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Carnival 2020 São Paulo and Brazil

Carnival 2020 in São Paulo
Do not let the carnival in São Paulo, this 2020 be something other than joy in Brazil

Carnival 2020 has arrived, as will everyone else! But I have some considerations to make

There is a person who is starting to work with me, we just haven't reached a definitive term and, publishing this text, I tacitly give him the public notion of being able to introduce himself.

A change of editorial approach at this Carnival 2020 São Paulo and Brazil

Instead of putting a post-carnival text, which I'm putting here, immune window, the facts.

I am a DJ (ex-DJ does not exist) who never liked carnival.

And I tell you that I would rather pay twice as much to another DJ than do the carnival balls, because I do not understand certain things and, among them, this is the carnival. This joy (...) so powerful and so meaningless. This planet needs more than that!

Can I attend Carnival 2020 in São Paulo and Brazil? Never

Far be it from me to be prudish. If I said that, I would have to be taken to the pyre and set on fire.

Carnival 2020
Be mine tonight

I do not like the fire that burns in these carnival passions. Kind of nonsense, even for me (…) being with 3 people at the same time without knowing at least the basics, the catalogable, so to speak, carelessly!

As a matter of fact, in my defense, I was always the person “within four walls” and, you see, even that did not keep me from HIV infection. But I worry about you, those who like carnival and intend to go much further than going to "kiss the mouth" and who arrive on Ash Wednesday, already so long forgotten, without remembering for sure about how many and with whom kisses on the mouth were exchanged!

Kisses on the mouth do not transmit HIV or AIDS

If you are afraid or in doubt at this Carnival 2020 São Paulo and Brazil keep in mind that kissing on the mouth does not transmit HIV or AIDS! What worries me and that in some moments you can pass this line! And this is the big concern! In addition to others, there is the “Cupid's disease"

Men, women, having one or more condoms with you is not a reason to be ashamed today, nor for this carnival, nor for any other moment in life! But if you contract HIV, there is no medicine, it will have been for your whole life, until you find a cure, if a cure is found!

What do you want in this carnival?

Condom is not only for carnival 2020 is for every dayAnd those others who certainly remember, well, having gone well beyond kissing in mouths and who, by word of mouth, are not very sure, or absolutely quite sure, of not having gone beyond kissing on the lips, but well beyond that moment when you ask for a condom and you don't ask for a condom, a condom.

These, unfortunately, must be asking themselves now about what, and how to resolve, after all, the “immune window puzzle".

The despair of those who hear, at the 71st hour, about PEP, and who cannot, or could not even try PEP for having discovered it too late.

I have a lot of information on the PEP blog

All of these themes are robustly backed and treated here, and even with a conservative face, due to my views regarding Treatment as prevention, which at times offers an explanation of the “if I treat myself and if there is treatment as prevention, because I'm going to ask for a condom… after all, today is carnival and whatever you ask for it she will give, whatever God wants.

Is There Life With HIV? Yes but…

Carnaval 2020 Wear the full costume, which includes the condom
The fantasy can be very elaborate. But if a condom is missing, an essential accessory, there may be many other penetrators at the party. Beware of HIV? Yes. But it's not just him. Syphilis, gonorrhea, venereal granuloma, donovanosis, vaginitis ...
Is there Life with HIV?

Yes, there is Life with HIV! But it's quite unreasonable, and even a little crazy, to expose yourself to HIV Not only at this 2020 carnival in São Paulo

Because Carnival, as much as it is said, in some cases, in many is true, it can go beyond those four days! If it all ends in an unplanned pregnancy between two adults and guardians, this may not be so bad.

And yet, when it does, it joins our lives as a stereotyped, labeled, discriminated disease, which even here, on this blog, bring statements that outline the pale design of minds that still manage to see HIV infection as a punishment:

The unbreakable stigma

“I worry about my wife and daughter! I f *** me! I deserve!!!"

Stigma of HIV infection is almost unresolvable

Never I'll forget that!

Cláudio Souza Soropositi vo.Org, a seropositive's BlogYes, I've been told this here, so many times, that I gave up listening!

I will hardly bother to be here, available, for hours, hours and hours. After all, they were orders from a cardiovascular doctor!

And if I have done something as well as maintaining this blog for more than two decades, that's exactly it:

Medical Orders

For those who have been living with HIV for more than two decades and who have survived two pulmonary embolisms, it is simple to say that following treatments and obeying doctors who would not have been able to stay here for so long without this rare authority, but it was absolutely essential to believe in God methodically and systematically!

I can only see in the Goodness of God the daily maintenance of my life!

Cuse children.

Eu know that this is an atrocious doubt

And many people, after a mistake, ask me: How long?

Sand you wish, there are some very interesting links here

About Immune window.

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Understanding AIDS better!

You can find pertinent information and actions here, Municipal Health Secretariat of São Paulo!

If you need to talk and couldn't find me or Beto Volpe, this is a much more balanced option, Beto, you can also send your message. Maybe I can take a while. I check the messages at noon, shortly after, in fact, at 20:00.
It's getting harder and harder for me, this whole thing, to type.
And I end up needing an interval between one paragraph and another.

But be sure of one thing I learned:

Time and patience solve just about everything!

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