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Brazilian Beatriz Grinsztejn study strengthens evidence that PrEP is mostly used by the most vulnerable

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The first data from a Brazilian project of an open-label study on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), in common with several other studies presented at the 8A last month in Vancouver International AIDS Conference, are exactly the most vulnerable people effectively looking for PrEP These initial results were presented by Beatriz Grinsztejn ...


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Mysteries of sexuality. What is normal?

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I found, in these torrents sites, a great opportunity to make the material in video Soropositivo.Org grow in an hour. It was there, available for download without any ceremony, an entire story called, "The exchange", which dealt with the "whats" and "whys" of the sex trade. But after watching five minutes of the program ...

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Social name is vested by law - Respect that

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Rravestis entitled to social name in your documents
You being a transvestite has the right to have your documentation, especially the SUS card with your social name. Do not let be mistreated. If necessary, show the law that guarantees this right

Living with transvestite friends and transsexual girls, I realize that many of them are afraid to go to a health facility for a variety of reasons ... Most of them claim they do not want to be embarrassed because of the birth record name ... Others also argue that they do not They like to go to an UPA ...

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