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Hi Marta ... Yesterday I was speechless to tell you after this stimulus, because this is not a simple comment, it is a stimulus. And I need so much encouragement ... You know, if the company that manages WordPress had not renewed the great gesture of kindness on their part, which I try to do for deserving every day, this blog would have been closed in May. People can not imagine how close the tight rope is to where I go with this blog and their help over the months has been very important and helps a lot in all aspects. The photos that you buy for the blog, the $ 01,00 / each is a small example of what your heart so great offers and, I think I was silly, but I discovered in you the Sister that my sister Cecilia was not, is not and it will never be. But you ask:

"What would these people be without the aid of Claudius?"

I think he'd get someone else, I do not know.

The fact is that I can exemplify my actions based on some lessons:

There was a time when I lived with a girl in Cotia, a satellite of the city of São Paulo and life was good there, so I really enjoyed being there. The place was cute and, for those times, the company was perfect.

The. pity that perfection in this world is relative and temporary ....

At the time I was DJ of a GLS house, Sky and on Sunday the house closed at 01: 00. This was the matinee ...

But I had to take the last train to another city, which I believe it was Francisco Morato. I'll check that later.

I remember that to get home after the matinee I would bet on a race against the clock, where I would take the last train, and after I had disembarked from it, I had to leave in an unstoppable race to get the damn bus, which was the last one.

This worked very well until the day the train for some reason of railway order simply stopped 500 meters from its final destination for five minutes and racked my routine.

I did not earn enough to take a taxi and I decided to go on foot, it was only 4 miles and I could walk this route in about 50 minutes and I took courage and went out towards "my house".

And when I got on the road that led to this house I saw that when leaving the "downtown" and some cars passed, throwing "some light on the way" and in less than five minutes walk the light ended and everything became darkness that seemed so overwhelming that everything seemed impenetrable, ghastly and terrifying ... and I decided to step back.

In 1994 I faced similar, frightening, fearful and impenetrable darkness, with the difference that I did not have the option to retreat and, compelled thus, I had nothing left but to go ahead, with fear, full of doubts, without any knowledge of nothing, so ignorant about HIV and AIDS that I thought, as it is in this text the phrase: As for AIDS,get caught, get fucked, I'm not afraid to die'and, again, confessed defendant, in another text this:

I mention one occasion when I was in a motel, and at the time of penetration I glanced at one side of the bed, a pile of condoms, I looked, I do not know why, to the other side and another pile of condoms. I thought:

Fuck! Catch, caught!

And I really did! It was not in that relationship, it was in another, and after having lived all this in the intense way that I lived, I "fear the cure", because I believe that now I would lose even the sense of my life and surely I would run the risk of suffering the sad pain of those who would lose their identity for the third time ...

I can not bear it and I know that almost nobody will understand this phrase (...).

Well, at 1997 I met Mara in a sequence of "extraordinary coincidences and we became friends.

In 1998 she, Mara, seeing me in terrible difficulties matters suggested to me that I make a website and after a small colloquy, I decided to make websites.

To make a living, she believed, and it's true, after this site here, I ended up building others and, indeed, I made some money.

But I've learned to make websites with the purpose of putting this here on the Internet, trying, even precariously, a kind of lighthouse, in front of the reefs, so that others do not have to face darkness so dense and frightening and this site, or blog , as they wish, remained as the only personal website dealing with HIV, AIDS, other STDs, immunological window and other subjects at least until 2012, of which I am sure, and accumulated more of 3.500 articles, most of them off line today since they have already stopped and even doctors, to errors of irreparable proportions, and I received, a day ago, a comment that touched me as much as yours, which left me speechless yesterday, and this one.

It is worth more what he said to me of me than the donation that he will make for me.

Until a few years ago I still gave and would do some work, even if it was to sell soda in avenues (I think I would do it to live if I was not so sick with this infamous peripheral neuropathy), but no more!

And the help you give me, monthly (!!!!!!!!!) is a very important help, because that's where I shoot values ​​to buy photos, that's why I draw values ​​to pay for software licenses (plug ins, actually) and I would not be able to do these things without your help.

Thank you very much, thank you and thank you!

I am putting here an image that shows the thousands of posts to show everyone that the largest database on the history of AIDS in 0 Brazil and in the world, which is in the hands of a natural person, supported by personal resources, am I , with this site.

And without your help, without the help of WordPress maybe this database had already disappeared and I ask those who read me to think about evaluating my work and consider giving a little help.

This, Marta dear! It's all that you protected, along with other people, from the complete extinction only in 2017:


If every person who came in here made a donation of R $ 0,10 I would have the economic power to create even my so-called NGO to try to get people back into the job market, a dream that I could never realize.

And I still put this link, so they can see how it has been life for me and for many, What is my blog and the history of AIDS, told by me, of course, a light message to anyone who hates me only because I disagree with certain and "orthodox" positions and advice with the cautious regime that I maintain because:

"Boys, I saw"!

And if there is something I can not be, it is irresponsible and I risk becoming a person more or less ...

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