Is undetectable viral load equal to Non-transmissible? Find out here!

Undetectable viral load and non-transmission of HIV - an information sheet for people with HIV

Claudio Souza
Undetectable viral load and NOT transmitting HIV The amount of HIV in body fluids is called a viral load. The treatment......

Ban Ki-moon said: World Has Stopped and Reversed the AIDS Epidemic

Claudio Souza
Mundo has managed to stop and reverse the AIDS epidemic in the meantime in the banana republic: setback over setback, and as Benjor says, ......

Seropositive patients are good candidates for liver and kidney transplantation

Claudio Souza
Liver and kidney transplants may be justified for carefully selected HIV-positive patients, say researchers in the United States. Transplantation improved the chances of survival of HIV positive patients with liver disease ......

Most children with HIV have a recovery of their immune system after starting treatment

Claudio Souza
Written by NIH T cells © Russell Kightley Children with perinatal HIV infection who begin antiretroviral therapy (ART) experience a typically good recovery of CD4 T cells, but the likelihood of arriving ......

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