There is life with HIV

Chat with the Editor

Chat with the Editor

Chat with the Editor

Hello! Welcome! I know it may be very important for someone who might want to talk to the publisher of this site for "N" reasons!

And for me it's important that you get to know my work a little better, before you talk to the publisher, you know something about him.

I have lived the last 24 years with HIV, having received the diagnosis, when I was told that I would have "only six months more life and that the latter would be particularly difficult

There was the barely contained sketch of a smile on her face [😡😎]

But I need you to know this:

This was the last attempt to get the sickness aid, and I'll have to try one more, and another and another until I get, maybe never, my benefit, as a Brazilian citizen that I am !!


This image, which follows below, is that of my left hand, which must seem very healthy to you!

: )

Seropositive.Org Needs Help
Despite the regrets, I do want to live up to the 70. As long as I do not become a problem for anyone.

I need help and, please note, I'm not putting any bank information here just so you do not believe that I will not respond if you do not make a donation. This is out of the question!

You will be answered by me, even if I am admitted to an outpatient clinic and never in an ICU

I'll put a document here before the form and, after it, two documents. Me, please read them:

And this other one, to see that I have already taken a long walk!

If You want to Help, just dry this link and a Pop Up window will open. Be sure to allow pop ups for the Seropositive.Org and Reagente.Org domains.

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