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HIVHIV treatment can change its face, there are several medications, and each prescription must be obeyed faithfully. I always recommend a discipline between Spartan and Draconian against HIV.

I do it this way to keep you alert, because if something gets in the way and you miss a dose, maybe, after months and months, making little or nothing mistakes, if you have a setback, you don't have to panic. Now I am pasting what I translated and reviewed about raltegravir.

What is raltegravir?

O raltegravir is a drug used to treat HIV, marketed under the brand name Isentress. It is taken in combination with other antiretroviral drugs.

The usual adult dose of raltegravir is one pink 400 mg tablet twice daily or two yellow 600 mg tablets once daily.

Successful HIV treatment reduces viral load and once the viral load drops, cells CD4 start to rise.

The sooner you start treatment, the less your CD4 count goes down. This can be the difference between life with a good quality of life, with a bad quality of life, with a good Life expectancy or, in some cases, loss of life due to opportunistic diseases. See, well, the truth is that no one dies from HIV infection, but this infection must be prevented at all costs because, unfortunately, once it is established in your body, the infection cannot be eliminated. HIV is a virus!

Since the 80s

RaltegravirIt is an extremely resilient virus and, since the 80's, it has been looking for vaccine and cure, without being able to achieve success in any of these searches.

The best thing to do is to keep all sexual relations protected by the condom, the condom!

If you have only one unprotected sex you will have to endure the time of window period

How does raltegravir work?

Raltegravir is in a class of drugs known as integrase inhibitors. Your doctor will prescribe raltegravir as part of your HIV treatment, along with antiretrovirals from another class of medicines. It is important to take all the prescription drugs every day. Each class of medication works against HIV in a different way. The goal of HIV treatment is to reduce the level of HIV in your body (viral load). Ideally, your viral load should be so low that it is undetectable - usually less than 40 copies of viruses per ml of blood. Taking HIV treatment and having an undetectable viral load protects your immune system and prevents HIV from being transmitted to someone else during sex.

How to take raltegravir?

You can take raltegravir with or without food.
Opportunistic infections are all around us.
Yes, indeed, Opportunistic Infections are all around us, and believe and fear, even within us! The fact is that we, as a species, conquer day by day, death after death, crisis after crisis, with what Darwinism calls so well of evolution, the right to live on this planet, even in the face of the "omnipresent evil of Pneumocisty Karenee for example; which is everywhere, even in our lungs, literally besieged. Our immunity is the barrier to their victory, and so HIV needs a lot of work and work to decimate our defenses. believe
Living with HIV there!
Or I would not be here any more.
HIV treatment works well if you take it every day. When would it be a good time to plan your treatment? Think about your daily routine and when you will find it easier to do your treatment, this way, take into account the best time of day, that moment that you know you will have privacy and access to the medicine. If you forget to take a dose of raltegravir, take it as soon as you remember. If it's time to take your next dose, don't take a double dose, just skip the dose you forgot and continue. If you forget to take your treatment regularly or if you are not taking it for another reason, it is important to talk to your doctor about it.

What are the possible side effects of raltegravir?

All medications have possible side effects. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about possible side effects before you start taking a medication. If you experience something that could be a side effect, talk to your doctor about what can be done. A complete list of side effects, including less common side effects, should be included in the leaflet that comes with the pack with raltegravir. We generally divide side effects into two types:

Common and Rare

Common and rare side effects
Common side effects, just over 1% and rare, less than 1%. What a difference two decades make. Only 240 little months
Os common - a side effect that occurs in at least one in a hundred people (more than 1%) who take this drug. Rare - side effect that occurs in less than one in every hundred people (less than 1%) who take this medication. Common side effects of raltegravir include loss of appetite, headache, difficulty sleeping, abnormal dreams, depression, dizziness, vertigo, abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, skin rash, weakness, fatigue, fever, increased liver or pancreatic enzymes and elevated triglycerides. A hypersensitivity (allergic) reaction has been reported by some people taking raltegravir. If you develop a rash with other symptoms, such as fever, seek medical advice immediately.
Does raltegravir interact with other drugs?
Some medications or drugs are not safe if taken together - the interaction can cause increased, dangerous levels or prevent one or both medications from working. Other drug interactions are less dangerous, but they still need to be taken seriously. If a drug's levels are affected, it may be necessary to change the dose you take. This should only be done under the guidance of your HIV doctor.
Drug Interactions List
England is part of the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom ...
England is part of the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom ...
In England, a list of medicines, with known interactions with raltegravir, should be included in the leaflet that comes with the packaging with raltegravir. Tell your doctor if you are taking any of these medicines and other medicines that are not listed. If you are taking raltegravir, it is particularly important to check with your HIV doctor or pharmacist before taking any of the following medicines:
  • antacids (used for relieving indigestion and heartburn)
  • rifampicin (used for treat infections, including rifampicin, a TB drug (tuberculosis) if prescribed.
Your dose of raltegravir may be increased as rifampicin may reduce raltegravir levels. You should not take supplements containing calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum or zinc at the same time as raltegravir, as they will reduce your absorption. it must be taken at least four hours before or after raltegravir.
Can I take raltegravir in pregnancy?
If you are thinking about having a baby or think you are pregnant, talk to your doctor as soon as possible about which combination of anti-HIV drugs The ideal thing is to take antiretroviral treatment during pregnancy to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to baby The British HIV Association (BHIVA) recommends that women who are already taking anti-HIV drugs and become pregnant can continue to take the same medication throughout their pregnancy. In addition, BHIVA lists raltegravir (in combination with other medicines) as an option that can be considered for women starting HIV treatment in pregnancy, depending on their individual circumstances. They recommend a dose of 400 mg tablets twice a day during pregnancy.
Can children take raltegravir?
Chewable tablets or granules are available for children under 12.
Talking to your doctor:
If you have any questions about your treatment or other aspects of your health, it is important to talk to your doctor about them. For example, if you have a symptom or side effect or are having trouble taking your treatment every day, it is important that your doctor knows this. If you are taking another medication or recreational drugs, or if you have another medical condition, this is also important for your doctor. Building a relationship with a doctor can take time. You may feel very comfortable talking to your doctor, but some people find it more difficult, especially when they talk about sex, mental health or symptoms that they find embarrassing. It is also easy to forget the things you wanted to say. +55 11 940 675 078 For detailed information about this medicine, visit our page Raltegravir -In English. (Translation and proofreading in progress).
Translated by Cláudio Souza reviewed by Mara Mac. Kenzie
on 24 February 2020 of the original Raltegravir written by Greta Hughson.

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Time and patience solve just about everything!

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