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Understanding AIDS Better Or Better Understanding AIDS

Cláudio Afonso
Understanding AIDS better is a need that is renewed and this is why Reprint this text. We need to understand AIDS better!

New antiretroviral drugs, new formulations, and new strategies to treat HIV

Cláudio Afonso
How Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Treatment as Prevention Seized the Headlines at the 8O Conference on HIV's pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of International

PrEP in random schemes provide extra options, but adherence is much better with daily PrEP dosing

Cláudio Afonso
For some people in some settings, less frequent PrEP regimens with therapeutic doses associated with sexual activity are feasible, with a large number of acts

Immunology Chapters 1 to 10 by The Khan Academy | Voiceover by Enrique Aznar Manfio

Cláudio Afonso
I was struggling on the internet when I found a precious material from Khan Academy that deals, in a very informative and clear way, on aspects of Immunology

AVAC Report: HIV Prevention in Horizon

Cláudio Afonso
HIV Vaccines, Combination of Prevention, Condoms, Male and Female, Cure, General, Hormonal Contraceptives and HIV, Microbicides, Prevention with Multidisciplinary Technologies, PrEP, Treatment
January 2015

HIV infects and prevents the proper function of neurons

Cláudio Afonso
Among neuropathies, dementia symptoms appear faster than in Alzheimer's. By being "neurotropic", ie liking neurons and the central nervous system,

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