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Immune window, the big fear is that the immune window is wrong. But it wouldn't be. I propose reading this post.

I called yesterday, April 2020, XNUMX to Disque AIDS, talked to an employee there who brought me up to date on what is happening regarding the routine diagnosis of HIV infection.

She confirmed what, in part, I already knew and clarified in some points.

The immunological window, in fact, the diagnostic routine offers the immunological window and your correct answers after 30 days, from the day of the plausible or hypothetical exposure…

… Immunological Window!

The hypothetical comes from me, given the daily routine of doubts that I see on my “blog”, or elsewhere!

Immunological Window HIV and AIDS are not punishments

Janela Imunológica do HIV, Blog Soropositivo. OrgThere is not a single truth like this! The truth is that we, as human beings, often allow ourselves to be carried away by our fears, taboos, which are not always ours!

They are, in fact, implanted in each one of us, by people from our families and from them, they are born many times, come the feeling of guilt, fear, shame and sad things.

AIDS is a disease and HIV infection too!

As in people's imagination, because of all the hoax that was said about HIV and AIDS in the eighties, from the beginning, until the mid-nineties about guilt, punishment, punishment and revenge from God!

That's not it. HIV and AIDS are diseases, God does not have this bad habit that we, have, to put in him, God, our defects! Theologies aside, the immunological window is science and as a human science, do not press for complete precision, most of the time. Despite this, the immunological window is 30 days, in Public Health Testing Units, OUR SUS! We have to defend with tooth and nail!

However, this thirty-day test can give you some peace of mind and that's great.

Yes, I intend to go a little deeper into this, at the latest this Friday, because I want to understand some things a little better, because I lacked the presence of mind to question why the need for a follow-up of up to sixty days!

Immune Window is a serious thing

With that, I don't want to unreason them, but I need to understand better, to be able to explain well!

In summary, the immunological window is 30 days for the third generation tests, which are the ones used, don't give me this "I saw it like this or I saw it baked", the person gave me his word about always being third party tests generation in rapid testing on the public network!

On the other hand, the fourth generation test, which you can obtain in private laboratories, through payment of your personal order, or health plans, medical insurance and any other organization of this nature or that is defined by testing this way well, The immunological window for rapid HIV tests is 15 (fifteen) days.

15-day Immunological Window

In this way the results of these tests are correct in informing you that you are reactive, or non-reactive, in 15 (fifteen) days!

Maybe it won't do you any good! Because, whatever, if I understand things well, only with the testing of the public network (I need to review this “in loco ”) the treatment will only start after the public network's testing routine is complete, even if it is at least the initial 30 days and waiting for such things, with this notion it is a very serious torture, an unnecessary suffering.

Furthermore, the immune window of other STDs remains the same, as shown below!

From this excerpt onwards, the writing is not mine.

According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of HIV Infection published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December of 2013:

Learn More Here, in this text on Primary Infection.

And as Carnival is a periodic thing I put for you, these links:


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis Infections published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December 2015:

The incubation period of the different viruses that cause hepatitis and the diagnostic window for the tests available in Brazil for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis, respectively, are described in the 18 page of the manual.

Table 4: Incubation period, Iteric Prevalence and Chronification of Infection by the Different Viruses that Cause Viral Hepatitis.

Etiological agent
Incubation Period
Iteric Form
15 45 the day 5% to 10% in children under 6 years;
70 the 80% in adults
There are no reports of chronic forms.
30 180 the day 30% 90% in newborns, 5% to 10% after 5 years
15 150 the day About 20% 70% a 85%
It is similar to that of hepatitis B, but less in superinfection: 15 to 56 days. Variable Variable
15 to 60 days (42 average days) Variable Chronification reports only in immunosuppressed individuals


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Syphilis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Secretariat of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health in May 2015:

Primary syphilis

Antibodies begin to appear in the bloodstream around 7 to 10 days after the onset of hard cancer. Therefore, at the beginning of this stage, immunological tests may not present reactivity. The first immunological test to become reagent around

10 days of hard cancer progression and FTA-Abs, followed by other treponemal and

not treponemics. The treponemal tests are the first to be positive post infection, being common in primary syphilis reagent result in an treponemal test (FTA-Abs can become reactive approximately three weeks after infection).

Secondary syphilis

In secondary syphilis, all tests that detect antibodies are reagents. At this stage it is expected to find high titers in non-treponemal quantitative tests. The presumptive diagnosis is based on the presence of typical lesions on the skin and mucous membranes that are usually exuberant at this stage. Confirmation occurs through treponemic and non-treponemic tests.

After the treatment of secondary syphilis, treponemal tests remain reactant throughout the life of the user, and non-treponemal tests can have variable behavior. In some individuals they become unreactive, and in others they remain indefinitely reactive in low titers.

Latent Syphilis

If there is no treatment, after the signs and symptoms of the infection have disappeared, syphilis will enter the latent period, considered recent in the first year and late after that period. Latent syphilis has no clinical manifestations.

At this stage, all the tests that detect antibodies remain reagent, and a decrease of the titers in the quantitative non-treponemal tests is observed.

Tertiary syphilis

At this stage, tests that detect antibodies are usually reactive, especially treponemal tests, and non-treponemal test titers tend to be low.

Advisor - Technical Support Management.
STD / AIDS Reference and Training Center
State STD / AIDS Program - São Paulo.
R. Santa Cruz, 81. Vila Mariana. Sao Paulo. SP CEP: 04121.000

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