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Claudio Souza
Dura Lex Sed Lex (The law is harsh, but it is the law)
Dura Lex Sed Lex (The law is harsh, but it is the law)
Lex Dura Lex Sed (The law is harsh, but it is the law)

President Dilma Rousseff Initiative recently published on Tuesday June day 03 2014, signed a bill that promises to make a difference in the lives of HIV positive (infected with HIV) hereinafter: the law will make crime acts of discrimination against individuals who are HIV positive and AIDS originated diseases.

The new regulation is already published in the Official Gazette, and provides a penalty ranging from one to four years in prison plus a fine and for individuals who act in a prejudicial manner towards seropositive.

Among the acts that will be penalized, we highlight some of the behaviors that may lead to this or these years imprisonment. Prohibiting entry into the labor market, in schools, nurseries, or other environments and schools of public or private bias, denial, dismissal, resignation or segregation of HIV positive are also actions that may now lead behind bars.

Note the Seropositive Editor Web Site: I do not doubt web, or doubt, even for a second to enforce this law, if feel discriminated against. And even the most strict privacy policy resist a criminal action. The right of expression and guaranteed by the constitution and anonymity is strictly denied.


In addition, that make it difficult to care for contaminated with the AIDS virus in health institutions will also be subject to penalties and fines listed above.

Qume chain to discriminate seropositive
the sun will rise square for those who discriminate against HIV-positive or AIDS patients

The proposal was a solution created by former senator Serys Slhessarenko also the PT, but in MT, and approved this week by President Dilma Rousseff. Going forward, the rule already entered into force, that is, any discriminatory acts may already result in jail.

It must be noted that this was a bill that was under discussion since the year 2003 and after 11 years, finally took effect this already from Tuesday that was validated in the Brazilian territory, in concerns seropositive foreigners who suffer from such discrimination within the country patients, or Brazilian.

The contradiction

It is clear that this decision should not fail to be seen positively, after all, is a breakthrough with regard to combating prejudice against individuals who are already fighting a variety of other issues.

But it is a pity the fact that creating a law is necessary to intensify this is wrong. That prejudice is evil. That nothing justifies the practice. That discrimination in the workplace, educational / academic should not happen under any perspective. Contaminated with the AIDS virus person certainly knows his limitations and does not need anyone to give it even more, but this time, moral and limitations that hinder their righteous living in society.

The creation of law is certainly a step forward, to further intensify the direct human seropositive, which should be treated as any other individual.

The problem is that many years ago, or better, for about two decades, the individual infected by the AIDS virus was limited to a series of activities, which meant that many companies fail to hire these professionals to market. The fear was that he would die quickly, or they get sick often, which culminated in many days at home, undermining the work routine.

However, new methods have been created to prevent the contamination is overthrown by the disease, or even the purchase. This guy gets the same quality of healthy life than an individual uncontaminated.

Positive effects for the country

After the adoption of such a law, Brazilian law walks tune with prospects and guidelines related to human AIDS and the UN (United Nations) rights.

In the last report that was made by the organization, considering the Brazilian territory, on the fight against AIDS, a program known as UNAIDS, 718 was recognized in Brazil by a thousand individuals infected with the AIDS virus in the nation.

In addition, there also must be noted that, recently, the Brazilian Federal Government itself was praised by the WHO - World Health Organization, UNAIDS, and also by otherDilma Rousseff, president--Brazil-energy-who-sends-this-country global institutions. The reason for praise was hard work, characterized by various actions and campaigns to prevent and combat AIDS. In addition, the free distribution of condoms Brazilian programs and remedies that may be essential for the treatment of the disease were also highlighted, which makes the well recognized country in this regard.

And Brazil is moving increasingly towards awareness and treatment of disease. One of the latest achievements in Brazilian territory relates to a vaccine that was developed at USP - University of São Paulo. It was tested in infected by HIV and the results were highly positive primates, which leads to a simpler manner of possible prevention of the disease soon as evidence.

Finally, we must still point to the very classification that is created by UNAIDS every year. Recent statistics on AIDS discrimination rates state that in Latin America, the only countries that still have legislation that is unfavorable to HIV-positive and discriminatory people are the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Cuba.

Nowadays, 69 are still countries that have restrictions and refusal of admission contaminated with the HIV virus in individuals own territory, which is also an indication that there is still much to be done not only in Brazil but throughout the world when it comes to combat prejudice and discrimination against HIV positive.


Finally, it should be noted that the changes are considerably positive and are moving towards increasingly effective and remarkable results. Thus, the whole world is moving forward when it comes to AIDS and its contaminated individuals: forms of treatment, prevention, institutions that support the cause, governments, employers and other concerned bodies are already turning to the issue of global importance, opening the door for HIV positive people in all aspects, especially in education and the labor market.

Dura Lex Sed Lex

Claudio de Souza Santos

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