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Corona Virus And HIV. No Reasons for Concern Yet

Coronavirus in Graphic Representation
Coronavirus and HIV: Representatives of medical professionals working with HIV in the UK, released a statement about the new coronavirus in people living with HIV! “To date, there is no evidence to determine whether people with HIV are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus or that it can have serious illness.

A little more about Corona Virus and HIV

The main risk factors for mortality to old age and comorbidities, including kidney disease and diabetes. Some groups with relative immune suppression, such as very young and pregnant women, do not appear to be at a higher risk of complications, although the numbers are very small. Public Health England recommends that doctors are aware of the possibility of atypical presentations in immunocompromised patients. This is not discussed by BHIVA, but if we find that there is a greater risk for people with HIV, it will likely mainly affect those with HIV with weaker immune systems, as reflected in a lower CD4 cell count (below 350 - AIDS CASES “INSTALLED" ALSO). How much lower a person's CD4 count, the risk is likely to increase; therefore, it makes sense to follow general advice on how to avoid infections. On the other hand, people em treat cwith a CD4 count above 500 may have similar results to HIV-negative people.

lopinavir / ritonavir (Kaletra) Against Corona Virus

The main elements of advice to limit the spread of various viral infections (including coronavirus) are to practice good hands and respiratory hygiene, such as washing your hands well for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, especially before touching your face, preparing and eating food and covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing into tissues or flexed elbow. Meanwhile, the UK government has taken steps to protect supplies from lopinavir / ritonavir (Kaletra), by having in view of its potential to treat the new coronavirus. This anti-HIV medication can no longer be “exported in parallel”. That's when companies buy drugs for patients in the UK and sell them at a higher price in another country, which can cause supply problems. (Guys, I don't know if filthy opportunism or drug traffic is normalized and normalized !! ”!”) "This is a precautionary measure to protect stock in the UK and help ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply of HIV patients in the NHS," says the Department of Health and Social Care. "This is part of our ongoing common sense measures to protect patients from potential supply problems caused by COVID-19."


There are at least three clinical trials underway on the use of lopinavir / ritonavir (Kaletra) against coronavirus, as well as two trials testing darunavir / cobicistat (Rezolsta ou Prezcobix). However, some experts think that other drugs, with a broader spectrum of antiviral activity, may have a greater potential against the coronavirus. Professor George Painter of Emory University told the Nature Biotechnology: “It is probably a long shot to redirect antiretroviral drugs against the coronavirus using anti-HIV drugs; these were protease inhibitors that were designed specifically for HIV ". Translated to the touch of a box by Cláudio Souza on March 3, 2020, from the original in for now, no evidence to show that people with HIV are at greater risk of coronavirus 2 March 2020

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