Getting HIV despite PrEP is far more feasible!

HIV Despite PrEP You Can Get HIV Anyway!

Infections by HIV despite the PrEP it is something that never leaves my personal radar.

HIV Despite PrEP Is Feasible

HIV despite PrEP I am a person who lives with HIV and who has been “blogo” since the years ”ball-ball” (Aunt Irene taught me this phrase! How much I miss you…). terms of HIV /AIDS, I would love to hear that someone's arguments! Since the emergence of PrEP as a hypothesis I have always remained “reserved” about it. See well! This is not by (pre) concepts. In fact, this is because there is a risk! I remember a little while ago, it is true, where it was said that one could not, even less try to justify, in the name of the 'broader view', that a person entering a study of HIV vaccines Unsure of whether she got a vaccine or a placebo, reentered the world and acted as if she were invulnerable to HIV infection!

However, at this "moment", what I see most is this tacit advice!

It's gonna be your Taffarel

Take PrEP, trance as hell and go easy (…) you take PrEP.

But there may be HIV infection despite PrEP. Already happened. And it was not an isolated and lonely occasion. It is not the Botafogo Shield.

And I thought, for good, to translate this text, and put it here on December 1st, because it is much more important now, more than ever, to stimulate the use of condom. Use PrEP, yes, but as a second layer of protection! Read it! Anyway and please the text

HIV Infection Despite PrEP: Six Things You Need To Know!

A complete case study revealed the likely acquisition of HIV by a 43-year-old gay man in Toronto who adhered to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). THEpresented at CROI 2016 on February 25, this is the first documented case of “PrEP failure” and is encouraging many scientific and community discussions. “PrEP works when administered. Very rarely, PrEP with FTC / TDF [emtricitabine / tenofovir, Truvada] may not provide full protection against rare multiresistant viruses. ” said researcher Robert Grant on PrEP and HIV prevention in an interview with BETA. “If this happens, HIV treatment is highly effective and prolongs the life to normal levels and makes people less infectious. ”

Yes, There is Life with HIV! But…

I, Claudio, feel it works like this: You take the medicine to prevent you from contracting the disease, but if you get it, just keep taking similar medicines that are fine! I have HIV very close to 1 / 4 of a century, and taking medicines I have suffered from a number of complications, and one of them is peripheral neuropathy that, with my hands, did this:
HIV despite PrEP

I take antiretrovirals with draconian adherence. I have already returned from Santos to Sampa because I had forgotten medicine and had not accepted the idea of ​​missing a dose. Who loves, cares. Who loves, takes care

Why did PrEP not prevent HIV infection in this person? A question that does not shut up !!!!!

It is not surprising that community members, educators and HIV care providers have many questions and concerns when they hear about this particular case. We will detail the information to address some of the main questions we are likely to hear from people who are on PrEP, considering using PrEP or living with HIV.

Why did PrEP not prevent HIV infection in this person?

PrEP did not prevent infection in this case because the person was exposed to an HIV strain that became resistant to various antiretroviral drugs. In these cases, I would say, PrEP will always fail! What to say to the person who believed in PrEP? An apology request? Would you, who do not have HIV, feel happy in this scenario? These drugs included (but were not limited to) tenofovir and emtricitabine, the two antiretrovirals in Truvada, which is currently the only US approved PrEP regimen. And I, Claudius, ask… let's say, a viral strain he's been exposed to, because he's unprotectedly related to someone who has this strain and obviously doesn't care about condoms, doesn't make you think that in a way or another, the strain is, "out there" bolando and carambolando? See, it is already proven that it is possible to contract HIV despite PrEP, even in this text, after its termination, to other links dealing with the same subject. Which?


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Simple Step
Lao Tzu

We'll have a vaccine and a cure for “the syndrome” in two years!
Ronald Reagan on 1984
It is estimated that well below 1% of people living with HIV are resistant to these two drugs; even less have a viral load detectable. Even if a person had this rare strain, if their viral load was undetectable, it would be extremely unlikely - borderline impossible, according to research - that he or she could transmit the virus to anyone. And despite that, there have been HIV infections despite PrEP

Well, several times we were comforted with this word: "Impossible." However, the impossible also materializes!

And reinforcement: The impossible has already happened, or I would not have this text to translate! That simple!

PrEP as second layer of protection

Meantime. although it can be happening everywhere, without realizing it, PrEP is still insisted on. And PrEP is not bad. It's a great second layer of protection! However, based on this new case, it is now known that consistent adherence to PrEP may not be sufficient to protect people from exposure to that specific strain of HIV. Does this mean that PrEP is not as effective as previously thought? No, PrEP is still as effective as we thought. It is very effective.

The Point $$$

And yet, I mean, there was contagion! And I don't see the good point in adopting condomless mass PrEP! Doctors and educators with HIV knowledge often use a “99% effective” estimate when explaining how PrEP works. The experts knew that as the PrEP implementation expands, it can be a vision, as liers see “outliers”. Therefore, the 99% figure still applies. Again, it is believed that less than 1% of individuals living with HIV carry this rare strain, and only a subset is likely to have a detectable viral load. If these drug-resistant mutations were easy to transmit, there would likely be many more people testing positive for HIV with them, but they didn't.

Never Before in History…

There are about 40.000 individuals using PrEP in the US, and this type of transmission has never been seen before. Anow it has been seen! Now that that person has HIV, will HIV treatment work for him? According to the study, yes. The person was prescribed quickly for HIV treatment and achieved an undetectable viral load less than a month after HIV diagnosis. Initially, the man's HIV drug resistance level was unknown; therefore, when he was first diagnosed, doctors maintained his prescription of tenofovir / emtricitabine and added two additional active antiretrovirals - raltegravir (Isentress) and ritonavir (Norvir) - enhanced with darunavir (Prezista) - This is to say that two more medications should be purchased to form a complete treatment regimen for people who do not have HIV !!! ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) After tests revealed that his HIV strain had developed at least some level of resistance to various HIV drugs in various classes (including integrase inhibitors), he was switched to a more unusual regimen: dolutegravir (Tivicay), darunavir / cobicistat (Prezcobix) and rilpivirine (Edurant). In the 12 weeks since the start of his new regimen, the HIV viral load in men has remained undetectable.
It could be NOT REAGENT
Are there ways for people with HIV to find out if PrEP would not work for their partners, due to the possibility that they have this type of resistant virus? When people are newly diagnosed with HIV, health professionals are expected to perform a genotypic resistance test (genotyping) ($$$$$ Not so in Brazil $$$$$) to ensure they do not prescribe antiretrovirals that the person is already resistant to. This test would reveal whether the person has resistance to tenofovir / emtricitabine. Here goes the basis of the in vivo test But remember, this resistance is rare. Commenting here is raining in the wet (…) If people with HIV have this strain, they are more likely to (likely, randomness again) your doctor has already informed you. Even if they have this strain, they can eliminate almost any risk of HIV transmission to any negative partner, with or without PrEP, by adhering to HIV drugs and maintaining an undetectable viral load. But we know that it is extremely unlikely that people who adhere to HIV drugs will become resistant to them.
Can other types of pre-exposure prophylaxis block this type of resistant virus?
There are currently many types of PrEP under study - for example, PrEP using different drugs (such as maraviroc [Selzentry, Celsentri]), as well as different modes of administration, such as gels and injectables. It is difficult to say at this point whether these new forms will offer adequate protection against this rare strain or against others that are resistant to the drugs or classes of drugs used for these specific forms of PrEP. Want to know more, click on the links below and see that I don't write without a basis!
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  14. It's good to be able to grow old with HIV. but without him it's even better!
  15. And see, the life expectancy of a person with HIV can surprise
  16. HIV and cognitive impairment
  17. HIV and neurological complications
  18. Chronic Pain and HIV
Where can I see the actual research related to this case? You can watch the case study presentation at CROI 2016 via archived webcast.
Translated By Claudio Suza on 29 November 2019 Site The Body
Damon L. Jacobs is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in New York and an HIV prevention specialist and founder of a group of 13.000 Facebook members “PrEP Facts: rethinking HIV prevention and sex”. Follow Damon on Twitter: @DamonLJacobs. _ Myles Helfand is the editorial director of and Follow Myles on Twitter: @MylesatTheBody. _ Tags: CROI (Conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections), Conference coverage, Men who have sex with men
PrEP Access

