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Tullius Detritus


Yeah, yeah, I'm this photo, with this Hitchcock movie psycho guy.

Despite the opinion of some people, I show my face yes. Initially I am HIV positive and this is not included in the Constitution or in the Penal Code as a crime.

It was in 2013. Best Blog Sobe health personnel

I am not a criminal and not because I have to hide. Hiding is more or less the attitude of the ostrich, without knowing how to deal with things, sticks his face in a hole in the ground.

And unfortunately it exacerbates prejudice against us simply because we are not seen as we really are.

We are people whose freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution. constitution is that it anonymizes. How to trust someone who, in the name of security, violates the law and hides his face?

A friend, who disappeared inexplicably, created this image, which I like very muchCowardly registeredThere is something in this picture that connotates abnormality? Except that need the cane and like a panama hat, I see nothing wrong with me. And you? What do you think?I, in a ceremony that rewarded the site Soropositivo.Org as the best Blog in health, by the academic juri. This is the only blog that participates in this "contest" and has achieved such gratification. That must have some reason. Do not you think?A rare thing, A smile of mine.I ... End of the year, in the house of my youngest11 997 080 203I do not hide because of half a dozen completely unknown countries because they do not accept tourists with HIV. They are almost 200 countries!I, Claudio Souza, pretending I'm not aging, in a jeans shirt with mirrored "aviator" glasses, for which I paid two dollars. KKKKKKKThis is the faceThis is me, with five years oldThe red light in this case does not represent, in this case, that I am in a "house of tolerance." Actually I was "in the air"Yes, I am in poor mood on this dayI ... Gangster

That activist crap is this?


Productive when they leave us to work, and very lively.

We love, lunch, some of us dance; dance, to me, is an eye pleasure.

We, seropositive people, do not differ in anything from you, soroptimists. Because anyone who has had unprotected sexual intercourse and did not take the test is a sobering question.

I live with HIV since 1994 and I remember well having heard the "health professional" who gave me the result, having said that I would have six months to live. God knows how I felt.

I AZT at a dose of six tablets every 4 hours and had to have sleep interrupted to take this thing and threw up so much for him. Ai decided that if he was to die, I die without vomiting and stopped taking AZT.

As I did not live a normal life, I had no real friends and I ended up going to a support house. There, where I was just a statistic, I was not allowed to look for a job, and for a time not to go crazy, I volunteered at the CRTA when he was still at Rua Antônio Carlos.

There, I had the privilege and the honor of serving many people and made some friends. Unfortunately, so many of them carried to the grave, and each shovelful of dirt to fall, I wondered when it would be my turn, a barbaric and disastrous expectation.

The six months passed and I like this because, I did not die.

Then I started to fight for life, and in 1996 the cocktail came. Since at that time little was known about all this, I had to come with the medication which, years later, I knew had no clinical indication to use them. I lived a long time without the need for antiretrovirals. But all this was not a smooth path.

I had two pulmonary embolisms, I stopped counting the pneumonia when I got to the octave; I had a heart attack, two meningitis, I became morbidly obese, reaching the amazing, monstrous and unbelievable 147 Kg. That is why I underwent bariatric surgery three years ago and since then I have eliminated fifty-seven kilos.

Today, 89,5Kg weight. I maintain this site for fourteen years (since 1 ° August 2000) and in a different way to other people, I never had financial or logistical support from anyone or any "mega-publisher", except for a period of two years in which I was a member of Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs.


But my time there is over and if there's one thing I do not expect, unfortunately, receive help from anyone, recognizing, however, that this can be relatively possible and if it happens, will have been another one of the great miracles that God, who has operated a myriad of them (miracles) with me.

I plan to come to the ninety years and I want it to be alongside my wife (with whom I have lived for almost fifteen years who gave me the idea of ​​creating this site), which I love with all the fibers and cells of my body, with all my understanding and with all my heart.

Amazingly, the citizenship portal has fallen and is offline. I do not know for certain the reasons for this, but I venture to say that, in fact, they created judgment and stopped for money from their wallets in a magnificent project that receives no financial support from anyone. Meanwhile, "Bobagento has an endless legion of followers. I think I'd better go and raise chickens

Besides, I live, as I said. more of the miracles that God does, than the concrete results of my infallible plans to make money; I've tried to make a living hosting websites, which is a big dog fight; then making websites; however, people very much want a site but unfortunately they want sites for R $ 300,00 and I prefer death to work for free for any muquirana who has "a nephew who does even for less", I sent a lot of people to the Devil on account and I have a small and relatively promising business of selling equipment and parts for computers in the Free Market, which you can see here at this link. To be completely honest, I do not know how I could keep seropositivo.org, sometimes paying $ 500,00 per month on dedicated servers, since there were countless times when I was invited to remove my site from shared hosting, because my site consumed a lot of resources; from one month to the next I've reduced expenses to $ 99,00 per year; it would be this or the site would leave the air; even this small value worries me ...

