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PrEP in Scotland Some dropouts and some HIV infections (!!!!!)

Claudio Souza
A Year of PrEP in Scotland: Some dropouts and some HIV infections! Some HIV Infections! Editor's note / translator / and all the / tor of Soropositivo.Org ...
Immune Window Posts PREP Oral Sex What is the Risk?

Open study of PrEP in Botswana shows very high adherence exists and without HIV infections

Claudio Souza
An open-label pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) study with Truvada in Botswana with heterosexual people has shown very high adherence rates. About 90% of participants had ...
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Undetectable Viral Load Is Cure? NOT

Claudio Souza
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name * NameSurnameE-mail * Enter your e-mail address so that we can continue with you. For which department do you have a ...
PEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis - It's Medical Emergency! prep PREP Oral Sex What is the Risk? Healthy Living

Implants and injectables: PrEP in the future

Claudio Souza
Last month's announcement that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will give up to $ 140 million to a Boston drug device maker ...

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