Underage PrEP Access Is Limited And Even Unable!

August 16st, 2019

PrEPSuch an absolute necessity. I had a project to create an NGO (and I didn't want to be an 'ongueiro') (this was a great time to keep it straight to silence).

And they limit them where the risk is even greater and prevention is most needed.

To what extent do existing policies on age of consent for sexual reproductive health services (SSER) also affect access to PrEP?

I remember and argued almost twenty years ago to one of the evaluators of the Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs that teenage pregnancy, right to work and AIDS communicated intrinsically!

The old project can never be accomplished because I'm a stupid of course!

But during the heavy week I went through more reviews in the life than in the rest of my life, I said:

Each pregnancy, catastrophic, not to miss the “gag” of the day, I saw at least one possible exposure to HIV, a potential expulsion from home and the evasion of guarantees offered in exchange for the “proof of love” was a step taken, alongside the risk of contracting HIV.

It's a fact, and I know, because I met a couple who went through this and there was a need for a "hasty wedding with" Stork emergency landing "!

The truth is that it is not just pregnancy and the risk ten times higher than a woman, because of "morphological contours", the "boy", actually another "child who makes child" exposed to HIV infection.

And that's a complicating factor, I'll show you something about the analytics results.

No minors

As stated above, there were no minors access to our blog. Here, for me as an editor this is bad and good! I don't like to be watched; but I don't have to worry about other factors, such as access for children under 12, and in other reviews, I don't have, to my knowledge, access for children under 18. And on the other hand, a sadness! If a person for this reason

He is not only mine! It's yours too, if you come here more than once a week.

This access, evaded by very sophisticated algorithms, prevents teenagers (children who can biologically make other children) to ignorance!

Ilarie didn't give a clue in the Plaza Wagon, right?

IT'S. Today, knowing myself better, I see that I was actually dragging ten trucks around her. At that time, viscerally inaccessible

And do not come to me with this story that sex and sexuality are and should be matters to be dealt with at home because, the fool here, was advised to pass "chicken shit" on his penis, scrotum and groin would make my Pubic penises grow bigger, better and faster!

Well! I was there, 11 years old, chicken shit in hand, about to take the disastrous step when disgust, and nothing else, stopped me! Don't do it, it doesn't work! And I know it doesn't work because the ball was passed to me and a friend and obviously it would never work !!!

This is an example. Nonsense aside, I had mumps at 26 and was working when I felt a different pain and asked Dona Andrea to let me go home because I was not well.

Dona Maria Andrea G. has, or had, I don't know, many flaws, and one of them was to believe that “ila, ila ilariê pom! Pom! Pom! I was clue!

Our Parents' Sexuality Catches Us, Doesn't It?

But she went with her in her car to her doctor and he said


She took me home and,. Close to home and I played with her:

I'm going to "give an early today"!

She didn't even let me get out of the car and said!

You're really crazy !!!

Take a look at it ! If you do that, your life as a man ends today.

And explained to me what no one told me before!

This is not the only one but that. And see, who knows the problem of mumps knows, and very well, where I was going !!!

I had to learn, in sight, and sight, what syphilis is and also that the woman, most of the time, can not imagine that she has. Do you know what's boring?

Boring is pubic pediculosis, which probably few of you know by name.

Just look at yourself and your brother or sister and try to talk about your parents' sex life.

You and her, or you and him, or you and you will hang.

We all, in general, get crazy when it comes to talking about sex, even when we are making love, which in Rio and January says "Climb", in Sampa say "have sex and, please bring me your typical lines. , let's thicken the broth.

And see. I was with a girl, a woman, a first date, I wanted something, I don't like it very much and I conducted her according to my interests and she told me, after the "shag" or "Transa" told me that she thought, when driven to one, let's say it was… don't say anything, I also caught 😉:


It was no big deal and she didn't even have the color of black and… putz… she had more hours of bed than flying vulture !!!…. How much pudicism in a girl .... !!!!! 😉

Whether you know, repeating me or not, she didn't, she did, did, did a lot, and did very well, well, well and with wide, wide and remarkable dexterity!

I was 20! You can try to judge me, don't you dare, because the “Reverse traumatized” will show you the context of this, male or female, you "gain something from the existence of these girls, in this suffering and I was also in my twenties" and Fabio had not, you can bet whatever you want on it, it had nothing to do thereby!

All this three-read-read is for you to understand that sex education and PrEP must be available to minors too!

Access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for young people at risk for HIV remains limited due to age-related consent laws and policies, reveals a global review.

Published in the journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS), researchers have reviewed existing national laws and policies regarding access to the SRH service that may also impact access to pre-exposure prophylaxis for young people under 25.

Young people, and particularly young people who are members of key affected populations such as sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, are among the groups most at risk for HIV acquisition globally. This is the result of a convergence of various psychological, social and structural factors associated with this time in its development.

Most HIV prevention interventions for this group focus on behavior change, such as promoting the use of HIV. condom, or addressing structural drivers, as in social protection programs.

Text continues after poll. Please answer!

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Thank you

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Adolescence: A “Those” Challenge!

The PReP So…

PrEP and minors. Unreachable or hard to access

You know. Wolverine 3 has been banned for minors

These have had varied success and are challenged by consent laws for SSR (Sexual and Reproductive Health) services.

The search for parental consent for these services has been identified as a big barrier within the reach of this group.

The World Health Organization recommends PrEP for all at-risk populations without any age limitation. But as many countries move towards regulatory approval of PrEP, insufficient consideration has been given to “underage” youth and how existing policies may restrict their independent access to PrEP.

