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Coronavirus HIV drugs being tested in infected patients

Coronavirus HIV COVID-19
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Coronavirus and Anti-HIV drugs is another one of the many “shots” that we will have to fire. Not because the pandemic can destroy civilization or even humanity, the "Homo Sapiens". Not even?


I wouldn't dare to say it, I haven't gone crazy yet. The fact itself, the need for testing shows us the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and, in some, above all, the arrogance that is typically human, or inherent in our human conditions. And I invite each of you to reflect. Not just in Coronavirus, or in HIV. But in the finitude of life! It is the only thing about which we are absolutely sure: One day we will leave these bodies behind and, keeping the beliefs of each one, mine is to feel relieved.

In the many times when I thought about suicide, which invited me to crime, to evil in its essence ”I was always refractory because of two things and one of them only Mara and Maíra know.

The other is that I fear no one.

Nor to God. Before I fear you, I love you!

And that’s what keeps me here, writing, at this hour, and it’s already a little bit before midnight. It doesn't matter. I will leave the text scheduled for 09:00!

The Golden Rule is:

  • “Love your God with all your understanding and with all your heart. And neighbor as yourself!

But reflect on that, on the finitude of life and, if you can accept the existence of God, if you express this belief in a certain Church, and it doesn't matter to me which one, think about how you would like to be received there, “on the other side ", For" those and those who are dear and dear to you "and who have already made the Great Crossing"!

Good Reading

There are no proven treatments against the New Coronavirus or COVID-19

There are no proven treatments for the new coronavirus, nor the others that caused the first outbreaks of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2002 and Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) in 2012..

There are still cases of Mers. In Saudi Arabia, where they are largely concentrated, there is already a test with Kaletra, combined with another drug, interferon, but due to the small number of cases of MERS, it will take a long time to reach conclusions.

Gilead, a company that makes HIV drugs, has announced that it will test its HIV antiretroviral drug, remdesivir. during the coronavirus outbreak. The drug was tested during the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018, but Congolese authorities announced that it was not sufficiently effective against the virus.

The new study of remdesivir will be the gold standard, investigating how well it works in moderately and severely ill patients compared to others who received a placebo (this placebo thing makes me confused (…)! People are dying and they give “nothing” as a control).

Impossible to Predict

Peter Horby, professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University, said it was impossible to predict whether any of the drugs would be effective against the coronavirus.

“Nobody knows honestly. Most drugs that go into tests prove not to be effective. It is the most common result.

You have to be very cautious, ”said Horby, pioneer in drug testing in West Africa's massive Ebola outbreak.

If medicines are not administered under strict test conditions, he said: “we ended up where we were after the 2009 [influenza] pandemic”. More than 40.000 people have been treated for influenza by doctors with experimental drugs, mainly oseltamivir, better known as Tamiflu, which is licensed for seasonal flu, but not for use in an epidemic. The crucial data about their condition and the difference that the drugs made compared to others or without any drugs were not collected.

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Tamiflu COVID-19 Self-medication is the worst trip

“People gave [Tamiflu] because they thought there was no harm, said Horby.

“You end up with a large number of people being treated without the evidence of what they could have achieved. Ratings are absolutely critical or you end up in limbo. The Chinese are really taking this into account. "They may have some answers within three or four months, he said.

But the fear of coronavirus led many people to seek their own Kaletra supplies, also known as Aluvia, which is the patent-free version of lopinavir / ritonavir from pharmaceutical company AbbVie is the only one approved for sale in China - even though there is no evidence, at the moment, that there could be good results in treating those who get sick.

HIV patients offer their pills on the Chinese social network Weibo.

"We feel like we are organized for a military mission," said one of them, Andy Li, who has the nickname Brother Squirrel, because he accumulates stocks of his drugs. Hundreds of messages came when they offered the drugs, leaving him ill in time to sleep or eat for the first three days, he said.

Time is Life ”

"There are so many people who need the drug, and I don't want to waste any time," Li told Reuters. "Time is life."

Others saw an opportunity to make money and bought shares in India. Gatsby Fang, a Chinese cross-border purchasing agent, said he sold each bottle for 600 yuan (66 pounds) each, earning 200 to 300 yuan in profit each. Its shares were exhausted in two days.

Some customers ordered 600 pills at the same time, he said.

Until the results of the study arrive, most patients will receive supportive care at the hospital, which means fluids and support for breathing, if necessary, and for other organs, if they start to fail.

The immune systems of most healthy people fight the virus and they recover.

Having HIV does not always imply immune weakness. If you've been reading this far, you should read a few more texts. I guarantee it will be worth it in the end!

In the meantime, UNAids, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS, says it is important that people with HIV continue to take their own medications and not take any risks in giving or selling their pills to others.

, “UNAIDS emphasizes the importance of people who adhere to treatment for the treatment of HIV and access to adequate supplies of antiretroviral drugs to continue without interruption.

People living with HIV should not be pressured to go without or give up their drugs, "said the statement..

The image of COVID-19 is authored by Pete linforth by  P

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It's getting harder and harder for me, this whole thing, to type.
And I end up needing an interval between one paragraph and another.

But be sure of one thing I learned:

Time and patience solve just about everything!

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