crack yThe Drug Use and AIDS

Since the crack has spread like a plague, it is common to see young people of all classes rolling down the cliff, sometimes falling into delinquency due to drug use.

There are many reasons that cause a person to addiction. For victims of poverty or family conflicts, for example, the use of drugs can appear as an escape.

There are also those who underestimate the crack, believing it to be able to control. But when it comes this numbing battles are never won easily.

In fact, the use of drugs such as crack cocaine often leads to a bottomless pit often, where even AIDS.

Cheating you, it is thought that the drugs you consume (consumed) are produced in an environment like this where biosecurity is complete. Drocas are prepared in dirty, unsafe and dangerous environments. In addition, I DJ on the night (worst nights) and I saw a lot; People baptizing cocaine with rat poison, to kill fleas, with ground glass .... There is no security in the drogase consume the name "DRUG", says it all. Then do not complain
cheating you, if you think the drugs you consume, we consume are produced in an environment like this where biosecurity is complete.
Drugs are prepared in dirty, improper, unhealthy and dangerous environments. Besides, I was a DJ in the night (at the worst of the nights) and I saw a lot; People baptizing cocaine with rat poison, with fleas, with ground glass .... There is no safety in the consumption of drugs and the name "DRUG", it says everything. Then do not complain.Drug is the end of the chip

The growth of drug use in the country is worrying. Consequences may lead an addict to engage in a cycle of suffering. In the worst cases, drug use leads to crime. Marginalized, many users see theft as the only way to sustain their addiction. Women and men also prostitute themselves in exchange for the stone.

In addition to bringing obvious dangers, drug use still hides lesser known evils. In the case of crack, for example, few know of its close relationship with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS by attacking the immune cells of the infected person. Thus, the body becomes little by little unable to fight off opportunistic infections such as Kaposi's sarcoma or pneumocystosis, a very aggressive type of pneumonia that affects only people with weakened immune systems.

Before fatal, AIDS has become treatable with a cocktail of drugs available even by public agencies. The big problem is that marginalized people, such as those who live to the use of drugs, do not seek treatment for AIDS, how Portuguese and Spanish-speaking people refer to the disease, even ignoring the fact of being contaminated. Hence the fatal relationship between the use of drugs such as crack and AIDS.

Cascade of many pills.

The stone is a crystallized version crack cocaine. With great power of addiction, arrived in Brazil in the nineties, shortly after the outbreak of AIDS eighties.

Gradually, over the numbing pleasure taking over and traced the big cities. Then, drug use would também part of the scenario of smaller cities, em every regal country.

The use of drugs such as crack gives pleasure and euphoria. Powerful and relatively inexpensive, the stone supposedly kills the hunger of those who have nothing to eat. But these feelings do not last long, leaving depressed for more users and fissured. There comes a time to get a more "rock" becomes the only reason to live who is a hostage of drug use.

Popularly related to homelessness, drug use goes far beyond squares and gutters, reaching different social classes. Many users enter the crack addiction in search of a numbing recreation.

Amy Winehouse

However, more powerful, the stone takes its toll: addictive quickly brings paranoia, cause muscle spasms and can kill.

Still, the great evil of drug use is another: free to addiction, life loses its way. No prospects, the hostage of drug use becomes apathetic.

Blinded by the crack, does not respect family and friends. When you do not feel part of society, can commit crimes. Besides destroying the family and professional life, drug use also offers risk of death.

This not only among those who are exposed to a stroke (when veins do not support blood pressure and rupture) or tumble in the violent world of the streets, but also because the use of drugs such as crack hides another evil: AIDS.

AIDS ribbon schleifeDespite not using syringes, crack users are more prone to contamination of the AIDS virus. This happens, for example, because many hostages of drug use when numb, do not worry about the condom as fuck.
Another reason of contamination by AIDS is prostitution. Without stability, one of the only ways women and men hostage of drug money is achieving this.

When speaking on AIDS, promiscuity without the worry of caring increases the danger of contamination. The AIDS transmission can occur through infected blood transfusion, but this is rare.

Before the use of drugs, the AIDS virus passes from one person to another due to sharing needles.

But remember that the AIDS virus is transmitted primarily through sexual intercourse without a condom.
In Brazil, it is estimated that nearly three hundred thousand people have died because of AIDS.

Currently, there are about six hundred thousand people infected with HIV in the country. Many are know to have AIDS - and perhaps discover too late.

Much of the people who ignore AIDS are hostages of drug use and living marginalized.

Remember that AIDS infects not only through vaginal or anal penetration, but also through oral sex.

The only way to protect themselves from HIV during sex is to use condoms. Examination denouncing the AIDS virus is carried free of charge in public hospitals.

The cocktail of AIDS treatment is also offered by the public health system.

Every addict should get rid of drug use. Along this bumpy road, the only road that leads away from AIDS goes through condoms.

You must also avoid sharing needles when injecting drugs is a danger in relation to AIDS. The most important is to fight with all our strength against drug use, seeking help when possible.

After all, the drug is the final straw.

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