The researchers reviewed a sample of 15 countries with low and high incidence of HIV. Western countries have been included to explore how countries with comparatively low incidence of HIV among adolescents but well-endowed health infrastructure can address PrEP access among adolescents.

The laws and policies they looked at included age of consent to sexual intercourse, medical treatment, contraceptives, and HIV testing. Countries could be included if they had preparatory or PrEP trials available for distribution, and if information on PrEP guidelines was publicly available.

In the end, they reviewed the policies of Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Across geographies, the results for age of sexual consent varied, but about half (47%) prohibiting sex for less than 18 years in Indonesia, consent laws differed between the sexes. This highlights an obvious challenge for healthcare providers and young people who would like to discuss PrEP before turning 18.

Candidate and President Think Alike He didn't care, his problem!

PrEP and France! Let's play the Marseillaise again !!!

In addition, laws in seven (47%) countries did not specify an age of consent for medical treatment, or were unclear about age. France is the only country to explicitly include PrEP as part of medical treatment, but its law requires parental consent for medical treatment for persons under 18. In their discussion, the authors note that PrEP is still often considered a medical treatment, where it should now be considered as a biomedical intervention. This would give healthcare providers clarity on how they can discuss this tool with potential patients.

Only six (40%) countries have specific laws that address adolescent consent and access to contraception, despite all countries, including documentation on their use for family planning and sexual reproductive health. Again, these varied, with Ukraine requiring the consent of a guardian for these services for those under 18 years. In Indonesia, contraceptive services are provided only to those who are married.

Parental Consent For PrEP. Imagine This In Brazil!

Although all countries had laws or guidelines on the age of consent for HIV testing - age limits ranged from 12 to 18 years. Of countries with age limits, five countries (42%) require people to have 18 years or more of consent for HIV testing, while four countries (33%) require those under 18 years to be unmarried. , pregnant or a parent to have parental consent for an HIV test.

Ten countries (66%) national PrEP guidelines to assist patient care providers. Of these, six countries (60%) include specifications for people under the age of 18. These specifications ranged from specific (can be provided to all those on 14), to vague (anyone at risk). But, as the authors noted in their discussion, healthcare providers may still not feel confident suggesting or providing PrEP to adolescents.

“Adolescent access to PrEP depends on a number of external factors, including parental consent and involvement, confidentiality, and access to health care providers who are knowledgeable and trained to prescribe PrEP,” the authors explained in their Discussion. .

"Even in countries where adolescents can independently agree to PrEP, providers may be reluctant to prescribe due to concerns about drug adherence, the ability to understand the risks and benefits of PrEP, and risk compensation."

Regardless of the challenges, PrEP offers a unique opportunity to contain new HIV infections in this group. Policy makers should work with young people to adequately address barriers to PrEP and other SRH services to improve health outcomes.

Translated by Claudio Souza from the original in Age-related policies and laws limit PrEP access where it's needed the most. Written by Written by Caitlin Mahon, using references in JIAS Between 23 and 25 August 2019 - I'm getting slower.


The Worst Symptom of HIV is Prejudice

The Worst Symptom of HIV é, na verdade, o preconceito. Eu começo por um detalhe, meus amigos (“…”). Uma destas pessoas, alguém que eu já amei como a um pai, tem demonstrado de muitas maneiras, quase que prolixamente, se envergonhar da minha condição. Exagero? Não sei! Mas este amigo conhece muitas pessoas que poderia, ou não, ter algum interesse em meu trabalho e, com o staus social deles e seus poderes aquisitivos, dar alguma ajuda em toca de publicidade. Assim, este meu amigo, com mil diabos, alega que empresário não gostam de ouvir falar de doenças, pois estas coisas, doenças, representam fracassos! E eu digo que é a *u** que-m&-***iu! E assim, eu reitero:

The Worst Symptom of HIV is Prejudice

Because he kills you little by little, with a smile on his face. And, however bad and painful it may be, however harmful the facts, The worst symptom of HIV is Prejudice, the damn prejudice, because it inevitably leads to social death! Thing is, that there are strange little creatures that deny the existence of the facts, is the trivialization of AIDS
Worst Symptom of HIV

A Simple Virus

And look at the advice and rules of conduct it offers! And he made a point of ignoring that 1 / 3 of Brazilians refuses to work alongside a person with HIV or AIDS. However, and yet, nothing is worse than a woman unable to hear no! ” And you see, you woman, whether you like to read this or not, you know that many of you support everything for love! And look, I know that! But “NO”! Porexemplo, o caso onde a “bailarina do antigo Louvre (não era o museu)” quebrou um cinzeiro de vidro na cabeça de um DJ!!! O crime dele? O que ele fez? Eu me lembro do Chicão perguntando a ele: O que você fez? – E o meu professor na arte de sonolastia respondendo: -“É o que eu não fiz Chicão”!

The Worst Symptom of HIV is Prejudice

Did I get AIDS?

This is the face

You asked me about the symptoms of HIV. These are the symptoms of a virus. You might be weird, but that's it. See, in Portuguese it would be * Human Immunodeficiency Virus *.

But, come on, try to answer you this RECURRENT question!

Later on I will put some other links for you to understand for example the cycle of life of HIV.

And put in your little heads that SUS test is Reliable

Thus, you will understand what HIV infection is, which is a kind of disease, a virus, and that AIDS it is quite another, a set of symptoms and signs.

Symptoms and signs and the manifestation of opportunistic diseases, where a damn flu is not welcome! 😤😤.

Valley Fever, well, this could be…

In HIV infection you are experiencing a virus.

Yes Yes! And watch well, you live it with all the features of a virus.

And that is why, in some people, nothing is perceived! I went HIV carrier I am not sure how long! What I do know is that when the snake smoked it was ugly and yes I thought

I thought I was going to dry up like an abandoned plant in a pot

If we were talking about measles virus we would be talking about a cycle from 7 to 8 maybe 9 days with a lot of malaise and some cares that only mothers know they have to have with their children, and with God's grace a happy ending.

This symptom of HIV the Prejudice, Destroy Psyche!

Almost Annihilated Mine!

In the case of chicken pox, per event, you would be experiencing another type of virus with a relatively flu-like course! And flu is not an opportunistic disease or a defining AIDS picture!

Skin rash can have so many causes that I won't even list many, but look:
  • Dry skin in winter
  • Scabies
  • zoster - If you have chicken pox you may develop zoster

But still different from HIV Why HIV infection is a long-term infection, and it really takes the disastrous effects it can have to achieve, a time of subtle silence!

I could simplify with syphilis, but syphilis is not caused by a virus is by another way of life that I do not know set, keep in mind whenever:

I am not a doctor and so all I can say is based on what I have learned by translating and living.

And, I Know, That's Not Much

Na HIV infection it exists for some people, and I confess that I did not notice the experience of it in me, a phase called acute phase. This phase would be similar to the flu, or any other virus, you would certainly be accompanied by a fever, or a fever, some bodily discomfort. A huge laziness, a desire not to work, not to study, to enter the quantum world and disappear. This I will do someday!

