of all people in industrialized nations, which includes the United States, are infected with the virus.

Almost all gay and bisexual men are infected with CMV and more than 75% of all people infected with HIV carry the virus. However, with potent antiretroviral therapy (ARV), only a small percentage of these people - especially in patients with a seriously compromised immune system - will actually develop CMV disease and suffer from the symptoms of this infection.

Being infected with CMV is not a cause for panic. CMV is only a threat when the immune system becomes impaired. If your cell count CD4 falls below 50, you are at a much higher risk of developing CMV disease, particularly CMV retinitis. THE TARV It can help protect and repair the immune system. In addition, preventive therapy (prophylaxis) is available for HIV-positive patients who are at risk of developing CMV disease.

What is CMV disease? And Eyes And The Cytomegalovirus? What is the relationship


In people with HIV, CMV can cause disease in one or several parts of the body. They include:

Types of CMV disease
¨ Eyes And Cytomegalovirus Reduce CMV Retinitis: CMV can cause damage to the back of the eye or retina. This can lead to blurred vision, blind spots or moving spots, and blindness. This is the most common type of CMV disease in people with HIV. Although it generally does not pose a risk of life, problems with seeing and blindness are permanent even after successful treatment. The relationship between the Eyes and the Cytomegalovirus is disastrous, in short, for the person's quality of life!
¨ CMV Encephalitis: CMV can also cause brain damage. If the CMV reach the brain and the immune system is unable to control it, death can run within weeks or meses. CMV damage in the brain, when less severe, can cause dementia, confusion, fever, or memory problems. The symptoms are very similar to those of HIV-associated dementia.
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Toxoplasmosis A Very Severe Opportunistic Disease
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Chronic Conditions Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections
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