The HIV virus


HIV is the acronym of what has plagued the Human race, with greater Emphasis, since the beginning of the 80 decade, the human immunodeficiency Virus. There are many conjectures about his arrival in the human environment, but I myself have read the reports that deal with the death of a crew member from the "Grades Navigations" era, in the wake of 17 and something!

The Causes of AIDS

Yes, the first recorded case of AIDS may have happened even before the arrival of electric light, telephone and other scientific developments that "shortened distances" without physical approximations.

Whether this is true or not, and I believe I will not see this reality!

Thus, an acronym in English would be HIV. And this acronym stands for the very reason it is, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus! and yes, this virus, which would lead us, without proper treatment, to what in Portuguese would be called AIDS, Immuno SyndromeHuman deficiency, or AIDS, which says the same thing in Anglo Saxon languages.

HIV Does not Make Semantic Divisions

Well, being this way, the Virus of immuno-deficiency, no matter the language or the acronym, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus has been the cause of AIDS, a severe condition in which our immune system would become deficient and incapable of dealing with pathogens, and developing a number of known diseases against which we already know beforehand.


This is the Great Evil that AIDS causes us!

And the causative agent of AIDS is not the one that Human Immunodeficieny Virus.

Virus that I have been living with, I have actually been aware of this awareness since I was thirty-one.

And that's why I have, at the top of this blog, the phrase that I can say, with great property and knowledge of the cause:

There is life with HIV

What is acute HIV infection?

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
I have primary HIV infection! Oh my God! How much madness, fear, and senseless suffering. Pimmary HIV infection is something that

Undetectable Viral Load Is Cure? NOT

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
Undetectable Viral Load Is Not Cure And Once Contaminated By HIV It is wise in 2018 to understand that it is still a permanent condition. Therapy

HIV Treatment Outcomes Continue to Improve

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
At the Beginning of My Life with HIV, after the coma caused by viral meningitis, there was no treatment. And, therefore, no hope. I lost people, and

Acute HIV infection can often be fatal

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
Caution: Acute HIV infection may sometimes present as a serious and often fatal disease Diagnosed with appendicitis and undergoing an exploratory operation had a herpes related

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