Here's A Fearful Story, A Rape.

This story is part of one. The fact is that it steal peace until today. And while a social worker said that such a person with such a behavioral model would sooner or later get HIV, I have my doubts with me. Should I have screamed for help?

Who would believe me? The few people I told this to made a mockery of their hair!

The fact is that at some point in my history I regained some of my DJ status for a few weeks. It's been almost a year since I had given you another physical contact with a woman and naturally, I was climbing the walls! There was a girl there with the nickname of India, who broke off because she thought she had to stay with me! What India is not aware of is that I did not feel any attraction for it! I never wanted to be with a person like her, I wasn't my type, I didn't have the “Tchan” that made me freak out…. Era, por assim dizer, o biotipo dela E tinha a coisa do HIV, eu tinha medo de contar, e não saberia fazer sem contar. Esta maluca me fazia, por meio de gorjetas de clientes, tocar Índia. Com Paulo Sérgio….

India Your Hair So Long Fallen, Black as Night Without Moonlight

This House had rooms, and this characterized pimp exploitation! And I felt very uncomfortable working there!

I have never enjoyed working in such environments. But At that moment I saw myself with no way out!

The nightclub in question was not in Sao Paulo, but in Greater Sao Paulo! And it took me almost two hours to get home from work and two hours to go to work! So I talked to the house manager, explaining to her that I was looking for a house to live in that municipality and that it was very difficult to come and go on schedule. What if she could give me the I use one of those rooms for some time, so-zi-nho! And she granted me this freedom But said:
I want you to have your bedroom door unlocked, because if I catch you there with a look, I'll get you in the eye right away!

All I Wanted

People of heaven, all I wanted was to start over, and there was a great possibility there! I could not take this risk of losing work. Maybe it was a comeback, I loved what I did! Not at all, at that point in my life, would I get involved with a woman, especially having just discovered that I had HIV! And I well knew that I would hardly have a new chance as a DJ It was my last chance! Even though: Climbing the walls!
Climbing the Walls! I? Yes! Yes is yes! More than a year
Keep in mind that I had not played a woman for almost a year! And she is damned and India took advantage of the situation and entered the room. I was still young, just over 30, and the hormones were in a boiling cauldron! Quickly she managed to get me "excited" and, forgive me the euphemism, "fit me"! Organic reaction does not indicate consent!
La vérité, toute la vérité
If I said I had HIV she would surely raise screaming Wind Rose to my reality and I would lose the job of! Was I a Coward? Yes! Am I pathetic? Yes! Did I have choices? Yes, I did, but I could not see them!

Yes, I Had Choices! But I did not see them !!!

But I tried! I said stop please put the condom on! And she retorted: you do not have to be in the face you do not have! and I increased:
- “And you can't know just by the face I can have and you don't know if I have it or not! - "If you have already f *** u everything even!"

It is evident at this point in the conversation that she knew absolutely nothing about HIV and AIDS, but did not care how easy it was to contract or not, thus putting herself at risk, constantly, but these thoughts did not come many years later. after!… (…)…

Time Remember? Yes! In less than 30 seconds later I ejaculated!
And She's gone. A few years later I talked to a therapist, he said that a person who followed this line of reasoning, and who adopted this line of conduct could hardly see HIV or probably even would! But none of this has comforted me over the years, and it is almost 25 years ago, almost a quarter of a century, and I never knew it again! And the pain that hurts most this, the pain does not know! I am not sure, but I believe that who wrote this, this sentence was Cecilia Meireles if it was not Cecilia, forgive me the lady, author of this sentence, please make the correction, thanks! Felizmente tudo isso acaba entre duas a seis semanas, segundo dizem médicos e textos e o mesmo não vivenciei e não conheço de perto quem quer que seja que tenha vivenciado isso e que eu possa ter observado. Eu sei de pelo menos uma pessoa também recorda de ter vivido algo assim. O Que temos em seguida no caso da infecção por HIV é uma fase absolutamente silenciosa e assintomática. mas não se deixe enganar o HIV, não é um vírus que, “permaneça encubado”.
HIV is always active throughout its life cycle!
The problem is that with each HIV life cycle it produces new copies of itself, which is, if I understand correctly, it will overload the T + cellCD4! A Célula de um linfócito e muitos de vocês vão se abraçar a hemogramas acreditando que pela queda de seus linfócitos, muitas vezes uma queda ocasional e com incidental a presença de uma outra forma de vida, um outro agente etiológico, o leve acreditar que você está perdendo imunidade! (…). Sabe Aquele emoticon que vocês usam para dizer que estão extremamente tristes?
It is very common for people to tell me:
Os meus linfócitos estão baixos…. e mostrem incontáveis emoticons que demonstra que ele está terrivelmente depressivo! 😔😌😌😞😣😢😰😖 O que eu percebo é que eles temem mais o pior sintoma do HIV. O preconceito. Há pessoas que me procuram, encontram acolhida, ouvem o que precisam ouvir, não se convence e, sabe o que eu ouço?
… It's for my wife and daughter! I deserve!
This is the worst symptom of HIV: The prejudice"
Not for me! It's for my wife and daughter. I deserve!
Sabe, é como se eles olhassem para mim e dissessem: Você merece o que está passando, ficou doente assim porque viveu “uma vida promíscua”! Outro dia, na clinica de dor do HC, em primeira consulta com a anestesiologista, logo após eu dizer que sou umapessoa vivendo com HIV ela disparou, sem pesar as palavras: -“Como você contraiu HIV”? Você foi muito promíscuo? Este é o pior sintoma do HIV Eu tive de contar até 685.254

I needed to learn to have patience not to pull you through the wi-fi network hanged right here! Because it is so much victimism, because that is what it is really about 20 itself, unhappiness, fear, favor, and often prejudice!

CBC Does Not Align Immunological Status and Busy Doctor There in Itaquera Must Go Raising Chickens

You are experiencing about yourself what you or many of you believe to be what people like me should experience!

I know that I got strong with this phrase, but the truth is that polishing a little bit a little less, what you start to experience is the fear of being socially exposed to everything that we people with HIV are occasionally being forced to go through.

It is basic math who is (…) afraid

And well, I know of some exaggeration in all this, because the people who come to me, I believe, wouldn't come to me if they had so much contempt for me!

And I see myself here in an epiphany!

A Ideia Inicial era falar a respeito dos sintomas, da infecção por HIV, e o tema aparece ultrapassado já nessa que eu creio ser a terceira página desse texto que a essa altura não tem prazo e números de páginas para terminar! A Maria Bethânia ela faz a leitura de um texto de Fauzi Arap e eu faço aqui a citação de um trecho: “I accuse us! And I confess for us…” Porque and I have to start with me ! I can't say that I didn't know about HIV! I knew Yes, and I was fully aware of it, but I believed it would be like being struck by lightning. And although it looks like this, at the time of diagnosis, it really isn't! Why? Because in my ignorance, in my stupid blindness, in my disinterest in my own life, total indifference to my life and its quality, based on the belief that I was young and was eternal, I had nothing to fear, I ended up contracting HIV would be immediately have AIDS and die! I already talked about it in another text a text in which I say that I do not think about healing. and I do not really think.

