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Soropositivo.Org is, once again, having problems to keep

Look ... welcome. Today I was on a cousin's birthday, a cousin I see ... let's say ... "Once in a Lifetime and another in Death.

She surprised me by knowing things about my work.

Not the website itself, but the fact of giving this service by ZAP and she asked me who monetized this.

"Whether it was the State or the Union."
I smiled and told her that no one

I do not tell her what she said, it's between her and me and the other people who heard her.
But she made me see that I did not need to charge, but I should not be ashamed to ask.

It is also important to inform you that you read me. Anywhere or anywhere copied should NOT CONNECT.

I DO NOT ATTEND THE TELEPHONES OF UNKNOWN NUMBERS AND THE PERSON TO CONNECT, WHATEVER, WHATEVER IS THE PROBLEM, calling me she will have surpassed the limit of the acceptable already the first time, exactly because it is written here. I am being clear, sincere, objective and determined.

If you send me a message and I do not respond, this certainly has some plausible reason!

Maybe I'm sleeping ... (Yes, I sleep!) (Ill, but I sleep)

Maybe I'm watching Godless. Or something else…

In all cases, I always respond to those who are looking for me through the channels here and I ALWAYS LOCK whoever calls me without express authorization to do so!

Once this is said, there goes the ZAP number
So, my zap is here: + 55 11 994 649 941. You already have the number. The light is green and if you do not want to know anything else it's okay if you did not want to read something else, if you do not care how it comes to you, as long as it arrives, and as far as possible and what God will come to allow, always will !!!


And remember: "There is life with HIV"



I like helping, but sometimes I need help, and when it comes, no matter how seemingly tiny it may seem to you, it will always be good for me.

Is this clear to you?

I believe the only way to be clearer would be me teleporting close to you and viewing a Power Point slideshow.
A problem remains.

I do not know how to work with Power Point

If you continued here, I tell you that work has costs.

Yes! Yes is yes!

🙉🙊🙈 The blog has costs.

In 2014 I had a contact with a WordPress employee and I explained to her that I would need, in order to continue with my work, a discount, to be able to put my blog in the business version, which costs $ 300,00 / Year and I had paid for the lowest version, of US $ 99,00 / year.

The girl, the link of the conversation will be below this image, is here on the blog. She got a "discount". years of gratuity in the US $ 300,00 Plan. And he instructed me to look for them when this period was about to expire.

It expires in May. At the latest in March I will have to talk to them and, honestly, I do not know what it will be.

For Yes, for No, I start to panic, because if they, with all the right they have and with all my gratitude, say that they will no longer offer gratuity.

I will have to run after these values ​​and only god knows if this is guaranteed or not ...

But not only that".

The blog has other costs, my pension has been aborted from 31 / 12 / 2009 and since then I have no earnings, so to speak and, I confess, I also deserve the help of the people I seek to help.

For either this becomes a symbiosis or becomes, after this text, some kind of parasitosis to which I submit exponentially, seeking a greater good.

What's up?
Mazel Tov !!!
I can count on you.
If yes, these are the data:

Understand well. I do not have Santander account.

Santander is just a way of accessing my personal account which is actually a "prepaid card account", which I only move when I have funds. And you can not even install it.

You can deposit $ for the Santander banks or receive transfers from any bank, using the data below:
You do not have a Santander account. This is just an individual internal control account so that you or someone else can add $ Superdigital, through deposits in Santander bank accounts or transfers from any bank.

Did you find out you have HIV and are you scared?
Yes, I can imagine that yes, and that's why I put my medical history down and then a personal consideration of mine about it, I say: Despite the jokes, I'm not an alien. I am a person like any other. Look!

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