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The Seropositive Story.Org

This Text, Soropositive.Org - There Is Life With HIV, has an origin…. Curious

About Soropositivo.Org

Contrary to popular belief, the Soropositivo.org website is not the site of an NGO or a work done by many people. The site Soropositivo.Org was for 14 years the work of only one person: Cláudio Souza, a person initially of positive solorology for HIV since 1994 and that in 2000, idealized and published in 1º of August of 2000 the site, titled in the beginning of "Seropositive Home Page", whose main claim was to be a kind of diary of the life of a person living with HIV. A blog, before there are blogs.

This idea is still a truth. But I am no longer “just” a person with HIV. For all intents and purposes, clinical, drug and legal, I am what medicine calls, despite the high amount of CD4To “AIDS case”.

And more:

Today I have the cooperation of Mara Macedo, my wife and Light of My Days, works in many areas of the Blog, including the indispensable review of my translations, and the constant and dilettante work to Bob Volpe who is often the editorial advisor and friend of all hours, even though I sometimes seem to have forgotten him, he always has the time to support me when I need a “insight that comes from outside ” and, in this day and age, I was pleased to get the contest and the collaboration and Meliname (ghost Writer) that will soon start - Unfortunately she walked away without even saying goodbye and, I very much wanted her to look for me, because the content so important that she generated, disappeared and I'm so sorry!

It is the only blog about HIV / AIDS, which feared the Top Blog of the Academic Jury and Paulo Giacomminni's Solidariedaids (Paulo, I'm not sure about spelling, enlight me!).

Paulo is one of the directors. perhaps even the president, again my memory fails, of the National Network of People Living with HIV or AIDS. The link naturally opened in another tab!

And Soropositivo.Org is the only blog on this topic that has been displayed as shown here. And God knows how grateful I am to Taz!

About Soropositivo.Org

Soropositivo.Org is a site with a lot of history It is the only blog about personal HIV / AIDS, which received the Top Blog Award from the Academic Jury besides Solidariedaids! Paulo Giacomini (Paulo, I don't remember the spelling, please orient me), who is one of the dietoes or even president of National Network of People living with HIV or AIDS

On occasion, a certain NGO, not at all small, called me. For some meetings, they wanted to establish a “Partnership”

This is a reference to the visitation of the site seropositivo.Org based on information from Google Analitycs

About Soropositivo.Org

About Soropositivo.Org

With the publication of the site and many questions on the subject, I soon realized that little was information on the internet about HIV / AIDS, available almost exclusively in the Ministry of Health website at its most basic content, which led me, as a carrier virus, the research and disseminate news and articles on all aspects, not only HIV / AIDS but about the various sexually transmitted diseases and in particular on progress in the AIDS cure, giving the site the ultimate goal of disseminate information, clarify and raise awareness about the prevention and fight against prejudice in society.

In 25 / 02 / 2017you-very-first

In 20 / 07 / 2016
In 13 / 07 / 2016

In the beginning there were several difficulties because I knew absolutely nothing about HTML, but over time and experience the site was becoming a repository of news and information about HIV and sexually transmitted diseases and was becoming a living ideal with which, despite the many difficulties, including financial difficulties to keep it in the air, I am no longer able to abandon, and to which I dedicate with love, almost all my time available to search for articles and news, illustrations and text translation of countless pages that make it up today. It is important to point out that there are more than 4000 pages that have been taken offline for various reasons, such as having become counterproductive, having hoped for unfulfilled hopes or because I was asked by this or that journal to withdraw them and I say, without fear of making a mistake, I have the largest database on HIV, AIDS and related in the hands of an individual person.

This is the first version of Seropositive Home Page, in August 2000

This link shows several times the site and you can click it to view this story. History of Graphic Soropositivo.Org

This site is managed by one person, I.

No use calling, however great your anguish, I give a damn hard to keep the dishes rolling.

I'll see via WhatsApp from 16: 00 to 21: 00, from Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately this Site, a Truly Important Site Goes Down - Already Bobagento (…) And Clap Now, You Clappers. Today FIES, PROUNI and other University access programs to higher education have been cut. This is just one of many “unpopular measures” that will be adopted from now on.

Rooting around in my files, I found, in a Gmail folder, some things that I consider important to show:

three hundred thousand
This one shows that in times when I could get some money to keep the site (from my pocket, from my meager, uncertain, scandalous and inconsistent incomes) I had a greater visitation than the website of PN DST / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis
September 2013
This shows that when a particular search engine severed my advertising contract and downgraded me arbitrarily as "nasty content" that I found on their own image engine, there were days when more 50.000 pages were viewed. in this website.

Wise saying that takes more stoned tree that gives more fruit…

98 countries
This one shows a list of 30 countries who access this site from a total of 98.

The data below are the website visits in November 2000

1 ° Report of the Month in November 01, 2000 - 19: 16: 31
Seropositive.Org There's Life With HIV
General Statistics First Month of the Still Site

The visitor profile graph by regions shows the origin of site visitors and helps determine what percentage of visitors are domestic or international.

Claudio Souza
Thats Me, with psyco-killer`s face this

The Web Server General Statistics Table provides an overview of Site activity. Home Page Hits is the actual amount of successful hits for the HTML document that fulfills the home page function. The total number of hits includes all successful hits; including HTML pages, images, forms, command files, and file transfers. The National, International, and Unknown sections detail visitor origin in percentages of hits. The daily average hits and daily average visitor sections represent the average number of successful hits and visitor sections that visited the Site on any particular day for the designated reporting period.

general statistics
Date and time it was created the report: Wednesday November 01, 2000 - 19: 16: 31
Period: 09/30/00 20:10:10 – 10/31/00 18:46:36
Number of hits per landing page: 2,455
Total number of successful hits: 15,342
Number of page impressions: 6,781
Total number of visitors Views: 2,338
visitors access in Brazil: 26.64%
Access international visitors: 47.39%
Views of unknown origin visitors: 25.96%
Daily average hits: 494
Average number of daily page impressions: 218
Average daily number of visitors Views: 75
Average duration of a Guest Access: 00: 14: 00
Types and file sizes transferred more often

The graph and table of frequently transfer types show the types of files transferred and the total number of kilobytes transferred for each file type. The table shows the transferred file types ordered by the amount of file transfers. It also includes the number of kilobytes transferred by each type and the total quantity of files transferred and downloaded kilobytes.

Types and file sizes transferred more often
File type Number of files K Bytes transferred
1 gif 4,575 58,418K
2 htm 3,829 39,994K
3 html 1,686 12,154K
4 jpg 1,374 28,171K
5 jar 354 2,797K
6 exe 11 6,771K
7 zip 2 131K
Total hits and K bytes transferred 11,831 148,434K

Here for us, from the beginning, we have done a very good job!

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