Not for me!

And as I say there, I think about it, for Mara and for you! And maybe you take me for a madman or a braggart. But I said this to my previous infectologist who before being a doctor is also a great friend in the same way that I already said this to Maíra my therapist or Dr. Valéria my psychiatrist:
If this cure comes tomorrow, I will not get in line to get it!
Messianismo? Não! Vitimismo? Se você conhece minha história sabe que a última coisa que eu preciso é de vitimismo ou messianismo! A vida me bateu o bastante para eu não querer mais apanhar! E eu creio que é bem por isso, que eu não buscaria esta cura! Seis meses antes de meu pai vir a falecer, eu assisti “A Cabana”. E este filme me deu recursos suficientes para eu pensar e, para ser prolixo mesmo, não tive base para perdoar. Não havia, de fato, o que ser perdoado porque, da mesma forma como eu digo para todos, e disse para mim quando minhas mãos ficaram arruinadas, eu digito apenas com os indicadores ou dito para o Docs, eu tinha de aplicar até a máxima extensão a “lei” que aprendi:


This is the worst symptom of HIV in me: Peripheral HIV Neuropathy

Maybe seeing, you end up believing

And fortunately, I found the strength to cross the city, here from near the Mandaqui to the Grajau for just and so simply tell him what he needed to hear to pacify me, and at this point I saw the improbable! Ele, meu pai, Sebastião Afonso de Souza, derramou uma lágrima!!! Porque parecendo insensato ou não sendo insensato ou não, foi a life with HIV that led me to that condition of being reconstructed! Although I have a friend who might make fun of it and tell me how you are improving Cláudio ??? !!!

He knows I'm getting better!

Mas Vejam: Uma pessoa que teve de atravessar o inferno de um extremo ao outro por vezes incontáveis, e conseguiu se reerguer e conhecer o céu, eu cometi erros demais! Mais do que é aceitável e, como disse Gleici, eu terei de lutar com a ideação suicida até o fim de meus dias. Eu já sabia disso e vou me tratando! Mas erros que era incabíveis a qualquer criatura viva com a minha bagagem, vir a cometer. Houve uma época em que eu morava em um hotel em frente à casa noturna em que eu trabalhava e não vou falar o nome do hotel porque certamente o Beto Volpe sabe e vai me zoar! O Dono do hotel era um português, cujo nome me foge da memória! Mas eu me lembro de ter sido chamado por ele uma vez para conversar e, embora eu não consiga me lembrar textualmente do que ele disse, o que ele fez, foi me dar: “Bons conselhos”! Ele Mostrou estar muito atento a maneira como eu vinha vivendo e chamou minha atenção para o fato de que a cada manhã entrava uma moça diferente no hotel que passava pela portaria, pegava minha chave e ficava esperando. E Posso dizer que me lembro de algumas palavras:

- Claudio! You're throwing your life away, every girl that comes in here to stay with you has a hope! the hope that you wake up and look at it and see in it, the value worthy of giving to every woman:

take it for yourself as wife build family disappear from this street and never come back!

The street was Rua Bento Freitas, Beto the hotel was the domino hotel and the club was Le Masque. Do you want me to tell the whole truth? Yes, there were rivers of reason in his words, I lacked, love! Love for me!

It was sex and not love

I didn't make love, I had sex! And the big goal was her orgasm whoever she was as long as it was a good orgasm. After all, advertising is the lifeblood of the business!

But, I "Up as DJ for the Wagon Plaza at Nestor Pestana".

At some point There in the Plaza car I believe I contract HIV! I was talking the other day with a friend and I'll explain it to you!
Nestor Pestana Street
Na Rua Nestor Pestana haviam 5 casas noturnas. as mais “fortes” era o Kilt e o vagão Plaza. Eu não sei bem como as coisas funcionavam no Kilt, mas o Vagão Plaza tinha uma clientela que não chamava nos de teleguiada: Fosse de Tóquio, Londres, Amsterdam, Paris Hong Kong outras cidades, todos os dias levantava voo um avião ou 2 ou 3012 ou 30 passageiros com Espírito apontado para o seguinte objetivo: Nos Próximos cinco dias eu fecharei os negócios que tem que fechar e na próxima sexta-feira sábado domingo ou segunda-feira eu estarei no vagão Plaza!
And I'll do a show with one of those 400 women!
Can you believe it or not The fact is that I've been with almost all of them and none of them and I say none stammered You have to use a condom"! And the sad truth is that neither me nor this is in the text in which I say I do not want a cure! I did not care either!
And let's say I turned to this friend of mine and looked virtually at her and said,
My dear friend, I don't know when I contracted HIV, and I will never be able to know! The fact, undeniable, unchangeable unconsciously, but that does not serve as an excuse, I acted like a centrifuge, and disastrously I don't have the notion or the ability to measure how far I spread pain, death and dissolution. And this friend of mine used that emoticon, of total sadness because it fit very well there, and I don't know where he could or could come, I ended up better!

Imense Sadness and Some remorse too 😓😩😫😨

I know that I went too far in the final objective of this text and I have no intention of erasing it! What I honestly promise you. Can you believe that someone like me has honesty? Today is the 21st of July 2019 is 20:42! In a few moments I will use the editing resources I have to copy all this text and paste it on the WordPress editing table. What will differ from this version that is here for the version that you will see will be the correction of spelling mistakes made by a computer that is listening to a saying! And yet you can make mistakes!

Is it because I then a dyslexic, could not go wrong typing?

When typing, mistakes are almost without consequences, the mistakes I made are existential! And maybe I have to work another 50 years, on this blog, and according to my faith in the spiritual world, for at least the impacts of so much anxiety and frivolity and why not tell the whole truth?
I did not know how to love, and sex was just fun
Hoje eu sei e entendo aqui o sexo é algo que Deus nos deu para que nós tivéssemos mais uma alegria ao viver! E nos dias de hoje sobre o peso de tanto luto, tanta dor, tanto remorso, tanta epifania e aos que preferirem tamanho insight, e não posso usar de nenhum recurso de retórica. E eu creio que vocês devem ter percebido que eu sou bom nisso, embora não só na retórica, mas também nos atos , toda essa responsabilidade é única e exclusivamente minha! Não tivera eu ninguém e Deus me enviou os conselhos do dono daquele hotel que por alguns minutos olhou para mim como quem olha para um filho! E agiu para comigo da melhor maneira como um pai age para com filho e se o meu que descanse em paz, estava limitado por “n” fatores de leniência, eu não posso usar esses fatores como fator de defesa para mim, porque vocês podem não acreditar mas a rua educa! Educa com dureza e com aulas caríssimas! Mais educa, e se eu não aprendi, foi porque com toda a certeza não quis prestar atenção, e colando as afirmações e um personagem de um filme, eu não tenho direito de olhar para vocês e dizerem que naquele momento a virtude não era conveniente.
Everything Is As God Desires, Is Not Father Manolo?
And I promise that I will try to talk only and only about the symptoms of HIV in the next text! But I think you've already realized that I can't keep changing analysts, which is why I swore I swore I will never change analysts because: Éline helped me a lot! But it was Maira who allowed me to take me through the three labyrinths of my consciousness instead of staying here with this room with so many chests with so many pictures and so many pictures filled with so much pain! So much pain, so much pain and pain, yes, so much pain! Not only moral and physical, but also intellectual tough.
Newly diagnosed? Reagent? HIV Positive?
If you read the next article, unfortunately nothing has changed!
a few HIV infections

PrEP in Scotland Some dropouts and some HIV infections (!!!!!)

