COVID-19 attacks the whole body! And all the organs! Know how!

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COVID-19 attacks the body and all organs! and it's important to stay at home! @ Stay at home so you don't regret it! COVID-19 is very aggressive!

It is almost as perfect as a murderer! It attacks all organs giving little room for doctors!

By Neha Pathak, MD

COVID-19 attacks the body and all organs! We've underestimated it and misunderstood COVID-19 since it first appeared.

And as we learn more, it becomes clear that COVID-19 can be more than just a respiratory disease. He joined the ranks of other "great imitators" - diseases that can resemble almost any condition.

COVID-19: What to know if you have a heart problem.

Although COVID-19 mainly affects the lungs, the virus can make it harder for your heart to function as it should. COVID-19 attacks the body and I think it attacks in an overwhelming way!

It can be a gastrointestinal disease, causing only diarrhea and abdominal pain. It can cause symptoms that can be mistaken for a cold or flu. It can cause pink eyes, runny nose, loss of taste and smell, muscle pain, fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, skin rashes on the entire body and areas of swelling and redness in just a few spots.

In a more serious illness, doctors also reported people with heart rhythm problems, heart failure, kidney damage, confusion, headaches, seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome and fainting, as well as new sugar control problems.

It is not just fever and cough, leading to shortness of breath, as everyone thought at first.

This makes it incredibly difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat if I can think of it, and I've been doing it for a few decades, ”says Joseph Vinetz, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Yale Medical School.

How COVID-19 invades and harms the human body throughout the body

When viral particles land in our eyes, nose or mouth, the "spike proteins" in the virus connect to a specific receptor, known as ACE2, on the surface of our cells, allowing entry. ACE2 receptors are a great target, as they are found in organs throughout the body. When the virus enters, it turns the cell into a factory, making millions and millions of copies of itself - which can be breathed or coughed to infect others.

To avoid early detection, the coronavirus uses several tools to prevent infected cells from asking for help. The virus cuts out distress signal proteins that cells make when under attack. It also destroys antiviral commands within the infected cell. This gives the virus much more time to make copies of itself and infect nearby areas before being identified as an invader. This is part of the reason why the virus spreads before immune responses, such as fever, begin.

The new coronavirus perpetrates a Violent Attack on the Organism!

Many with mild or no symptoms are able to fend off the virus before it gets worse. These people may have symptoms only in the upper airways, where they were first infected. But when someone's body cannot destroy the virus at its point of entry and in this way, the viral particles march further into the body.

So the virus seems to follow some paths from there, camping in the lungs. So, after this first stop, making way for the digestive tract or, even combining another route, for both.

“There is clearly a respiratory syndrome. And yes, that's why people end up in the hospital!

However, some people have a gastrointestinal illness with diarrhea. However, sometimes, some abdominal pain, which may or may not be associated with a respiratory disease, ”says Vinetz.

COVID-19 is proving to be much more dangerous!

COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrgHe, COVID, goes on the attack in many more parts of the body than previously thought.

Once the virus is deeply embedded in the body, it starts to cause more serious illnesses. It is here that direct attack on other organs that have ACE2 receptors can occur.

And that includes the heart muscle, kidneys, blood vessels, liver and potentially the central nervous system.

And such power may be the reason for such wide range of symptoms that COVID-19 can cause.

"It is highly unlikely that other organs could be affected by direct invasion without serious illness," adds Vinetz.

In this way, brain and nerves can also be victims of direct attacks! Kenneth Tyler, MD, chairman of the Department of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, warns:

The direct attack on Sistema Ngrassy Central (CNS) is still in progress at the moment.

Many Routes for COVIT-19 in its attack on the organism as a whole!

There are many routes that a virus can take to invade the CNS. And see that, for now, the theory that the loss of smell is still controversial may indicate that the nerve responsible for the smell is infected and can transport the virus to the CNS, including the brain.

“This can be demonstrated in experimental models with non-human coronaviruses. Therefore, it is a potential route of invasion for some other viruses.

However, there is no evidence to date to demonstrate that this actually occurs with the SARS-CoV-2 ", the official name of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Autopsies and biopsies showed impressive things about COVID-19

COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrgThe first findings, including autopsy and biopsy findings, show that viral particles can be found not only in the nasal passages and throat, but also in tears, feces, kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart. A case report found evidence of viral particles in the fluid around the brain in a patient with meningitis.

Collateral damage that kills! The Cytokine Storm

Damage to the lungs can be a trigger that activates and stimulates the immune system. This, in theory, occurs through a flood of cytokines.

The flood of these chemicals can trigger what is called a “cytokine storm”. This is a complex interaction of chemicals that can cause blood pressure to drop.

And so, it ends up attract more killer immune and inflammatory cells; the T-Killer. And that ends up generating more lung injuries!

As well as the heart, kidneys and brain.

And that, some researchers believe, may be the cause of sudden decompensation, leading to critical illnesses in patients with COVID-19.

The relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes!

Uncontrolled blood sugar can make it harder to fight infection. Here's what you should know about diabetes and COVID-19 and DIABETES.

COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrg
Image Steve buissinne by  P

A new discovery suggests that there may be another deadly culprit. Many doctors are finding that abnormal clotting, known as thrombosis, can also play an important role in the lethal COVID-19. For doctors have seen clots everywhere!

Thus, they report having large blood vessel clots, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the legs.

And, on the other hand, pulmonary embolism (PE) in the lungs.

Just like clots in the arteries, causing strokes!

