I do here on this site a work with my Whats app and I see, every day, a good number of people that, with the result "non-reagent in the hands", they think.

"Is not true".

And they decide to wait, for example, for more 30 days and repeat examination, which comes, of course, non-reagent ...

It becomes a perpetual motion with 30 days of anxiety ...

I would have loved it, God! I do not know what I would give to the first person who passed me, as a sign of gratitude to God (The Multiverse?), But I know that I would go to my doctor (Angela A.), I would hug her for a long time, less than half an hour, as well as the nurses whose names I will not cite here for the sake of the necessary peace they need.

So I put this video here, as if I might be able to educate anyone, and I put this video here; more as a source of hope, rather than as an educational video.

Life teach us gradually. Here, a brief flash of everything, so, barreling

Assita it all and start the journey of encounter with oneself

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