One Year of PrEP in Scotland: Some dropouts and some HIV infections!

Some HIV Infections!

Editor's note / translator / and everything / tor from Soropositivo.Org What led me to translate this text was exactly what caught my attention in the English title: First year of PrEP in Scotland: more users than expected, few dropouts, few HIV infections "Some HIV infections" This title, in my opinion, is a disgrace !!!! Implicit for me is something like this:
You idiots take medicines to treat HIV while you are not HIV-positive to see if you get HIV. And if you get HIV (something is missing here)… .. Well, those of you who in the meantime are already taking antiretrovirals like PrEP, well, for you, “it doesn't change anything,” because you are already taking antiretrovirals. ! Just change the acronyms, continue to life filling our very crowded coffers! In all this, for me, only one “ops” was missing!
The Faces That Sell!
I have an article to be translated, it is old and time does not help, but now it has become urgent, because its title in English, roughly is something like:

PrEP as BRIDGE for HAART !!!!!!!

A bridge to the future! Not that (...) the PMDB (Is not this the party known as the old prostitute?) Forgive me, sex workers already retired, I did not mean to offend .... And, I know, you know that I respect you more than they

If PrEP is to prevent HIV infection, what kind of study is this? What is the purpose of all this? Putting people without HIV in ART with another logo on the pretext of prevent HIV infection and, if caught, well, you are already, same, used to it (with the whole idea in itself) with the medication and, then, does not change anything!

They cover me the "text of the bridge". They cover me to death!

The recent report on the first year of implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) through the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland concludes: “The first year has been a resounding success in terms of establishing a new national service - the first of this type in the United Kingdom and one of the first worldwide. ”In total, 1872 people received a prescription for PrEP in Scotland during the first year of the program. If the same proportion of the population in England had been prescribed PrEP, it would have represented more than 19.000 people. Between one and four were infected with HIV after being prescribed PrEP. The uncertainty is about the exact date of HIV infection; what is known is that none of the people involved had preventive drug levels in their blood at the time of infection (sic).

Most Only Use PrEP Temporarily - It's The Same Condom Problem

It is not the method, the condom, that needs to be changed. It is Consciousness. I was missing one, as a sad example Since most people only took PrEP for a few months before July of 2018, when the latest data from the report was collected, accurate reduction in HIV incidence is difficult to calculate, but the data suggest that people who prescribed PrEP were up to 75% less likely to become infected with HIVas if such a number were good !!!! - than those who do not. The Health Protection Scotland report says this has been achieved despite several factors that may have acted as barriers:
  • a mere four-month gap between the Scottish Council Medicines PrEP approval and the start of their NHS rollout
  • the novelty of PrEP and the training of associate staff needs a higher-than-expected demand, including a high proportion of people who have never attended sexual health clinics,
  • no additional public money allocated for this.

As you can see below, there is a logistical / structural cost with IT investments that are not low

The introduction of PrEP required administrative and structural changes, such as new IT and coding systems introduced in the sexual health surveillance system, and mechanisms for reimbursing costs for patients attending clinics outside their area of ​​residence, including England. New patient education materials also had to be developed. The success of the program. Health Protection Scotland says, “it exceeded expectations” and was partly due to the decision to involve everyone interested in multidisciplinary teams throughout the process - including third sector organizations, community activists, service providers, politicians, NHS administrators and outside experts, including doctors and argues that they were supporting generic PrEP users in England at the time.
PrEP users, how were they chosen for this study?
O NHS Scotland, defined four risk behavior eligibility criteria for PrEP. Of the 1872 people who prescribed PrEP in the first year, the eligibility criterion was not recorded in 28% of cases. Of the remainder, 78% were gay and bisexual who had unprotected anal sex during the past year with two or more partners. Meanwhile, another 18% of users fell under the criterion of having had a sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the past year; 2% had an HIV-positive partner with viral load undetectable; and 1% were judged by doctors as "at equivalent risk"!

Catch All PrEP to Risk

The so-called "catch-all" category designed to allow doctors to prescribe PrEP to people who could not be at risk (an example might be someone in an abusive relationship who suspected their partner might have HIV). It can be comforting that a relatively small number of people (274, or 11% with PrEP as a reason for attendance) went to a clinic in search of PrEP, but were found ineligible, showing that doctors were not prescribing “. On the other hand, practically all people prescribed PrEP were gay or bisexual men, with only 14 people identifying themselves as women and nine as heterosexual men - among them only 1,2% of PrEP users or less than half proportion of non-gay participants. in the trial version of IMPACT in English. The Scottish report recognizes that "more needs to be done to raise awareness of PrEP among women, trans people and heterosexual men" and promises to conduct research on the best way to meet their needs.

PrEP Users in Scotland Are in the Same Age Age of Visitors This Blog

Most of the people who prescribed PrEP (56%) were between 20 and 35 years old, but one in seven was over 50, and this age group was particularly well represented among early adopters. Seventy (3,7%) PrEP users were under 20 years old. There was immediate interest in PrEP as soon as it was offered in July 2017, being the peak month for new revenues in October, with 211 new PrEP users.

PrEP prescriptions in stepwise reduction

After that, new prescriptions decreased to about 125 per month until June of 2018, although the month with the highest number of prescriptions total May 218, with 519. Scotland offered patients the option of daily or event-based PrEP; 74% chose daily PrEP and 17% chose event-based PrEP, with the other 9% switching from one to the other during the year (slightly more daily to event-based than the other way around). A significant and unexpected finding was that a high proportion of PrEP seekers were people who were attending a sexual health clinic for the first time (19%) or who did not attend for at least two years (11%). Many of the older homosexuals were in that category. Only 2% of patients with PrEP prescribed during the year (45 people) were reported to have stopped. This, of course, does not reflect the true value, as most people who stopped simply would not have returned, instead of telling their clinic. If each person prescribed PrEP during the year had taken PrEP daily and filled their prescriptions every month, the number of repeated prescriptions would have been at least twice the 4432 actually seen, but adherence would never be realistically so high.
HIV testing and results
As expected, the influx of people presenting for PrEP has resulted in a considerable increase in HIV and STD testing at sexual health clinics. HIV testing was on an upward trend - in gay and bisexual men arriving at STI clinics, the number of tests per quarter increased from 1920 in mid-2014 to 3250 at the time PrEP started in July 2017.