And yet, small clots in small blood vessels in the body's organs. The first autopsy results also show clots widely dispersed in various organs (!!!).

Adam Cuker, MD, a hematologist at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital who specializes in clotting disorders, says these clots are occurring at high rates!

And, unfortunately, even when patients take anticoagulants to prevent clots!

As a complicating factor, researchers in the Netherlands study recorded 31% of patients with clot-related problems in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

They had clots while taking anticoagulants.

Thrombi and COVID-19

Cuker says that "new studies validate what we have all seen with our eyes, which is 'boy, it looks like these patients are clotting a lot'. … And it may be that the rate of thrombotic events is even higher than we actually recognize. ”Although the reason for the clotting remains unclear, it appears to be playing a much bigger role in death than previously understood.

In addition to the collateral damage caused by cytokine storms and clotting, other things, such as low blood pressure from a serious illness, low oxygen levels, use of ventilators and drug treatments, can harm the body's organs, including the heart, kidneys, liver, brain and other organs.

Controlling Coagulation: The Sword of Damocles, but with two edges beyond the tip

COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrg
This is, more or less, my monthly treatment. These bigger boxes are anticoagulants that I need to take. There are three injections a day to avoid, try to avoid it, a third, yes, third pulmonary embolism! But please keep in mind that it is not every week that a person has two pulmonary embolisms and doubles to tell the story! As Cazuza says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I saw the face of death and it is alive! Alive"!

Although researchers learn more each day about the virus and how and where it attacks the body, treatment aimed at these goals also presents significant problems. Many drugs are at risk of destroying the delicate balance that allows the body to help fight disease or control inflammation.

The ACE2 receptor that the virus uses to enter cells is a key element in reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

Targeting or blocking this receptor as a treatment strategy to prevent viral entry into cells can actually worsen blood pressure, increase the risk of heart failure and kidney damage, and increase inflammation that can worsen lung damage.

Drugs that target the immune response to reduce the risk of a cytokine storm can also decrease the immune response, making it harder to eliminate the virus in the long run.

Beware Of Anticoagulants! I take them daily and know the inherent risks!

When it comes to anticoagulants, little care is needed!

The use of drugs to prevent clotting can cause severe bleeding. Cuker points out that “we don't have a good read on bleeding… we have limited evidence on the risk of clotting… we have zero evidence on the risk of bleeding in these patients and it is a real priority to understand that risk, mainly because one of our strategies to treat clotting is increasing the intensity of anticoagulation. ” Don't go around buying drugs that you don't know how to use. You used anticoagulant the wrong way, the result is internal bleeding! You will have died without even imagining that you were in the process of dying!

Cláudio Souza! Seropositivo.Org

Time is likely to be the key in treatment strategies. For example, patients may need a drug to boost the immune system early in the disease, and then one to reduce it if the disease progresses and cytokine markers start to rise.

Only the tip of the Iceberg
COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrg
Image Adam Derewecki by  P

Cuker says that what we know about coagulation and almost everything else about COVID-19 "is just the tip of the iceberg". Sanober Amin, MD, PhD, a dermatologist in Texas, agrees. It follows the wide variety of skin discoveries that dermatologists around the world observe on social media.

She recently posted images on social media that show the wide range of skin discoveries she has seen and heard. Her post received a massive response. Amin says that "dermatologists from all over the world, from Turkey to France, from Canada to the USA, are sharing information about rashes that they have seen in people with COVID-19".

Some rashes appear to be consistent with what is called a deviral rash, which is a term for a general rash that can occur with almost all viruses. But, says Amin, "some skin findings are more consistent with superficial clotting in blood vessels near the skin."

The Fingers of COVID-19

This is what some have started to call “COVID-19 fingers”, also called pernio. Dermatologists are seeing more cases of these small clots on the fingers and toes, especially in children.

It is difficult to know which skin conditions are related to COVID-19 because many people without "typical" symptoms are not being tested, says Amin. Researchers will still need to find out what symptoms may be caused by the virus and which may just be early unrelated discoveries.

Unanswered questions

For now, much of the information we have about the symptoms of COVID-19 comes from hospitalized patients who are very ill at the time they seek care and may not be able to share information about the first signs and symptoms they may have had.

Best practices for COVID-19:

Practical tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Because of the delay in testing in the U.S., we still don't know the full extent of what the mild and moderate versions of the disease are like or what effects the disease has on people who have many symptoms but are not too sick enough to be hospitalized.

The Open Question about COVID-19

An open question is what the long-term effects may be for survivors. What is life like after being on a ventilator or suddenly needing dialysis? Will we see reductions in cardiac, lung and kidney function that are long-lasting and permanent or will patients eventually recover?

We also don't know how people are going to clean up infections.

If the new coronavirus turns out to be an acute infection, like other coronaviruses, most recovered people must develop at least short-term immunity.

It is also possible that the virus persists as a latent infection, such as chickenpox, remaining dormant in the body, only to periodically resurface like Herpes Zoster, the shingles or becoming a chronic infection; like hepatitis B! It lives in the body for an extended period of time, causing long-term damage.

Let's see, I think so ...

"It will definitely be an acute infection ... there is no way it can be latent or chronic, no way ... I think so ... let's see," says Vinetz.

Translated by Cláudio Souza do Original in The Great Invader: How COVID-19 Attacks
Every Organ

Understand a little bit about immunity and immune system

COVID-19 attacks the body, SoropositivoOrg
A meeting like this in the days we live, in the midst of what we are experiencing is, at best, suicide attempt. And there are a multitude of qualifications for that at this time in our “civilization”

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