Prevention begins with dialogue

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Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV

Well, I mention a lot of (the) responsibility of traditional media (sic) - I mean those who are sinking in the sea of ​​mud that they helped to create. For example, I did not believe in patavina about that late repentance and the sudden insight they had about the "mistake" they made. IF they are like this, so sorry, why do not they give back a part of what they "earned" by dedicating 45 uninterrupted seconds every half hour to fighting AIDS? Is it because it hurts? ... Put in the accounts of the profits of the lead years, when you vomit shit for a suffering, hardworking and dishonored people with all the mud that these all these years was provoked and proliferated. telling lies to the poor, to those who today are victims of so much hatred (rancid and sickly hate that one day will take them where they deserve to be ...

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Each one put, and his mind, the phrases they put here

Because it does not matter to them speak on this subject and I lost a friend, a beloved friend when I realized that he was ashamed of me when they procure me, I have no problem tipoff that. Added-and that something even worse and this was the sad demise of a large, delicious, happy and well fortunate adventure for more than three decades.

Well, I say to all, and this is one reason why I have no problems I declare publicly as HIV carrier. Countries that prohibit the entry of HIV-positive people in the country do not matter to me that they and this is the claim to remain anonymous - The Constitution says that the right to free expression is guaranteed and Vefa is anonymous - I suggest you go raise chickens dear Jotalhão (who does not remember that green Elephant - an anomaly - trying to make us laugh.

I, to myself, I prefer the Horace ;;

I am Cláudio Santos de Souza, bearer of RG 21; .708.140- x with records in HC under 3256664J number

Below is a video that shows the importance of dialogue:

Can not democracy with anonymous!

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