Further increased to 4150 tests in June of 2018.

In the patients who received PrEP prescription, the increase was much more pronounced. Looking back, about 250 of these 1872 people performed an HIV test in the second quarter of 2014; 750 performed a test in the quarter started by PrEP (July to September of 2017); and 1450 - 35% of all gay and bisexual men testing at STD clinics - in the quarter that included June of 2018. The cumulative number of HIV testing among PrEP users was one of the additional burdens that clinics had to endure.
Diagnosis of HIV Infection Increases in All Populations
Despite the increased number of tests, HIV diagnoses actually declined among gay men in the first year PrEP was available. HIV diagnosis at all sites (not just STI clinics) decreased in gay and bisexual men from 91 in the year prior to PrEP to 76 in the first year. In contrast, the HIV diagnosis in all populations increased from 189 to 215 in the same period.
Not PrEP
The decrease in HIV diagnoses among homosexuals is almost certainly not due to PrEP, or not yet. By the middle of 2016, HIV diagnoses in MSM in STI clinics were around 80 per year. During the following year - to that before the PrEP became widely available - they fell sharply to 47 and were 43 in the year after the start of PrEP. Cases of recent HIV infection - acquired less than six months prior to testing - dropped similarly from about 30 per year before July from 2016 to 17 in 2016-7 and 19 in 2017-8. This decrease seems to mirror those observed in England at the same time and was similarly attributed to increases in HIV testing and to the proportion of people on antiretroviral therapy who are suppressed by viruses.
IST tests and results
The number of STI tests more or less mirrored in HIV tests increased at the same higher rate in people who took PrEP or who would continue to take PrEP. And gonorrhea diagnoses increased between mid-2014 and mid-2018, as they have elsewhere, from about 170 a quarter in June 2014 to over 300 a quarter at the beginning of PrEP in July 2017 and around 400 in the last quarter of 2017. The increases were much greater in men who took PrEP! For the obvious reason! PrEP may even prevent some HIV infections, but it opens the door, with the forgiveness of Chiquinha Gonzaga, for STDs, and with an epidemic of gonorrhea almost without cure spreading, it makes a lot of sense to find ways to not use it condom!
Even among those who were "taken into account the possibility of using PrEP
Or, they would adopt it, with 85 per quarter at the beginning of PrEP available for 160 per quarter in the last quarter of 2017. This is equivalent to using the credit card without salary !!!
More Tests are the Cause. It's ... You know that Shadow of the Sieve?
This seems a large increase in gonorrhea in PrEP men, but it is almost entirely due to more tests. THE proportion of men who had STI tests diagnosed with gonorrhea was 8,05% during July 2016 to June 2017 in men who never used PrEP and 10,9% in men who started using PrEP the following year. The following year, the rate was 7,25% for men who did not use PrEP and 11,9% for men who took PrEP. The difference between PrEP users and non-users is statistically significant, but changes from year to year are not. As the report puts it, “[There were] 318 more diagnoses [of gonorrhea] in men with prescribed PrEP compared to an additional eight in non-prescribed PrEP men… these observations reflect multiple visits to sexual health clinics (including STI testing)” .
Implementation issues and possible impact on public health
The first year of PrEP was not achieved without difficulties, expected and unexpected. The beginning of July of 2017 coincided with the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) being presented to gay men under 45, so that clinics had a double burden of new prescriptions. This has led many patients to need much longer consultations than usual. Some clinics have solved this problem by introducing pre-assessment interviews by nurses who have collected behavioral data, with physicians called only to give test results, prescribe PrEP if necessary, and explain dosage and compliance. At first, disproportionate concerns among some employees about the side effects of PrEP and drug interactions persisted despite the training, but these decreased as the team gained more experience with PrEP users and the results of the interpretation labs. Some doctors struggled with patients who had complex eligibility problems *, but these were resolved by doctors by creating “professional couple support systems”, such as so-called virtual clinics.
On the other hand, fewer people than expected traveled from England or elsewhere to get the Scottish PrEP. *
When PrEP started, only the brand Truvada was available at a cost of £ 355 for 30 days, but the commissioners decided to buy generic drugs at a tenth of the price. These became available in October, although "this was subject to legal challenge". Another cost reduction and effectiveness measure adopted was the issuance of PrEP to patients on the day of their initial assessment, as in England. The report says that "occasional" patients ended up having acute HIV that day and had to be withdrawn, but they do not say how many.
Difficult to Define if the Result is Due to PrEP
Is still difficult to say if PrEP produced any further reduction in HIV infections at the population level. There was a decrease in the proportion of positive HIV test takers in July from 2017 - June to 2018 compared to previous 12 months, from 0,4% of all testers to 0,3%, but no decrease in people who had recently acquired HIV. The "between one to four" people who took HIV even though they were prescribed PrEP would indicate an overall annual incidence of HIV among all PrEP takers from 0,1% to 0,4%, indicating group-level efficacy of up to 75% but PrEP is still too new for any population to be observable. * Eligibility - What is the problem in the eligibility of the condom supply? Age and size. Once these "variables" are set ... * Scottish PrEP .... I do not see equivalent difficulty in the case of condoms .... £ 355 .... Would the condom cost £ 1.00 (almost $ 5.00)? Population Level! The condom, which I so much question I did not use has minimized impact after population impact. What is the point in implementing PrEP, when establishing condom use is much cheaper and is fudamentado exactly what I did not have? Education regarding sexual and reproductive health. I was such an accomplished idiot that I considered STD a kind of war trophy (...)! Translated by Cláudio souza do Original in First year of PrEP in Scotland: more users than expected, few dropouts, few HIV infections by Gus Cairns Originally posted in 02 April 2019


Health Protection Scotland. Implementation of HIV PrEP in Scotland: First Report of the Year. Watch for full report, abstracts and infographic.
Symptoms of HIV Infection

Symptoms of HIV Infection are Similar to Viral Infections!

Symptoms of infection with HIV are similar to those of a virus! Yes, I know, I've said it countless times! And yet it has not resolved and, to reinforce this I quote:

"Certain concepts have to be instilled in the mind of the reader by force of repetition"!

Machado de Assis - (Dom Casmurro)

Yes! Symptoms of HIV Infection Similar to Viral Infection

People Living With HIV

This family "is real". David Kirby is real. Or it was, unfortunately I do not see how he could have reached this stage ... of the disease, before the 90 decade and still survived to 1996 / 1997. I do not judge the characters. In those days I was a frequent visitor to one of these stores and, after this photo, while I had the economic standard I had one day, never, NEVER AGAIN I entered one of its stores!

