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Teens and AIDS

Mouth kiss does not transmit HIV - But There Are Exceptions

in Kiss on the mouth/Oral Sex and AIDS/Oral Sex What is the Risk? 364 views
Good kiss does not transmit HIV
I remember, even a homeless man, there were still some morsels. Something good, a kind of oasis in the midst of Hell



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A "Respite" for antiretroviral therapy in adolescents

in 2º half of 2016/Dolutegravir 81 views

The global scale of antiretroviral therapy (ART) has resulted in the transformation of HIV infection as an inevitably fatal disease transformed into a chronic disease, although incurable; an infection that requires lifelong treatment with the technology we have at the beginning of the 21st Century. An increasing number of children infected through mother-to-child transmission of HIV, vertical transmission, ...

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HIV infects and prevents the proper function of neurons

in January 2015/neurons/___Neurotropism 113 views

Among neuropathies, dementia symptoms appear faster than in Alzheimer's. Because it is "neurotropic", that is, like neurons and the central nervous system, the acquired immunodeficiency virus - HIV causes havoc in the brains of HIV-positive patients. It not only infects, but also prevents the proper function of the neuron (cell responsible for ...

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HIV-AIDS: spread of the virus or sharing of responsibilities?

in Against Homophobia/Human Rights/diversity/gay/hiv/homosexual/Prejudice/Society 111 views

The reality today, despite marked by great diversity of ideas and ideals, still sees grappling with trying to single thought maintenance to justify political and institutional ideologies of the dominant sectors of society. This violent attempt, for every single thought disregards the diversity emerges legitimized by the dominant rationality anchored in ...

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To be accessible, PrEP need high levels of adherence.

in Gay Boys/For Men/HSX/November 2014/prep 81 views

A study in New York City in which he presented a model of the acceptance of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) proved that for economic result, this strategy should be very targeted to men who have sex with men (MSM) that are at increased risk of HIV infection. Within this ...

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