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Introduction to the varga category Viral

Viral load has always been a long, but very important aspect.

The viral load said, let's say, how fast the train was without brakes down the mountain and, you see, this expression is not my invention! I learned this in a text called "knowing the disease better."

And, I remember, one person, probably terrified of her situation, who threw me such reproach that I had nothing left but to tell her to plant fava beans and, you see, this is the polite way I have to say to you what I really said to her, that was not planting beans, she created a blog, she published a text and it disappeared. Like another person, who literally doing "spam", I hate spammers, within the community on Facebook that I, crazy, got to invest values ​​to have some audience there and, yes, I spent in it, a nice reproach.

Well, I know the things he determined were done against me and my site, but he did not count on the fact that I had an automatic weekly backup routine and I was able to recover my site.

What I remember is that he sent a message saying that "running a blog was more work than he thought".

In fact, it gives, and I realized he was going to give up.

And although I can not and should not, I offered him the equivalent of the 5 annuities of the domain, so he passed it to me and the damn dog let the blog run out and all those people literally orphaned.

To hell with him.

The fact, and I ran away from it, is that the viral load, at my first count, exceeded three million copies of viral RNA per milliliter of blood.

I left the Treatment Center so lost that when I realized I had collided with the side of a bus.

Put simply, if the bus was ten seconds late, or I was ten seconds early, and we would not be here, in this conversation.
and this section of the Blog will start to deal with viral load.

My blog is a fox, the fox who only has similar in my spirit, another fox.

I'm trying to organize and bring all the texts that handle viral load into this section and I'll keep them here. It will be difficult, slow and lonely, and all I ask of you is patience!

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