Hi guys good night. This text should have been posted "online" yesterday, Monday, April 2nd. It's not easy for me to keep up. It is not lack of courage. It's gas shortage.

Look good! I'm a person who does not even look at the sky, I just thank you! You know, when I got my diagnosis, everything was a lot, but a lot more complicated. COMPLICATED!

In the set of bad news, the worst of all was the six months of survival that I was for which I thought I was happy or happy, as they say here.

Help keep this blog! It generates costs! A little help, just one, on a day of your life!!!
And yet the most dantesque aspects of my peripheral neuropathy are "lights ", in the face of those I saw, a few months ago, in a person who was about to take the same exam I did, the electroneuromiography (word of the devils).

Just to register, the last one I did, actually * lived *, made me stop counting when I had received a little more 400 stings ....

And ... Look. If I told you that yesterday I spoke with the three hundred-plus person plus 30 testing for the presence of HIV that does not accept the unreactive result, after months, in some cases more than a year, and in other cases more than years and years, I'm sure some of you would believe because, I believe, and I come close to daring to bet that there are a few dozen people, here ... even in the Fan Page of the Blog, that they are experiencing similar, similar, similar or exponential situations ad infinitum.

Well, this is another text on the subject!

Immunologic Window, If SUS Tests Are Confidence and Symptoms (...)

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And I looked for it, to republish and enlarge, because most of the people that come to me speak of symptoms. I say: Somatization.

They say: Somatize lymphocyte decline? And the monocytes?

They speak as doctors and doctors, when it suits them, and when you are close to "killing their will to carry HIV" they and they close to the arguments and say,

- "My symptoms (word millions of times damn) tell me otherwise! And I just want to know so you can treat me! "

In this way I put this back, with some updates and other links, that say it's all in your head, accept your non-reagent, since all I wanted was exactly to have the chance to change it, to be able to enter a laboratory and receive a unreactive result.

Yes! Yes! Any Virose

And as I know this does not make sense, going back in time calls for high amounts of energy and a truck of tachyions. I want you to understand, once and for all that the Symptoms of HIV infection are similar to those of a virus like the flu.

And I repeat myself, because although I almost get tired of saying, there are people who seem to need this phrase in their routines.

Madness among the madness, some people told me they USE AUDIO THAT I SENT TO THEM, TO HEAR ME BEFORE SLEEPING!


Audios that say, in one way or another, almost always the same which is written below:

Symptoms of HIV Infection

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Symptoms of HIV Infection

People do not see the obvious howling. Our family has an extra zeal for us. Me and Mara. When a person in the family falls ill, we are informed and we do not visit them. Maybe it's really overzealous. I know. What I try to establish with this "speech" is that it is quite acceptable that people can exhibit similar symptoms. It may be a pathology, which is VIROSE! Catso! Or pure and simple mimicry. Decades ago I lived with a woman and her son and on a certain night I was with Dayse, a family friend, in the sound booth of SKY & Perepepes "and when I left the Sound Booth and went to the dressing rooms for a last minute adjustment I found her laughing in the back hurrying me: - "you walk the same as Pedrinho"! The truth is just the opposite and this is mimicry

With regard to symptoms of HIV infection I heard the narrative of a friend who does a job just like mine, but in another country, who told me about an individual who sought him telling a story that bordered on insanity!

As he described:

A "sequence of breathtaking events!"

And it made me angry. That's why I put it here.

A damn blood count

"... on the basis of this leukocyte count, the doctor said, this person needs to be hospitalized, as this can be an AIDS picture...! "That's what the doctor said at that Bananagua hospital."

His partner maintained unprotected extra-marital relationships and the first thing he felt was a mixture of fear, remorse, and despair.

eThe first person was tested against HIV and gave non-reagent. And another blood count showed a "normal" white blood cell count ...

But there are people, unfortunately, who consider themselves capable of Evaluating a Hemogram based on Knowing the Good at What.

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Because people infected with HIV often have some signs and symptoms of seroconversion, with such often non-specific markers, this is a poor form for early detection of HIV infection in clinics, MedPage reported today.

Symptoms of HIV Infection

Accept Your Non-Reagent Result. The Symptoms of HIV Infection are the same as those of a virus !!!

A Doctor needs to EVALUATE THE DARK exam!

And the damn exam needs to be done after the immunological window!

An individual is acutely infected with HIV when he or she responds "positive" (reagent) to HIV RNA or p24 antigen (each of which shows the presence of HIV in the body before antibodies to the virus have been generated).

But with negative (non-reagent) results for antibodies.

A total of 261 members of the HIV positive RNA test cohort, and 112 or 3,4 per cent of the cohort, had their HIV Infection Serological Status confirmed.

Of that group, 50 people gave two or more blood samples they tested positive for HIV RNA before presenting antibody reagent results as well. The analysis of the study focused on this group.

The average peak viral load between groups was 5 million, occurring 13 days after the first positive HIV RNA test.

After the first RNA Reagent result, an average of 14 days passed before individuals presented reactive results!

This brings the implication that anyone judges able to interpret a CBC or its "own symptoms" must see that it is VISCERLY IMPOSSIBLE to experience an immune window of 12 monthswith a thousand devils!

For antibodies specific to HIV. After reaching a peak of viral load dropped to a low of 20.000, which is a result of 25.000's "basic" viral count.

Most commonly, physical symptoms of the acute phase of HIV, also known as seroconversion disease, took place around the peak viral load time. The most frequently reported symptoms were fevers, headache and malaise. The most frequent signs that doctors observed were high heart rate and lymphadenopathy. Participants reported a mean of a symptom of acute infection on an average of two visits during the study. Doctors observed a sign of acute infection on an average of three visits.

The researchers concluded:

  • Nonspecific symptoms and signs [acute HIV infection] were more common.
  • Severe manifestations were not observed.
  • Volunteers reported symptoms at only 29 percent of visits.
  • And on any day of visit the probability of observing a symptom or signal was only 50%.

Translated by Claudio Souza's original Acute HIV 'Difficult' to Detect in Clinic. The immediately preceding Link opens in this browser tab, taking you off the site.

Oral Sex, Immune System, HIV

This theme is one of the most read in the blog

You only understand what it is, when you experience the problem very closely.


Drugs in general suck.

But the crack. Pq Me P!

About HIV and Sorology I say this: If you are today as I went, one day, your path will surely end up in the same dead end where I ended up seeing myself.

HIV Reagent Without Knowing.

This, after it has occurred, CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

Stop the madness.

Immediately do a test for HIV Detection. You can and should do this exam in the SUS.

The exams are reliable and you will not receive, alone, a sealed envelope on an innox steel tray (in the past it would have been silver).

No Reagent, great.

Wait for window period since the last unprotected sex.

Do not react again! Great. Consider yourself a person who owes much to God!


Well, it is not good to God that you should raise curses. Yes, it is on your account that this is so. And as far as I know, and where scientists know, this is not going to change.

Then you can start here, trying to better understand what happens to you

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