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Claudio Souza may seem to be the people behind this site. I am the person who works the website, or blog. But Mara gave me the idea.

Well, I've been living with HIV for almost 1 / 4 of the Century! If you saw me on the street without seeing me here, would you imagine that in a subway car? And now, if you see me in a subway car or at a bank branch, would you know if I would be the only person living with AIDS, because this is my case, inside this same agency? IT'S! This Is Claudio Souza. Actually, it's me!
Cláudio Souza is me! I am aware that I have HIV for almost a quarter of a century. And I started this 18 work, almost 19 years ago, always using my name: Cláudio Souza!

And it did not take long to appear clearly on the Internet. Already in 2004 I said well who I was and gave some tips on how to find me and, believe me, I got many readers of my blog, actually "my blogs", I had more than one.

Mara was the one who gave Jeito in Cláudio Souza
But it was Mara that I was sure: "This is the Woman that Completes Me."

"Cheated read"! She reformed me! He took my shards, threw away, with my permission, everything that was there and was no use. Before her, I had eight marriages, some of which were concomitant, but there was no crime in that.

Be that as it may, all these "initial marriages" did not add together the little more than seventeen years, little less than 20 years that, one way or another, we spent together.
Yes, in one form or another. Many times on the telephone
If I'm here now, being who I am, a much better person than the one who walked into an apartment on Pliny Colas Street, years, years, and years ago, is because she can see my worth, forgive the stupid things I've done in giving repeated possibilities of rebuilding me until I miss so much.

Well, that's what I think I am!

Some people say that I spread the "doctrine of fear".

Well, I do not think it's too right to say that @ generation will be the one who will see the AIDS cure! even because the scientists themselves, the serious ones, are reticent about this and certain videos ....
I "hunted" HIV
In any case, I acted irresponsibly and contracted HIV. And, not knowing who carried it, only God can know how many people I unconsciously infected.

And that's why I've made so many mistakes, and I've ruined countless lives, "Stories," that today I follow the maxim I learned almost as if I were lashing out:

In doubt! No Trespassing

Good Reading
Claudio Souza

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