Persevere in the Good With the Assurance That You Will Live Forever

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Food for the Spirit

You will live forever
Public meeting of 20-2-61
1st Part, ch. II, item 3
Meditating on death, honor, serving, the carnal resort where you stay for some time.
In it, you will often discover those who make irony around the faith; those who refer to virtue as being a farce; those who speak of running for power, treading the hearts of their fellow men under their feet; those who mock loyalty and those who improvise strongholds of fanciful pleasure, mortaring them with the tears of widows and orphans.

Do not be patterned by the moral costume that they present, therefore, what happens to you, even if they do not want to, they are still traveling on Earth, and each one will give an account of himself in due time.
If the seed could hear us about the valuable task of feeding the people, when it is converted into a tree, perhaps the predictions would refuse us, and if the caterpillar could hear us about the future condition that awaits it, within the which will fly in space with butterfly wings, would probably interpret us as crazy.

Do not, therefore, bother the childish considerations of the brothers
who seek to transform earthly life into a forest of impulses
wild animals, spending their lives hunting and fishing emotions

Persist in the right conscience and do your best. From the higher planes, the friends who preceded you in the Spiritual Homeland accompany you with the triumphs ignored by men and bless you with the sweat of patience in the necessary struggles; encourage you in the cause of pure love and sustain you energies
so that your hopes will not fail; they share your joys and pains, teaching you to sow happiness in others, so that you may reap greater happiness; if you stumble, stretch your arms out, and if you cry, your tears dry; above all, they wait for you, confident, when you finish the task, to embrace you, affectionate, with the joy of those who receive a companion
dear, back home.

Persevere in the good, knowing that you will live forever. And if you feel alone in the faith, remember Jesus.
One day, he was abandoned and crucified on top of a hill, contemplating deserter friends and gratuitous executioners, ungrateful beneficiaries and unconscious opponents…

In human conceptualization, he was fully alone; however, he with God and God with him formed the majority, before the mad crowd.

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