In fact he consumed; today, after an average visitation that revolved around 100.000 unique visitors; today, due to some acts of prior censorship of a particular search site, I have an average of 1.200 per day. This site is translated to 58 languages ​​in machine translation schema, by gtranslate.net, Charging me fifteen euros per month for the service, I paid soon, until my wife to retire and our income dropped significantly and, after a short conversation, based on a simple link, without the possibility of knowledge of the click origin requirement WordPress system, because with this, I can help more people. Along the same lines got to pay for advertising on Facebook to get a larger number of people, always with the same purpose.

Today, I can not do this anymore. However, the page, which you can find here (this link opens in another tab of your browser, has a little more of 1.300 registered and there is an average of five new accessions per day, which I am very happy about.

It is between me and God (an old girlfriend corrected me and said that the correct form would be "between me and God", since I can not resolve the doubt, I leave it by the way I feel, and I may be wrong, thinking that it is there , God would not mind, since He has more attachment to action than to form.

Until a year ago I would have been considered, by the elitist standards of this ridiculous society (especially here in São Paulo), as a "functional half-illiterate"; everything began to change when I went through a selective process to work at Dell and I did not, because I left home at the age of twelve, in an effort to escape the bangs distributed, crooked and right, over my father, the certificate of the high school; I lost my job, I cried, I felt punished for something I did not even know what it was, I thought I would fake a voucher, but my wife told me that it would be fraudulent, and fortunately, I no longer lived in the street and was not, I'm really hungry; however, I decided to qualify. all this was done on the day Francis, the Pope, was consecrated Bishop of Rome. Although I have my reservations with the Catholic Church (I lived inside a house of support of the Church and I know what I saw ...) and any other, I like his attitude, that displeases many people in the "clergy" of the Vatican that I like him).

I enrolled in ENCCEJA and ENEM. I did not study a single line in any of the events and spent the two based on what I learned from life.

The wording of Encceja took a note of possible 710 1000 and the Enem reached 890 1000 possible.

In both cases was the first to leave school.

In the case of ENEM I left in just over three and a half hours. Then I qualified and enrolled in UNIFESP, in the campus of Guarulhos to make letters / French (this is because I am self-taught in English and I do not even think of doing what other people have the courage to call "English course" (a year later , considering that I would not leave UNIFESP speaking French fluently I modified my own for social sciences and I have not been to college because of the cut of UNIFESP to the free transport between the Armenian station and the campus, leaving me, once again, without financial conditions to go to college (...).

At this point I should sing to hossanas GIV (Group Incentive Life), who, through the person of Fernanda Nigro, came to offer me legal aid against the pension that cut my sickness aid in 2009 and never again heed my appeals, although I have continued sick ever since, even more seriously

I am married, and happy with a woman in God my way through the most unlikely way, proving the maxim that, for God, nothing is impossible

I am what I am.

And unfortunately (really?) It bothers a lot of people and there, here and there and elsewhere also, many people who hate me and bothers me ...

My "target" is people looking for the right information, from a safe source.

I would also like to show something else! In my youth, I, along with DJ, broadcaster went on Radio Broadcaster ABC, on "The Time Machine". The program has, nowadays, a great blog, except for one detail that led saddened me a lot and that I needed to make repeated requests for removal of my name and picture of a site that provides literature (sic) Nazi. This is a crime that can not forgive and funny, he is not Aryan ... tsk, tsk ...

Last night a girl saw this video and said

-"Damn it!!!! You were beautiful "!!! I've said it so many times that I've come to believe

As I was not respected my requests, I feel free to present the video on my website. The author of the site, a person who was very dear, let me see that he is ashamed of my HIV status and, even though he had the possibility to change the situation of this site with a conversation, he never did until I questioned about it and he apologized to me that no business owner likes to hear about diseases, because it was a sign of weakness and failure.

I did not return the statement.

I want to make an important note here. In this video the only person living with AIDS I the weird guy with a shirt ten times larger than the body.

Even now, five o'clock in the morning of February 10 of 2017, I found an untranslatable stupidity, in m of the four videos I watched on my life website, saying that we, people living with AIDS, can die on account of, the quotation marks are my "from a simple flu".

Pow (not to mention a worse thing ... I lost count of the flu I had and I survived, yes, the diseases and conditions that directly or indirectly relate to HIV, as in the case of the two pulmonary embolism I have experienced. HIV creates a vasculitis and this vasculitis has the "gift" to cause the formation of clots that can lead to pulmonary embolism, which can determine instant death or a stroke that, when the person survives, unfortunately lives in sequelae.

I will put at the end of the text a medical report that my former doctor, Dr. Angela, gave me when he took "my case ... You will see that I have suffered from things much more serious than the flu, and although you may have doubts, I am not a ghost, because Brás Cubas did not have the fineness to teach me this art, and when I die and certainly one day, I WILL DIE, you can be sure: It would not have been because of the flu. here is a link on this site for opportunistic diseases. (opens in new window) https://soropositivo.org/2015/01/30/-which-shoes-opportunists-who-ats-and-can-perceive-las/

Do what? I was DJ and lacked only embroidery on the shirt the following:

I'm bad

I'm Crazy

I'm DJ


An interview for ESPM


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