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Cláudio Souza 1 / 4 of the Century Living with HIV
From left to right, top André, Claudius, Mara and Kiszka. the half-height: Silvia Squatting Reinaldo

I had a long "cut" with "my" therapist, Maira. Dances and quadrilles, appointments and data cakes and, after almost five years, maybe more .... Acertamo us.

Today I do not miss the therapy, nor angry prayer. But missed a bus strike, remember this and must have been one or two faults for my part, but always, that I'm sure, as I recall now that missed there a few weeks ago, it was necessary for me that I support my wife.

She, the Maira also had to leave the office two or three times, but there is something important to be said about Maira: When she realizes that I'm not very well, she seeks another date on the calendar, "just to I do not get no attention * *. "

Well, why do I speak of Maíra here, in this article, since more than one hundred eighty-six words (Word helped me to know that no, I did not tell the words).

It's because she noticed that I had a complaint, a great dissatisfaction with my body, even after more than four years, almost five (yes, I'm counting, and Word does not help me at all about it) years, having eliminated definitively, once and for all (no concept that should be attached to our mind through constant and gradual repetition! [ "Yes, Old Assisi I took something your loan] ... Going back, I expressed dissatisfaction with my body and she mentioned me a job, "project", she said, called "Here at Home". and I finally got to the point that is the true subject of this article, "Here at Home".

I'm not inviting you to spend the weekend "Here at Home", I'm talking about it at home.

The idea is the Roseli Tardelli, a journalist, the Idealizer AIDS News Agency, She also established in Mozambique.

What I know, piu bello itself is and that's enough me. Roseli Tardelli lost brother Sergio, who died as a result of AIDS in 1994 and, therefore, it has engaged, once and for all in its fight against AIDS. In this house, Roseli spent his childhood and was the love nest of his parents, Antonio Tardelli and Idalina Ferreira Tardelli also deceased.

Maira told me that the project was very well spoken and is fairly well spoken of it around ... dscn0308O StaffComposed of the two "guardians" of law and order (...) Kirska, Sylvia Almeida and coaches, Andrew and Reinaldo, initially, and now with Talita, give us, you can only believe if there, the same attention that receive a similar training to a Personal trainner the highest level. The article in which the information sought was unaware I highlight this portion of the statement of Roseli Tardelli:

"I always thought that the house where my brother lived every difficulty that the onset of the disease brought to those who had been infected had to have a social and host function. We work hard to open the house to offer exercise, coexistence and friendship. "

The address now gives way to a physical rehabilitation center and living for needy people living with HIV / AIDS. Called Here At Home - Health, Arts, Welfare and Citizenship, the project appears with the aim of improving the quality of life of HIV carriers and, with respect to me, Claudio Souza and Mara, improved, exceeded our expectations and I miss spending at least twice a week about three horinhas there, grating, which I never imagined that one day would like to take. And I just take taste for what is good. And the project "Here at Home" exceeds all expectations not only by instructors who make me feel being attended by a Personal trainner, but also by the constant joy of Silvinha and the observations beyond the depths of Kiszka.

I, Claudio Souza, some time ago told André that 5Kg in each hand was becoming lexe and he suggested that I get my toys and they are the two that illustrate the text. After finishing this text and scheduling its publication I will do thirteen 15 series. There are six pounds in each hand. It's still a little heavy ... Let's see how far I go with this 🙂 🙂 🙂


In order to treat lipodystrophy, a syndrome that provokes seropositive people to maldistribution of body fat, Lá Em Casa has a gymnasium run by three specialized coordinators, fitness professionals André, Reinaldo and Talita ....

To register and claim a place in "Here at Home" click, please on this link

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