Pre-Natal HIV Testing: All Pregnant Women Must Do

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Tullius Detritus

HIV Testing. I would have hundreds of links within the blog itself from people telling me they did 1, 5, 25, 49 and 86 tests (this is my record) against HIV. Some of these people did the tests on very specific dates, like the 36 "window day". And even that other unhappy, fearful and insecure human being about their fate, with more than five hundred and thirty-five days of immunological window is the way they count, not me without a "verdict."

What it should be:

After this number of examinations, in an astonishing period of immunological window, created in the ping pong of my terror and irrationality, against my guilt and my remorse, I concluded:

I'm not reagent!

If this will last 36 hours, we will know in 36 hours.

But the focus here is: HIV Testing at Prenatal: All Pregnant Women Must Do

And unfortunately, it's not impossible for someone to end up not doing at least one HIV test during pregnancy!

E this test is required. Required by law!

The seropositive pregnant woman has, at least since 2014, the possibility of being pregnant and certain of having received the diagnosis quickly, even in the beginning of pregnancy, immediately entering ART (Antiretroviral Therapy), with adherence of 100% to the treatment , The "certainty"Of giving birth to a non-HIV-positive child.

Santos was the first Brazilian city to eradicate vertical transmission (from mother to child during gestation and / or childbirth) and Cuba, the first nation to do the same.

I read a little about "Cuba's response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic" on The Body website and I considered the brutal response. Search, "relocation", isolation (a ghetto was created) and the author of the "complimentary" text went through good calls!

And I will not make literal allusions to chamos

But the Cuban answer does not matter here in this text.

It is important to inform you that, yes, it is possible for you, a woman, who unfortunately will find herself living with HIV, or even AIDS, to generate her / his healthy daughter / son!

Without HIV Reagent Serology

I am putting below a video produced yesterday that deals with this subject. It was a live, with poor quality of sound and I tried to improve and that goes below