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Well, the causes of peripheral neuropathy can be many, such as HIV infection, diabetes, or other diseases and conditions! And they can have drug causes! But it is important to note that insensitivity is complex and it is highly advisable that you observe wounds on your feet that could even lead to amputation.

Teixeira, for example, was head of dancers and producer at Michel. So it was for years.

Obese, at a time when little was said about it and, to make matters worse, he did not control diabetes. The injections, he said, "filled the bag".

But then the problems came, and the foot became gangrenous. Without an alternative, he not only had his foot amputated, and that is no small feat, but that did not solve it, and he ended up having his right leg amputated.

Complications came, and in six months he was no longer in the world of the living, so to speak.

Control your diabetes, face every day the possibility of having some body insensitivity, look at your feet, their plant too!

Take care. Because if you don't love yourself, counting on others can be the worst option!

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetes is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy in the United Kingdom, however, Peripheral neuropathy can also be caused by other health conditions and certain medications.

In some cases, no cause can be identified and this is called idiopathic neuropathy.

You could be better prepared on the subject by reading, in another tab, about predictors of neuropathy

Diabetes Causes Neuropathy

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy, SeropositiveOrg
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Peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes type 1 ou Diabetes Type 2 it is called diabetic polyneuropathy and there are very serious risks of limb loss.

Probably, because not much is known, she it is caused by high levels of blood sugar; it is believed that sugar, in fact glucose, will damage the small blood vessels that supply your nerves.

Thus, the possibility of having neuropathy becomes more likely the longer you have diabetes.

Unfortunately there can be a prevalence of up to 1 in 4 people with the disease experiencing some pain caused by nerve damage.

Tobacco use can cause peripheral neuropathy

But if you have diabetes, your risk of polyneuropathy is higher if your blood sugar is poorly controlled or, if you:

  • Smokes regularly; like me, who smoked like a snake!

  • drinks large amounts of alcohol;

  • You are 40 years of age or older;

If you have diabetes, check your feet regularly for sores or open wounds (ulcers) or chilblains;

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy, SeropositiveOrg
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In addition to diabetes, there are many other possible causes of peripheral neuropathy.

Health conditions

Thus, some of the health conditions that can cause peripheral neuropathy include:

Pharmaceutical products
Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy, SeropositiveOrg
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And yet this: some drugs can sometimes cause peripheral neuropathy as a side effect, in some people because it is believed to be predisposed in some cases.

However, in others, medication alone is very harmful!

That includes:

  • some types of chemotherapy for cancer, especially bowel cancer, lymphoma or myeloma,

  • some antibiotics, if taken for months, such as metronidazole or nitrofurantoin

  • phenytoin, used in the treatment of epilepsy, if for a long time

  • amiodarone and thalidomide

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