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Eternal Immune Window

Stability of the HIV Carrier ... This is an Idea

Employee Seropositive: Eternal Stability? Or Eternal Fear?

About 30 years after the first cases of AIDS reported in Brazil, the TST (Superior Labor Court) issued Pronouncement 443, according to which, in the case of bearer employee waiver of HIV or other serious illness, is the employer the burden of proof of non-discrimination of its ...


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juicy orange cut background

The Immune Window, a Papo with Geraldinho de Sertãozinho - or the bagasse of the orange

* Author's note Geraldinho of Sertaozinho is a nickname I created for someone with truly different name rather distant city. If there is a Geraldinho in Sertaozinho, I did not talk to him at any time in my life already tumultuadíssima this thing to meet people for WhatsApp (because it had been via MSN Messenger and ...

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