Immunologic window. A time that is not eternal, but some people live it like that !!!

Hello everyone who accompanies me and you, who may be arriving here for the first time! Be welcome!

I spent time, getting in the Theme Forest, templates and tools for a better use of the blog, and even a little later make the blog a little more accessible. What you're seeing on the first page is the mlhor I have for this moment. And I sin from eight to ten days to finish the job. The site itself is functional. But I'm having a hard time configuring the homepage and therefore I've created this one. But I do not think this is the best solution. I ask and thank you for your patience!


My experience as a person with HIV who maintains an HIV / AIDS prevention and information website.

And yet, perhaps it is my intention, the page offers support and clarification of doubts about HIV and AIDS. But my experience has shown me that nothing is more painful, distressing and distressing than the "immunity window" thing.

The terrifying fear in front of the immune window to misinformation the perverse information and bad information

People came to me, via whatsapp, with appalling fears and "information" ranging from lies to debauchery and debauchery to sadism.

If I were Frank Castle, I would dedicate a part of my days to these people's "quest."

Sadism and debauchery in the issue of the Immunological window

Luckily for these people, I'm not Frank Castle ... (...) ....

I, Claudio Souza, seek to orient the best way on immunological window in Soropositivo.Org

But I am Claudio S. de Souza, or Claudio Souza, as people in general know me. And yet, I entertain the dream of marrying in civilian with my wife, Mara.

And then, change my last name, to adopt her family name! In this way I will tell the race, as my cousin says:

"I have nothing more to do with you!"

Anyway, everything I can collect about window period and put it here, I do it in the eagerness to mitigate suffering.

And more clearly today, Monday, after midnight, I found myself faced with a novelty and I am always seeking to update myself on what I hear or see in a serious source of information.

Vis Pacem, To belum

Immune Window Risk of HIV Transmission and Oral Sex!

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
Immunologic Window, Risk of HIV Transmission and Oral Sex are undoubtedly a combination of factors that generate fickle fear, desperate links

Immune Window, Autoimmune Diseases and False Positives

Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
An alert regarding Autoimmune Disease and other conditions that may lead to a POSITIVE FALSE I talked to two women doctors at the AIDS House,

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